WorkTime employee monitoring software review

WorkTime Employee Monitoring Software Review: Features And Pricing

WorkTime is a no-frills employee monitoring software designed to let you keep track of the productivity of your workforce. It’s available in cloud-based and on-premises versions for small and large businesses. The software isn’t bombarded with features so you won’t feel overwhelmed when using it. Call it a simple employee monitoring solution that you can quickly run at a low cost.

Overview of WorkTime

Any user might be interested in knowing how WorkTime can help its company. The main quality of this software is that it allows you to monitor productivity and boost it.

It is no brainer that productive employees add value to your business. But if your workforce is not being as productive as it is expected to be, then this could hurt your business. Using WorkTime you can get insight into the workday of your employees and identify the productivity issues. Let’s see what these issues can be:

Spot the unproductive times

Unproductive time is the time spent on activities (during work hours) that are not related to work. This includes unusual breaks, chatting with colleagues too often, browsing social media, online shopping, and anything that could affect the employee’s performance.

WorkTime will tell what activities keep your employee busy other than work so that you can put them to an end.

Determine internet usage

Every company deserves to know how their internet service is being used during business hours. If the employees are using the company’s internet for personal activities, this means they are wasting the company’s resources. They could be using social media, playing online games, spending time on YouTube, and using the internet to perform other non-work-related internet activities.

Idle time

Idle time is the time spent away from the PC. Some employees like to waste working hours remaining idle. They could be spending time on their phones, chatting with other employees, coffee breaks and doing any other activity that keeps them away from their computers.

WorkTime lets you measure how much time is spent away from the PC so that you can put end to excessive idle time after logging in.

False overtime

Dedicated employees are like an asset to a business. But sometimes, certain employees claim work hours exceeding the designated working hours. The only way to end this practice and ensure only correct overtimes are recorded is to use employee monitoring software.

WorkTime reports let you determine if the overtime claims of your employees are valid or not. Next time your employees ask for overtime, you will always be sure whatever extra you are paying them is justified.

Measure poor attendance

Late check-ins, frequent absenteeism, clocking on behalf of other colleagues – all this can cost an organization not just money but time. This could also bring down the morale of the hardworking employees. It can leave a negative impact on overall productivity.

WorkTime provides insight into the user login and logout time, employee absenteeism, or enhances your existing checkout system. This will push your employees to be punctual and make sure they are not deceiving the company.

WorkTime pricing

Since we have mentioned it is a low-cost solution, a small business would be glad to learn that its free version can accommodate up to 3 users.

A screenshot of worktime pricing

Three pricing packages are available suiting the needs of your company and its size. These the tiers available:

WorkTime Cloud Free

It is free for up to 3 employees



WorkTime Cloud Business

  • It costs $4.99 per month per employee. If you buy the annual package, you will get two months free.
  • Cancel auto-renewal any time you like
  • Add or remove employees at any time
  • 14 days free trial available

WorkTime On-Premise

  • It costs $59.99 to $13.99 per employee
  • Or $599.95 per Citrix or Terminal server
  • One-time license fee (it does not expire)
  • Annual updates and technical support to be purchased
  • 30 days free evaluation with full features available

WorkTime features

Like other employee monitoring software, WorkTime does not boast an array of features. It does not capture the communication content of your employee. It also does not capture video footage or screenshots. Then what does this employee monitoring software do? It allows the admin to glean what they can from the data gathered without context or visual evidence of any sort.

It is not a typical employee monitoring software. However, it does allow you to keep an eye on your employee. If you are after true surveillance, this software is not for you. WorkTime is quite transparent about what data it captures and what’s not. By looking at its features, one can tell whether or not this software is sufficient for meeting the monitoring needs of your team.

Here are some of the features of this software that deserve your attention:

Web activity monitoring

It monitors the online activities of your workforce including the web pages they have accessed and the amount of time they spend on each web page. The software also tells whatever the web browser is being used for work-related activities or any other.

Application monitoring

You can also see which programs or apps your employee use and how they often they use them. This information will tell you what’s affecting the productivity of your team.

Active work time

Let’s be real, employees don’t work for complete 8 hours. If you would like to know what is their active time, WorkTime is here for you. It monitors the active and inactive times of your workforce. The admin can tell which employee is actively using his machine and which one is just sitting idle.

Login and logout

This software also tracks what time your employees start their shift by keeping a log of their clock-in and clock-out times.


WorkTime generates basic reports useful for parsing data. It can create lists like top 10 employees using Facebook and similar others so that your admins can see who is being unproductive or wasting their work hours.

With this information, you should be able to keep track of the productivity of your team. Even though no screenshots are captured, the software still tells who is using their device and who is not along with the web pages visited. This is enough for keeping your team’s activities in check and ensure they spend most of their time doing the job they are paid for.

It is HIPAA complaint

WorkTime is no ordinary employee monitoring software. It is HIPAA compliant. This means whatever industry you belong to, your employee’s information will remain confidential. If healthcare providers or businesses involved with healthcare info are using this software, they must ensure that the monitoring tool keeps sensitive customer information secure. Since the usage of WorkTime is vast, it is actively being used by organizations using patient’s data or healthcare centers themselves, the software is made HIPAA compliant.

WorkTime app

The WorkTime app will help you boost and monitor the productivity of your workforce whether your team is in-office, work from home, or remotely.

A screenshot of worktime app monitoring team productivity

If you choose the Cloud version, you can WorkTime takes care of your data but if you choose the on-premise version, you are in charge of the data and it does not leave your company. This way, your employee’s data is kept safe.

WorkTime is HIPAA compliant. It does not record keystrokes, chats, emails, record videos, documents or take screenshots. The software is purely intended for monitoring the productivity of your workforce. Not only will this app improve productivity, but improve attendance, and promote discipline.

WorkTime app how to delete shift

If you have the rights of a supervisor, you can delete or edit an employee’s shift.

Click on time and reports and then worktime to view your employees’ daily reports and work time.



As you open the daily report of the employee in question, click on edit to make changes or delete the shift of the employee.

WorkTime app how to delete

To delete the WorkTime app from a pc, the process is quite simple. Make sure you have administrative rights, otherwise, you won’t be able to delete the app.

  1. Open program and features from the start menu
  2. Double click on WorkTime
  3. Choose uninstall from the option
  4. Confirm the removal
  5. Restart your PC

What is the cost of the WorkTime app for iPhone

The WorkTime app for iPhone is free. You can log into your company’s WorkTime account (which could either be free or paid, depending on the tier) to see access the dashboard.

What is the name of the WorkTime client service

The clients that have used WorkTime include Disney, University of Florida, First Energy, University of Surrey, Toyota, Dukascopy banking group, and many others.


If your employees have been less productive lately and are thinking about monitoring their time in the office, then WorkTime is a great investment. It is affordable – even small businesses can use it for improving the productivity of their workforce.

It does not log keystrokes, take screenshots or record personal information but it gives sufficient insight into the activities of your employees to keep productivity in check.

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