May 14, 2021

UJET cloud contact center platform Review: Features and benefits

Ujet cloud contact center platform review

UJET is a cloud-based contact center application that integrates with a CRM solution. In the smartphone era, it is a great innovation that offers chat and voice channels for customers. That way, they can easily reach out to the support agents. The best thing about this software is that people can connect with the customer service representative via the online app and on the phone using IVR (interactive voice response). Due to smartphone functionality, users can access it anytime and anywhere. The online channel allows the users to conduct live chats with support agents. The interactive voice response feature provides agents with an interactive dashboard. Users can also share videos, photos, and screenshots in real-time via UJET. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about UJET. 

What is UJET?

It is the primary and only cloud-based contact center application. UJET merges the brand experience through marketing, support, sales by in-app experiences. That way, it eliminates the hassle of channel switching among digital, self-service, and voice for consumers. Customer support is offered via a knowledge base, online chat, and phone. It is trusted by large enterprises such as Atom Tickets, Net, August, Postmates, Blink, Barkbox, and Instacart to provide an all-around experience and automate the contact center process that drives great customer satisfaction. Whatever the size of your business is, you can enable your business to provide the best support experience to your customers and turn them into your brand advocates. 

What does UJET do?

UJET is a cloud contact software company that is working on smartphone-era customer support. It is offering its services on mobile apps, phones, and the web. The users can access it anytime and anywhere. It offers smartphone functionality and increases the performance of support agents through context-aware solutions for video, chat, image, text, and voice. This is an enterprise-grade platform that is scalable, secure, and reliable. Moreover, it is HIPPA and SOC2 Type II compliant. This platform allows the users and customers to contact support agents and receive the help they need as quickly as possible by leveraging the tools and technologies at their disposal.

UJET has many other benefits, which include:

  • It allows the support agents to work remotely
  • Agents can access important metrics in real-time 
  • It supports multiple locations and languages.
  • Short implementation process


It is true that when a company delivers top-notch customer service, then it can improve its brand image. That’s why UJET continues to enhance its capabilities with knowledge and offer new solutions to the customers for a better customer support experience. UJET is offering the most innovative strategies to optimize the employees’ and customers’ experience. 

Voice/Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 

This software supports an unlimited number of interactive voice response queues. This way, supervisors can adjust and create a queue for any situation in real-time. Support agents can also set up ICR (intelligent call routing) rules so that caller is directed to the right agent or some other self-service options. Some additional voice features include phone support, ACM (advanced call management like transfer, muting), and local language support. This cloud contact center platform also integrates with quality management and WM (workforce management) software that helps the supervisors to review customer calls. Moreover, they can track the agent’s performance and activity and send out customer surveys.

A model of ujet voice feature


Its messaging channels support Webchat, SMS, and in-app chat. Instead of using each channel individually, agents can use the preferred communication channel of the customer using UJET. They can engage with several customers at the same time by using messaging shortcuts or preset messages. Customers can also send photos and videos to the customer support agent through the messaging channels.

Messaging feature is also similar to voice features. It has intelligent routing with segmentation data of the customers. Supervisors prioritize incoming requests by customizing routing rules. They can also track metrics and messaging volumes in real-time.

UJET mobile SDK 

The UJET mobile SDK integrates with the mobile application of the customer’s company. It also supports iOS and Android devices. Customers can share photos and videos with agents in real-time like other messaging tools. It also comes with authentication features like facial recognition and fingerprint. This software processes the identifiable data of the users during the conversation and transfers it to customer relationship management (CRM). Once the conversation ends, data is deleted, and it doesn’t sell the customer data. 

Inactive end-user chat

Inactive end-user chat supports the agents in customizing the amount of time they can remain online without receiving the feedback. Moreover, admins can customize time-based on the efficiency and experience of agents. If the customer doesn’t respond, then the chat remains idle.

Wait time text prompts

This feature is the first of its kind in the customer support industry. When the customers wait to connect to support agents, they can send information that is related to their call. They can also send images and contextual info related to their call via the mobile phone texting app.

Customizable surveys

This feature enables the businesses to tailor their survey questions for customer satisfaction and NPS (Net Promoter Score) on each channel. This way, they can customize their surveys that will lead to useful feedback. This will help you deliver a great experience across touchpoints.

Local agent adapter

The users of UJET can develop and launch their workforce and customer base with the local agent adapter. This feature makes it easier for the admins and agents to work in their preferred language. This software also has Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish, and Danish languages in the system. UJET has over sixteen languages options.

Enhanced reporting

Companies that use UJET can create customized reports that give them actionable information using insightful data. It includes a real-time dashboard for monitoring the alerts. With the real-time dashboard, historical data reporting is also included, which can be accessed, analyzed, and share.

Optimized mobile SDKs

The optimized mobile SDKs feature tracks the connectivity, signal conditions, and bandwidth. If the conditions are not good enough for quality conversation, it falls back to phone calls automatically. The size of the software development kit (SDK) has also been reduced by 35 percent. It is delivered via Carthage for iOS and Jetpack for Android.


When customers work with the implementation team of UJET, they verify the reliability of their network, set up the software, and ensure that it integrates with the client’s system successfully. They also provide training for agents and admins. The implementation timeline can vary that depends on the customer’s needs. But the agents are ready to use the software in a couple of weeks. 

A screenshot of ujet integrations

Customer service and support

UJET also provides webinars, videos, and other knowledge base resources for best customer service practices. Moreover, users can contact support by email, chat, or phone. 

What is UJET messaging

A representation of ujet messaging feature

When it comes to customer support, messaging is a preferred channel. Customers can communicate in a familiar way like they talk with their pals. They can share the explicit details to better explain their issues. Messaging also reduces the confusion that is linked with voice calls. You can multi-media messages like videos, photos, and screenshots to their customer messaging platform. When the customers share media with the support agents, it reduces the issue resolution time.

Multichannel messaging

Customers can communicate via MMS and SMS texting, web and in-app chat using UJET Web SDK and UJET Mobile SDK. The UJET platform works with all types of messaging channels, so you don’t need to be worried about which messaging channel your clients use.


Support agents can create reports for average time, activity, and other metrics. The char transcripts are created automatically and save to customer relationship management (CRM) or quality management solutions. They can also track messaging quality, quality, and status in real-time.

Multiple languages and locale support

UJET allows the agents to set up support locations around the world and provide them with local phone numbers and localized platform examples. It offers its customers menus in over eleven international languages.

Intelligent messaging routing

Agents can create and tailor rules to route incoming requests. Even they can add temporary or specific rules to handle priority messaging.

Messaging shortcuts

It enables agents to support several customers at a time with preset messages. Agents can also add customized messages and use messaging shortcuts to respond to customers more quickly.

How much does a UJET cost?

You can purchase voice or chat services as a bundle or separately. It comes with a per-user license cost, and customers will get:

  • APIs, mobile and web SDKs
  • Implementation services
  • Routing via API and CRM
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting
  • Full-Access Reporting API
  • Agents, supervisor, and admin training
  • Customer relationship management adapter, i.e., Zendesk, Salesforce, Customer, Microsoft Dynamics, and others.

For UJET, pricing information can be retrieved from the materials that are publicly accessible or supplied by the provider. You can negotiate with the seller for the final price.

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