Canva Virtual Assistant: Outsource Your Graphic Design

Outsourcing graphic design to a canva virtual assistant

Canva is a powerful tool used to create different visual content. Today, this graphic design tool is ranked as one of the best photo editing software for 2021 due to its functionalities. This software provides different templates and photos that you can use to help you build your brand image.  When it comes to your […]

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How Can An SEO Virtual Assistant Helps Your Rankings

Tasks an seo virtual assistant can help you with

SEO is the most viable and cost-effective way of improving a site’s rankings in the organic section of the search results. That is why it is very important for your brand to have a well-versed SEO virtual assistant who will help you with your SEO tasks. Search Engine Optimization has two main categories which are […]

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Why Do You Need A Social Media Virtual Assistant

The reasons why you need a social media virtual assistant

Social media contributes a big part to digital marketing as more people are engaged in this internet-based form of communication. No matter what your industry is, building your brand presence on social media platforms is more vital than ever. Consumers today are depending on social media sites to find products, get recommendations and a review […]

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Tripleseat Event Management And Catering Platform Review

Tripleseat event management platform review

Event management tools are all the rage. It is due to the experimental marketing statistics that show that the attendance is increased by 20%, and profit margin is increased by 20% to 30% when you use event management software. There are event management tools out there that come with plenty of features that attract event […]

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GroupGreeting Online Group Card Platform Review

GroupGreeting online group card platform review

Sending free ecards is a great way to connect with your friends and family. Moreover, you let them know how much you care about them whether they live across the country or next door. If you are not a fan of old-fashioned greeting cards and want to ditch paper cards, GroupGreeting is for you. It offers a […]

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Paco Beta App For Your Slack Workplace Review

Paco app for Slack review

Slack is a business messaging app and a collaboration tool with multiple integrations such as Paco Beta. Paco is a new app featured as a New & Noteworthy App by the directory team of Slack because it gives remote teams a deeper concentration in their workspace and increases productivity. What is Paco? There are varieties of apps […]

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