May 5, 2021

Chatango Live Group Chats For Websites Review

Chatango live group chats for websites review

Chatango is a website where online and live chat is offered and practiced. Once you have logged in and made a profile on Chatango, you can enjoy talking to people on any topic that interest you. Be it personal or professional; this website facilitates everyone.

You can interact with people on Chatango by creating or installing chat rooms on the web page. Different people can then join these chat rooms to create a community for discussion, dating, etc. These discussions may be on hobbies like sports, reading, video making, developing stories, social occasions, news, politics, etc. Chatango also allows visitors for the exchange of dialogues and admin announcements.

As to maintain an ethical and healthy conversation, the admin of the group can ban specific words which Chatango detects intelligently and do the same with similar words.

Chatango even offers portability apart from being operated on your website. It might sound weird to you, but yes, it is portable and does not occupy space on the website. Its chat rooms allow a chatbox on your website called Chatango MINI box, which may be used for posting on other social media websites like Facebook. Additionally, you can modify font size and colors in the application of the MINI chatbox and appoint moderators in the case of large communities as well.

A screenshot of chatango mini box

While customizing your account, you can limit strangers from sending you a message, control who can see your profile on Meet people, report suspicious profiles, manage chat history which will be saved on the device you are excessing Chatango on, etc.

Why use Chatango?

Is it been practiced in recent times that almost everyone is under social pressure, for one thing, or the other? Racism or sexism is not the only criteria to put people under stress nowadays. The urge to speak what they have in mind is highly increasing. Or the desire of being heard with empathy rather than being sympathized or made fun of. Or to have a competent partner etc.

We not only share diminished boundaries today. With globalization, people have shared their fear, weaknesses, threats, and other insecurities altogether. All these negative vibes are communicated directly or indirectly through our words, actions, body language, and even speak in our ways of performing. These breathing patterns dominated by society’s fear and pressures are being taught and transferred within our generations.

There are topics we feel embarrassed about but still want to discover. We all don’t always remember what we are being taught in school or during a particular course. People often appear as a fool even to themselves for not knowing or knowing more petite than their peers. Those official topics can be shared here on Chatango to help you gain needed knowledge too.

Interacting with such messengers who offer online chats is fun. People can discuss here more openly without fear of being judged. Having Chatango on our website is like therapy for all such pressures and insecurities. You can talk about your fantasies or even on topics related to business, studies, etc. There are several subjects people are not comfortable talking about publicly.

On Chatango, people can express their fears, heart, and mind freely. Group discussions reduce and even eliminates your feelings of being alone. These communities or groups help you recover by connecting with similar people suffering from the same mental and may physical conditions.

On searching people’s reviews for what they didn’t like about this application, some people mentioned that its interface look isn’t much attractive, and others wish it has more emoticons. However, it is serving the purpose of having a safe and desired platform for discussions.

How to block someone on Chatango

Apart from immense freedom to discuss almost anything on Chatango live groups, it is healthy to impose some limitations. These limitations help avoids many discussions that are moving away or distracting from actual topics. For serving the same purpose, Chatango allows the admin or creator of the group to block people

If you wish to block any user due to any specific reason, you can always do it. Note that a user can only be blocked when he sends you a message privately. It is only then when the block option will be activated to be used. You can find two options above the right side of your chatbox, i.e., Block and report abuse.

A screenshot on how to block someone on Chatango

Another thing about Chatango is that you cannot block your friends. So, in case you are unable to block any person or don’t find the block button on the chat section, check for him/her in the list of your friends. Keep in mind that when you block a person’s username on Chatango, their IPs are also blocked for the app. This practice is to keep them from sending you a message from another username.

Remember, some people can send you a message without signing up; these people are called ‘anons’ on Chatango. You read it right! If you block such a person, then all the people who wish to send you a message will need to sign in on Chatango.

If you need to report a user instead of locking them, you can choose the ‘report abuse’ option. If the same person is reported several times as abused, Chatango will be restricted from sending private messages and later may be suspended or deleted.

A screenshot on how to report user in Chatango

What if you wish to unblock a blocked username? Well, you are provided with that option too. You are given a link for an account on the top of the right-hand side of your chatbox. Find here a list of all people you have blocked and unblock whoever you want.

How to delete Chatango account

You may need to delete your Chatango account for having a new one, or maybe as a parent, you think your child is not big enough or misusing or wasting time on it. Whatever the reason, maybe you can choose to select your Chatango account whenever you want.

Confirm your reason, as many people tend to delete their accounts because they receive annoying emails from Chatango. These unwanted emails drive them to get rid of the account, however, these emails can be avoided by clicking on the unsubscribed option, which is given at the end of these emails.

If you still wish to remove an account, then Log in on your or your child’s Chatango account first and find the ‘help’ option. Click on this option, i.e., ‘help,’ and go to your account ta where you can find the ‘delete account’ option. On confirming Chatango for deletion, it will close your account on its site permanently.


Chatango is a free website that offers live chat services. It allows and connects people for having a chat or discussions—a socializing platform where people can express themselves freely. You can make or join communities on this website as per your wish.

Such websites are a breeze of comfort in the recent challenging world. Everybody is busy reaching and maintaining the living standard as per social pressures, be it an elderly, a teenager, a right deprived manager, one in need of a partner, or a frustrated housewife. At Chatango, you can discuss without worrying about judging people and speak your heart out.

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