May 5, 2021

Workpuls monitoring and time tracking software: Pricing and features

Workpuls monitoring and time tracking software review

Workpuls is a state of the start employee monitoring software that offers comprehensive insights on how your employees are spending time at work. It is ideal for analyzing and monitoring the productivity of your employees.
Whether your team is working in the office or remotely, this software will keep you on top of everything. Workpuls is for remote teams, small businesses, and enterprises.

What is Workpuls

Workpuls is here to help you transform your team into a future-ready workplace by understanding how they work, manage remote teams and boost productivity. This software has been designed to build privacy and enterprise-grade security standards. You will be staying compliant with all security regulations.

It’s a new kid on the block when it comes to employee monitoring but it is different from other software found on the market. It gives you a new perspective on business by keeping you informed of how your employees work.

This software has a clear focus. It is aimed at the employee monitoring of every small business. Some of its features include stealth mode, real-time monitoring, screenshots, website usage, activity tracking, manual time entries, time and attendance, reports, productivity tracking, live support, and some other features.

Workpuls pricing

Choose from the following plans offered by Workpuls:

Employee monitoring

It’s a basic plan that costs $6 per employee per month. Features include real-time monitoring, activities tracking, screenshots, stealth mode, time and attendance, categorization, reports, productivity tracking, manual time entries, and more.

Time tracking

It is one of the most popular plans of the provider costing $8 per employee and month. The features include all features of employee monitoring plan and time on projects and tasks and project management.

Automatic time mapping

This plan costs $15 per employee per month. It includes all features of the employee monitoring and time tracking plan along with a few additional features.


The plan could be on-premise or on the cloud. It includes the features of all the plans mentioned above. The price of the enterprise plan is not available on their website. You must contact the vendor to learn more about the price.

A screenshot of workpuls pricing

How does it work?

Workpuls has a desktop client which can be installed in stealth mode or transparently. Employees can clock in and clock out to keep track of everything. The software has a 7-day trial period for any business that would like to learn the ropes and see if the software is a good fit for the business.

Once you have installed the software on the PCs you would like to monitor, it starts the job immediately. Tracking data can be accessed from your dashboard.

Workpuls features

Workpuls offers four solutions to meet the needs of your business. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

Employee monitoring

This software tells you how your employees are using their time. You can monitor their behavior all day long and generate behavior analytics. This is what you can monitor:

A screenshot of workpuls employee monitoring feature

App and website usage

Track which websites or apps your employees use during work hours.

A screenshot of workpuls apps and websites usage


Take random screenshots to keep an eye on what your employees do.

Activity tracking

Check the activity logs to look into the activities of your employees and keep an eye on their activities.

A screenshot of workpuls activity tracking

Stealth mode

Don’t want to get noticed when monitoring the activities of your employees? Turn on stealth mode.

A screenshot of workpuls stealth mode feature

Time and attendance

Workpuls lets you track the time and attendance of your team and see what your employees are working on so that payroll and billing can be simplified.

A screenshot of workpuls time and attendance feature

No matter where in the world your employees are, they can clock in and clock out with ease. You will be capturing their work hours accurately so that they are billed accurately as well.

For every business, your employees must be doing the job they are trusted to perform by completing the work hours assigned to them. Make sure your team is working in the hours they have been assigned and take breaks so that their productivity improves.

The attendance software then connects with the payment system to calculate the business hours accurately and make payments. Employees are tracked based on their computer activity the moment they log in and out of their devices. By enabling the manual time feature, you can allow your team the opportunity to capture the missed time. This way, you are able to create a win-win situation. Employees also learn that they shouldn’t be wasting hours and their productivity increases. This is a great way of maximizing ROI.

That’s not all, Workpuls lets you generate progress reports to have an overview of your team’s project, track the projects in question, the budget, and apply filters to analyze the data in depth. This will help you allocate resources in a better way and boost the company’s return on investment.

Time tracking

If you have always wished to track the man-hours, then Workpuls brings you the solution. It can help you optimize the company’s time on projects. First things first, you can access the data of all projects from a single Kanban board. Then, you can track time on each project to ensure that the deadlines are not missed and the project is completed on time.
With the Workpuls tracker, track time, productivity levels, activities, budgets, and everything else to ensure that your team each project the time and energy it deserves.

Automatic time mapping

Analyze the time spent on each project with the help of this automatic time mapping software. With time mapping, you can check the amount of time spent on each stage of the project at any given point and predict the resources required for the next job.

A screenshot of workpuls time mapping feature

The software keeps running in the background so your employees don’t have to manually start or stop anything. It gives accurate statistics and helps calculate precise billable hours on each project. With the reports generated by this software, you can speed up the digital transformation of your organization.

Benefits of Workpuls

Workpuls can prove to be a great addition to your business if you are looking for simple-to-use software with employee monitoring, time tracking, and productivity management software. Its automation features improve the workflow and keep you on top of everything your employees are up to even if they are working remotely. There is no better way to know if the people you have hired are spending the work hours doing the work that is expected of them.
You can choose to remain stealth or transparent when it comes to monitoring the activities of your employees during work hours. The management can train their employees how to use the software and create a company culture that promotes honesty and productivity. The platform also provides reports and insights so that you can make appropriate changes in your workflow. This software can be tailored according to the culture of your organization so you are not really making any big changes, just improving the workflow.

Workpuls integration

Workpuls lets you integrate with other apps your business is already using for delivering high functionality and boost your team’s productivity.

Power BI, Looker, Data Studio, IBM Cognos Analytics, and Tableau are some of the software it supports.

Workpuls can adjust to how your business works

In case you are wondering you will have to introduce changes in your workflow in order to use Workpuls then the answer is no. Unlike other employee monitoring and time tracking solutions, it is flexible enough to adjust itself according to your business.

Don’t worry, this software will not tie your team down. You can fine-tune the tracking and define what activities are productive. There are additional layers to this tracking software, which your managers and admin can set. No typing or movement of the mouse doesn’t mean your team is being unproductive and you can tell this to the Workpuls app.

Clock-in and clock-out features are for the employees who don’t work regular shifts or are tied to a particular task. Some sales and marketing specialists work on their phones rather than their PCs. This way, Workpuls helps them fill the gap. You can train the software to track the progress and hours of employees based on their job descriptions. This way, they won’t feel as if their job has tied them down to their desk by tracking every bit of their PC activity.


Workpuls can be used for a remote workforce, office employees, call centers, healthcare organizations, law firms, architects, data entry, and virtual assistance businesses. This software is great for businesses that would like to boost productivity and ensure the company’s resources are utilized appropriately. All four software that is included in Workpuls will help your team become productive and ensure that the company’s resources are being utilized appropriately.

Its demo version is also available for any business that would like to test out the features and see if this software is actually going to be the right fit. If you want advanced project management features then this software may be a disappointment for you. In that case, you will have to search for something else.

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