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Tired Of Endless Tasks Holding You Back From Growing Your Business?

Why Choose Stealth Agents Virtual Assistants?

How much time could you reclaim if repetitive tasks were effortlessly managed for you by a virtual assistant?

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My experience with Stealth Agents thus far has been 1st Rate!! They make it easy to work with them and are committed to my Goals and Outcomes. Taking advantage of their Highly Skilled agents has been a vital part of Scaling my Business without having to Develop Train personnel. In fact, at this time I'm planning to expand and Stealth Agents WILL BE INVOLVED!!!
Matthew Schmitt

Tired Of Losing Revenues?

Ever think about the revenues your business is losing because of unfinished tasks you simply don’t have the time for? You could be losing up to 80% of your revenues by NOT handing tasks over & trying to do everything yourself. Having a virtual assistant is a life saver for many businesses that can’t keep up with the overload of day to day tasks.


Here’s a list of revenue saving tasks your VAs can help you with to help you SAVE money in your business …

Our Stealth Agents virtual assistant can monitor and categorize business expenses, ensuring that there are no unnecessary outflows and that all expenditures are accounted for.

Our Stealth Agents virtual assistant can research and negotiate with vendors or service providers to secure better rates or discounts, leading to direct cost savings.

By overseeing timely invoice issuance and follow-ups, our Stealth Agents virtual assistant can ensure consistent cash flow and reduce revenue leakage due to missed or delayed payments.

Our Stealth Agents virtual assistant can investigate and suggest more affordable tools, software, or service providers that don’t compromise on quality.

Creating and adhering to a budget with our Stealth agents virtual assistant’s help can prevent overspending and ensure funds are allocated efficiently.

It’s often more cost-effective to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. Our Stealth Agents virtual assistant can engage in follow-ups, feedback collection, and relationship management to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

Our Stealth Agents virtual assistant can periodically review all business subscriptions and services, recommending discontinuation of unused or redundant ones.

Our Stealth Agents virtual assistant can identify processes or tasks that consume too much time and resources, suggesting optimizations or automations to reduce costs.

By keeping an eye on competitors’ pricing strategies, our Stealth Agents virtual assistant can offer insights to ensure the business remains competitively priced without undervaluing products or services.

Our Stealth Agents virtual assistant can manage schedules and allocate resources in a way that maximizes utilization and reduces idle time, leading to better productivity without added costs.

Regularly reviewing and suggesting ways to minimize overhead costs, like utilities or office supplies, can lead to substantial savings over time.

Our Stealth Agents virtual assistant can design, implement, and manage customer loyalty programs. By incentivizing repeat business and referrals, such programs can boost revenue without the higher costs often associated with acquiring new customers. Furthermore, a well-managed loyalty program can also gather valuable data on customer preferences, leading to more targeted and cost-effective marketing strategies.

My experience with stealth agents has been nothing short of professional, trustworthy and attention to detail. In my industry, it is crucial that detail is captured on every project that we do as we deal with design and our clients are very inclined to service that is exceptional. Stealth agents has went above and beyond and providing such services and continue to leave me with peace of mind, knowing that growth is inevitable, and we are going to achieve everything that we are desiring to achieve. If you need assistance that will service your exact needs, then look no further.
Tyler Paquette

Who We Work With

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Elite Talent Pool

When you hire a Virtual Assistant or a team from Stealth Agents, we hire only from the top .01 – 1% of talent in the industry. Giving you only the best of the best!

Strategic Time Savings

Time saved in your business provides room for growth in other parts of your business like sales, marketing, strategy and operations. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can grow!

Cost Effective Support

A virtual assistant from Stealth Agents can help you save money on overhead operational costs by offloading tasks for you and your team. Stop doing everything yourself & let us handle it.

Reclaim Your Time, Discover Huge Potentials!

Do you ever wonder how hiring a virtual assistant or a team can help you save time? Here are some tasks that our Stealth Agent virtual assistant talent are capable of doing for your business.

Ever felt overwhelmed by an endless stream of emails? Our Stealth Agents Virtual assistants can manage, prioritize, and respond to emails, ensuring that only the truly important messages demand your attention.

Navigating a chaotic schedule? VAs can organize and streamline appointments, ensuring a balance between work engagements and those rare, sought-after moments of respite.

Drowning in day-to-day tasks? From handling invoices to managing vendors, Our Stealth Agents virtual assistants transform operational chaos into a seamless flow, letting you focus on strategic growth.

Need insights but lack the time? Our Stealth Agents virtual assistant can conduct market and competitor analysis, offering you the knowledge without the hours of digging.

Lost in paperwork? Our Virtual assistants can draft, format, and organize documents, turning disarray into a structured dream.

Struggling to maintain an online presence? Our Stealth Agents virtual assistant can schedule, monitor, and manage your social media, creating a harmonious online symphony that resonates with your brand’s voice.

Desiring deeper customer bonds but stretched too thin? Virtual assistants can handle initial customer inquiries, ensuring every customer feels heard and valued.

Confounded by numbers? From basic bookkeeping to invoice tracking, Our Stealth Agents virtual assistant provide clarity, ensuring you’re always in tune with your financial health.

Seeking the path from project inception to completion? Our  Stealth Agents virtual assistant can manage project timelines, ensuring milestones are met and visions realized.

Overwhelmed by the digital realm? Whether updating website content or managing online listings, Our Stealth Agents virtual assistant help you carve out your digital domain effortlessly.

Ever felt the dance of collaboration go awry? Virtual assistants can coordinate between teams, departments, or external partners, ensuring that every step, from communication to task delegation, flows in rhythm, leading to a harmonious collaborative performance.

Dream of launching a new product or service but constrained by logistics? Virtual assistants can handle the intricate details of product listing, inventory checks, and launch campaigns, allowing you to bring your visionary aspirations to life without getting entangled in the minutiae.

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Virtual Assistant Pricing

Non Voice VA (Full Time)

Data Entry | SMM | Research | Admin | Outreach | Support | General VA Work
$ 7 Per Hour
  • Daily Reports
  • Unlimited Work
  • Dedicated Campaign Manager
  • Experience Level : ★★

Voice VA (Full Time)

Phone Support | Appointment Setting | Admin | Reception
$ 9 Per Hour
  • Daily Reports
  • Unlimited Work
  • Dedicated Campaign Manager
  • Experience Level : ★★★

Operations (Full Time)

Manage Your Business | Projects | Employees | Finances | CRM | SOPs | Systems & Processes
$ 12 Per Hour
  • Daily Reports
  • Unlimited Work
  • Dedicated Campaign Manager
  • Experience Level : ★★★★★
  • More Skills & Experience
  • Executive Level Management
  • Elite Quality Agents

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