May 13, 2021

LiveHelpNow help desk software review: Features and pricing

Livehelpnow help desk software review

LiveHelpNow is a highly effective customer chat, support as well as helpdesk platform. Businesses are using it for getting insight into customer habits. You may also check their information as well as social media feeds.

Customer feedback is required by monitoring the number of visits to the website. This software has been used in a variety of industries both small and medium-sized. For its highly effective knowledge management tools. With this tool, you can also send targeted messages to your visitors to increase the chances of closing a sale. It is a combination of useful features such as employee training, email ticket management, call management, knowledge base publishing. This email ticketing platform allows the users to streamline management, supervision, ticket assignment, and more.

LiveHelpNow review

This help desk software has three modules. Let’s dive into each one of them:


The live chat support suit of LiveHelpNow has a simple-to-use interface. It lets you handle chat requests as soon as they are submitted on your social media handles, website, SMS text, or any other channel.

The customer experience can be customized completely. Plus, if you are expanding and onboarding new agents, that wouldn’t be a problem either. The mobile app allows your agents to respond to customer queries right away.

Not only can you offer a smooth chat experience you can also use the built-in reporting and analytics perform to analyze the wants of your clients.

Support ticket

The email ticketing platform enables agents to resolve support tickets in a smarter way without getting confused. Managing your support inbox won’t be a problem. You may convert the email request into sharable support tickets, which can be assigned at any time.

FAQ/ Self-service

Wouldn’t it be easier if customers don’t create tickets or send messages on live chats for frequently asked questions? That’s exactly where the self-service FAQs step in. the FAQ builder lets customers find information on a topic they like. As a result, your agents will be able to focus on the complex questions that deserve their attention.

LiveHelpNow benefits

This help desk software was designed to make customer support a lot efficient for your support team. It allows you to respond quickly to customer concerns. The developers of this software have included several features to make LiveHelpNow a highly effective solution for startups and small businesses. Let’s check out some of the benefits of this software:


This is a smart tagging feature that can be used in both chat and emails. It helps with inquiry and message retrieval, allowing agents to easily find the information they need to answer the concerns of the customers.

With this capability, your sales and support team cab predict and even forecast responses to the issues faced by customers. It also lets you come up with detailed answers or information more efficiently than you could ever have thought.

Email ticketing

LiveHelpNow has an email ticketing solution that allows your agents to handle customer requests more efficiently than ever without complications, confusion, and wasting much time.

The email ticketing platform is available 24/7 via different social integrations to let customers have access to customer support as and when they need it.

With email ticketing solutions, managers and decisions makers can streamline the management, assignment, and optimization for their agents and support team.

Smart enterprise level reporting

For any software solution, enterprise reporting can be highly useful. It helps in improving the business process. In sales and customer service, reporting helps gather statistics, valuable insights, and other data that can help teams and organizations in improving the service quality and maximize their marketing strategies.

The reporting capabilities of this software include agent productivity as well. The managers and heads of various departments can use the data gathered from reports to make decisions for refining sales strategies, streamlining customer support, and increasing team productivity.

Self-service FAQs

Ask any agent and they will tell you recurring issues and common questions can take up a lot of time. At times it can be frustrating to answer the same questions while you could be doing something else that deserves your attention more. In other words, this could take away the time of your team that could have been spent on more pressing concerns.

Not to worry now. With LiveHelpNow’s FAQ builder, you can create a database of frequently asked questions and prepare detailed answers to address the concerns of your customers. It will save them and your agents’ time.

Live chat solution

LiveHelpNow’s live chat system is designed to empower your sales teams to manage multiple requests efficiently in real-time. This means there will be fewer customers waiting in a queue and losing their patience.

This chat support suit has a secure interface that lets you exchange data effortlessly. The real-time foreign chat translations remove the language barriers too allowing you to cater to international clients like you know their language.

LiveHelpNow login

To log into your LiveHelpNow account, simply click on this and enter your user name and password. In case you run into an error, use the live chat bottom to ask an agent to assist you.

A screenshot of livehelpnow login page

LiveHelpNow Suit: Who is It for

As mentioned earlier, LiveHelpNow is for small to medium businesses. It can be used in various industries starting from education, healthcare, retail, government, and more. These are some of the clients of this software:

  • Final Draft
  • Crucial by Micron
  • California state university
  • Barracuda Networks
  • All Pro trailer superstore
  • And some other names.

LiveHelpNow vs. LiveChat

Today’s customers allow businesses to continue to remain competitive. Business owners wonder whether they should use LiveHelpNow or LiveChat to make their customer support system efficient. Here is a brief comparison of their features:

Capture call back requestsRemote desktop functionality
Real-time visitor monitoringBrowse chat history
Email and ticket managementTransfer customer to another agent
Custom info feedChat notifications
Export chat history and other reportsSupervise chats
Record call logsWhisper to other helpdesk team agents
Monitor agent performance 
Instant language translation 

LiveHelpNow comes with a host of features to offer custom services and live chat. LiveChat on the other hand is a fully-featured live chat solution that is also web-accessible, which makes it an attractive addition to your tech stack.

How much does it cost

The price of the LiveHelpNow suite starts at $21.00 per month per user. They don’t have a free version but they do have a free trial that lets you get a hang of this help desk software so that you can decide if it works for you or not.

They have three modules each costing $21 per month per agent. If you purchase all three, then you will get a 30 percent discount. They also have a call management solution which is available separately costing $9 per agent per month.

For large businesses, they have an enterprise plan that costs $15 per agent per month. This plan includes chats, tickets, a dedicated software engineer, custom feature requests, and a lot more to handle support services for your growing business needs.

You can always visit their official website for more information about the features and pricing. As you visit the pricing page on their website, you will find a pricing calculator that can be used for figuring out how much this suite will cost based on the number of agents you have on your team.

A screenshot of livehelpnow pricing calculator

LiveHelpNow where can I change my company name on chat window

To add or change the company name on a chat window, follow these steps:

  1. Go to admin panel
  2. Choose chat system and then click customization
  3. Go to pre-chat requirements
  4. Click on the add icon for adding a data field
  5. Enter the company name and click add

Note: If the company name field was already there, you just have to click on edit to change the name.


If you are a startup or a medium-sized business and you are growing, LiveHelpNow is perfect to provide robust customer service solutions. The features of this tool will reduce the workload of your team so that they will focus on the most pressing concerns and issues.

The software is reasonably priced and it allows you to scale as your business grows and your customer base expands. Because of the affordable price, startups don’t hesitate to sign up for it. This software is worth checking out if you think your customer service should be improved.

Not sure if it’s the right fit? No worries, sign up for their 30-day trial version and see if it helps in improving your customer services and overall support system. Among the many great qualities, one special thing about this help desk software is that it gives insight into the intent and behavior of your customer. You can also measure the performance of your agents and see how they are performing. The reports generated by this software will give you a good view of what’s working and what’s not and then you can take from there. 

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