Walkme digital adoption platform review

WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform Review: Features, Pricing, And Alternatives

WalkMe is now used globally with thousands of companies using it because they can customize them base on their needs that is powered by AI and machine learning which could reduce onboarding time, reduced burden on IT support, increase user satisfaction, and lower user’s resistance to new software technology, and many more!

Our generation has been already taken over by an overwhelming amount of digital technology, it’s like we can’t even live a single day or do our tasks without using it such as our mobile phones, internet, computer, etc. WalkMe saw this as an advantage decided to take this opportunity and establish their own Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) which, if you don’t know, are software platforms that are used to speed up continuous software learning by simplifying user’s experience and guaranteeing ability on any software platform, website, or app.

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform or DAP is combined with comprehensive, step-by-step, guidance through a categorized of tip balloons without having to leave the screen, read long boring manuals or FAQ pages, or watch hours of video tutorials which makes it effortless to use any software, website, or app. WalkMe’s comprehensive solution evaluates and automates procedures so users can complete tasks effortlessly whenever they need.

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform assures you with high-class guidance, comprehensive and automation platform, commitment, more efficient and more productive employees, better visibility into digital usage, and groups increasing the full value of their digital assets. If you want your business to grow instantly WalkMe might be able to help you, in this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform and of course some of the best alternatives if I failed to convince you to use WalkMe. Let’s get started!

WalkMe’s digital adaptation platform features

WalkMe offers a lot of services in each different platform to help your business grow such as Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, Digital Asset Management, Onboarding, and Training. However, I will only mention the features that you could avail of using their Digital Adoption Platform.

  • Audience Segmentation
  • Content Creation
  • Contextual Guidance
  • In-App Training
  • Launch Management
  • Self Service Tools
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • User Onboarding

WalkMe setup guide

For you to start using WalkMe here are the steps that you must follow. Before I get started the steps I will list down below are just the gist of every step, if you want the detailed steps you must go to their website on how to install WalkMe or simply click this link

  1. Download the editor
  2. Launch a Builder Chrome Profile
  3. Set Up the WalkMe Extension
  4. Set Up the WalkMe Snippet on your platform
  5. Launch your Unique User Identifier
  6. Apply Unique User Identifier Settings

WalkMe extensions

The WalkMe Editor Extension links the WalkMe Editor to your browser, allowing you to produce WalkMe content on your own platform, and having these extensions will help you to create tooltips, Launchers (buttons), and WalkThrus on the Web page, Attach UI to captured elements, capture screenshots of the experiences created and share it with others, and Adjust pages to allow the Editor to load the experience every page.

WalkMe competitors

If you are still not convinced about using WalkMe as your Digital Adoption Platform Software, worry no more! There are still tons of alternatives out there that could be fit your taste and your company. Here are the top 5 most popular alternatives and competitors of WalkMe.


Pendo makes sure that you are receiving the right answer at the right time by providing analytics and guidance from gathered insights using only a single platform. Pendo helps utilize onboarding and measures the effect on actual behavior change not just giving guide completion.


As Digital Adoption Solution or Platform, Newired is a tool that helps help users with the multitude of software sources and make sure that they adapt to these resources efficiently to lessen their frustrating experiences in these digital transformations we are experiencing.


If you want your company to produce modern and effortless onboarding, effective training, and better assistance to users all through contextual content presented at the time of need then Whatfix is good for you! Whatfix is one of the leading Digital Adoption Platform that powers-up software solutions and guarantee quick ROI on technology funds and lead user engagement and productivity.


Thousands of businesses trust Appcues because they make it easy to bring outstanding user experiences at scale, leading to satisfied customers and quicker business growth. Appcues is the finest for any company that offers a free trial or freemium product and has a web app.


Apty supports enterprises to enhance software adoption, employee productivity, lower training costs & increase software ROI, and not to mention that it is the World’s fastest-growing on-screen guidance platform!

WalkMe pricing

WalkMe doesn’t give a definite price list like a usual monthly plan, but what they do is offer unique pricing depending on how complicated the software and your website’s technology that your business needs. WalkMe offers two different plans which are Custom Plan, where you can custom your own plan with tons of features to choose from, and Basic Plan which includes roughly 3 walk-throughs with up to 5 steps per walk-through, and users are only granted 300 assists.

Here is a list of pricing WalkMe offered that I found on the reviews from other users.



  • $20,000 annually for a Salesforce training paid by a company that has 130 employees.
  • For a basic HTML application, the company is quoted at about $20,000 per year for only 100 users.
  • For their base package, most reviews from users say that it usually costs about $10,000 to $20,000 per year.

If you are thinking of using WalkMe I highly recommend that you should start a demo to know how much they will charge your company for their services. However, if you own a smaller company with a smaller amount of budget, I suggest you should look for other alternatives first.

What is Hostgator Walkme plugin

Hostgator is known for being a web hosting that provides its customers with a hosting website service that can also be used for blogs. It is commonly used to purchase online domain names. If you’re looking forward to having a blog or a website, you’ll need these two things; first, web hosting and second is a domain name so that your website or blog can start being live.

Hostgator provides all these however when you’re a new blogger or website creator it can be pretty hard to arrange everything on your own. There will be a lot of buttons and various things to click through. That’s why Hostgator made a creative innovation that is a walk me plugin feature.

WalkMe plugin feature is an amazing and engaging platform that teaches the users to do the actions that needed to be done on the website.  It’s a step-by-step guide but the best thing about it is that the user doesn’t have to leave the website anymore to watch a video or read an instruction. You simply follow what your screen tells you to do and then you’ll get where you want to be on your website. It’s a very easy and convenient way to finish what you have to finish.

WalkMe Salesforce

Just like in Hostgator, Salesforce also has the same class guidance innovation. WalkMe Salesforce is an amazing app that assists and helps users to complete the processes they need in the app. These processes are commonly necessary when you are new to the app and it would be a big convenience if you have this to set aside the complexity of the process. It gives a clear walk-thru or walks-flow process, resources, launchers, helps texts, and smart tips that demonstrate the processes that you need to get done. 

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