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GroundCloud Business Automation For Logistics Review


GroundCloud GroundCloud is a software for business services of logistics for ensuring safety and increased efficiency. It is a cloud-based software that helps on controlling logistic activities from a centralized platform. These activities include tracking time, planning the routes, executing administrative tasks, and monitoring staff performance. For example, a manager […]

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ChatBlazer Chat And Audio Video Software


ChatBlazer ChatBlazer chat and audio video software offer enterprise-level functionality and security to their chat programs, both internal and online. Not only businesses, social networkers, and educators also take advantage of this software. The best thing about this tool is that users can access them at very affordable prices. It […]

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InstaText Grammar Checker Review


InstaText InstaText aims to strengthen your writing skills by offering a choice of words and correct grammar.  A well written and structured content is one of the most used ways of communication today. Be it for grammar or spell check; specific software assists writers and reviewers in writing with perfection. […]

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WebsiteAlive Live Chat Solution Review


WebsiteAlive WebsiteAlive is a live chat software that aims to connect businesses to their consumers proactively and in the fastest possible ways. Integrating live chat software in the website is getting common for enhanced customer support services. Its utility is not limited to helpdesk or customer services, but it greatly […]

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UseResponse Customer Service Software Review


UseResponse UseResponse supports automatic canned messages for specific emails and customer databases. Any organization can use it for obtaining an omnichannel help desk platform and for interacting with communities. It’s a customizable software that can be used on SaaS with 100% open code. Customer service is an integral part of […]

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Smartsupp Live Chat Review


Smartsupp Smartsupp today is used by thousands of freelancers and companies across Europe. Letting the audience know that you exist and making them step into your store, either an e-store or a physical one, to check out your brand and services is a complete task. But it is like plugging […]

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ArrowChat Social Networking Software Review


ArrowChat ArrowChat is a product of ArrowSuites which has been offering frontline and innovative software since 2009. Social networking sites have allowed us to enhance our social circles for both personal and professional use. It is equally helpful for starters, small-medium, and big enterprises for interacting in real with tools to replicate […]

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CometChat Cloud-Hosted Chat Platform


CometChat CometChat is live chat software that allows you to connect with your customers. It can be deployed on the cloud that enables the businesses to do text, voice, and video chat with the customers. Users can share photos, play games, use whiteboards, and broadcast videos. Its key features include […]

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WhosOn Live Chat Software Review


WhosOn WhosOn software is equipped with chat technology with intelligent features for live chat that includes but is not limited to conversation automation, advanced analytics, and integration with the ecosystem. Many software for Live chat is offered now, keeping in mind the importance of answering queries quickly along with other […]

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