Our Virtual agents go through a rigorous hiring process that allows us to get you only the BEST workers for your business. We hire the top 1% - 3.8% of applicants that come through to ensure quality and reliability.

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Why Our Agents ARE better Mentorship

Our virtual agents are better at what they do because of our mentorship program. Here at Stealth Agents, we focus on helping each of our agents improve their skillsets. We’ve seen that mentorship plays a crucial and critical role the development of our agents. Our Supervisors and team of managers help each agent do their jobs more efficiently for our clients. This is why our clients love our agents.

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Vetted 1% Top Agents

We only hire the best of the best. Many companies will just hire whoever. We only hire elite talent that can help boost your business growth.

Amazingly Responsive

Comparable To USA VAs

Rest assured that our VAs can perform at the same level as that of a USA staff or virtual assistant. See why large companies choose us over USA staff.

Scale Your Business

Highly Skilled Workers

Most people roll the dice with other freelancer websites hoping they would get the perfect fit. We ensure that you get workers that are highly skilled all the time.

Dedicated Managers

Directly Managed

You won’t have to manage the staff yourself! We have a dedicated account manager to ensure your agents are punctual, perform and continually optimize.

"This is truly a company that cares about your ideas and strengths. You have a real voice here and your ideas and input are taken seriously. It's also a great place to continuously develop, become part of an amazing team with smart people and make a difference on a global scale."
Ivan Angelada
Stealth Agents Employee

Virtual Assistant


Here at Stealth Agents, we are focused in helping our agents grow with our company. All of our virtual agents are paid above the minimum standards in the Philippines and have a great livable wage. The virtual assistant jobs that we create for the people in the Philippines helps empower them to striving to be the best in what they do.

Virtual Assistant


Ruth started out with Stealth Agents as a customer support hire. She quickly later worked her way up to becoming the general manager of our Philippines support team.  She has 2 wonderful children and a loving husband. They reside in the beautiful city of Pagadian down in the Mindanao region of the Philippines.


Clint started out helping Stealth Agents with appointment setting. He was later moved on to a new project with one of our clients VeeFresh and has been there ever since. Clint enjoys life in Pagadian city and will continue to grow with Stealth Agents.

Answered Prayers

Jhemma has been with Stealth Agents for many years. She’s been a wonderful asset to our campaigns and can adapt to any working environment. She currently enjoys life with her 2 children and we will continually support Jhemma with her growth in Stealth Agents.


Patty is a virtual assistant who has been affected by the change in today’s environment.  Hiring virtual assistants will allow those that are struggling to work and gives them the opportunity for another chance.

Dream job

Angel was a nurse working in the Philippines. She wanted to find a new way to work from home as a virtual assistant. She chose to work as a virtual assistant because of the many benefits that come from it and the lifestyle that allows her to be closer to her family.

Hiring Manager

Raiza started off as a customer support representative with Stealth Agents. She was then moved over to assistant to HR in which she then replaced HR becoming our head hiring manager. She enjoys life with her son in Pagadian City.


Jerwin is one of our appointment setters helping clients generate more leads and business. Having the right mindset allows you learn how to win and overcome obstacles.

Our Mission Is Job Creation

Our main mission here at Stealth Agents is to create jobs and bless the lives of those families. For each job created, you’re impacting the lives of over 20+ people in their families.  This is the reason why Stealth Agents exists.

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