May 24, 2021

ClickDesk live chat and support software review: Features and pricing

ClickDesk live chat and support software review

ClickDesk is one of the software available in the market that provides combined and all-in-one solutions to interacting with visitors on your website through live chat, helpdesk service, and social media platforms.

It’s an era of fast-paced. Be it a business or personal task; people prefer to have all flavors on a single plate. Technology has addressed those multitasking needs with excellent efficiency.

ClickDesk app

It’s a cloud-based app that offers live chat with an agent through audio and video on your browser and Android device. The app enjoys the credential to be the first to offer all-in-one live chat and helpdesk services. A visitor is on any website and wants to have a conversation; this app connects him to the agent of the company for resolving his queries. Apart from the direct engagement of agent and client, the software offers inbuilt helpdesk services that allow managing offline dialogues and email.

The ClickDesk company enjoys a clientele of a hundred thousand across 147 countries for real-time interacting with their customers to increase their business targets. This user-friendly software was built to help businesses of small to medium size.

ClickDesk corporation

The ClickDesk started when people behind it were looking for a cloud-based solution for combined support services for instant live chat using modern web 2.0 technologies. But all they found was a desktop application, so ClickDesk was introduced and offered worldwide with the latest technologies which don’t require any downloading or installation.

ClickDesk corporation today is a profit-making company with 20+ members who are based in Silicon Valley. The software is hosted on the clouds of Google and Amazon, with having their backups in Ireland and Singapore.

How to integrate ClickDesk with HubSpot?

ClickDesk allows its integrations with other applications for free. HubSpot is another software that supports and helps in marketing, sales, and service activities. The integration of these two software, i.e., ClickDesk and HubSpot, is easy and does not need any prior experience. Combining these software synergizes your business operations resulting in excellent efficiency.

This integration starts with authenticating ClickDesk and HubSpot, which is done within seconds. When the two software are authenticated, choose one of them as a trigger that will boost the automation and choose another application for displaying the resulting action. Now you can use this integrated software to share data from one app to another.

How does ClickDesk work?

ClickDesk provides a handbook for Admin and a handbook for agents to get started with it. A guide for CSS customization is also available on its website.

Signup for your account by providing email, user id, and password. As for the Admin account, you will be provided with a straightforward menu and button to navigate from. This includes Agents, departments and codes, live chat, helpdesk, social, phone and avatar. Similarly, an agent can then log in by providing a code given to him by Admin.

ClickDesk features

Once you are logged in to ClickDesk, the following are the benefits and features you start using to boost up your business operation for obtaining desired sales targets.

A representation of clickdesk features

Live chat

Customer retention is one of the critical elements of any business today. ClickDesk live chat is accompanied by tools that enable you to know your customers even before starting a conversation with them. These tools include audio and video calls, maps, proactive chat greeting, and pre-chat surveys.

A screenshot of clickdesk live chat

You can have customer details through these tools and chat panels that include name, email, country, chat history, browser, and URLs. This allows you to send them personalized greetings based on the details you acquired through a pre-chat survey and filter them by their activity, status, country, etc. 


ClickDesk supports more than 90 languages through translation, eliminating language berries and empowering you to entertain a customer with any native language. 


You can interact with your customers on ClickDesk from any device, depending on the availability and physical location. You can manage your calls or chat through laptop, mobile, tablet etch, never to miss an opportunity or delay to converse with your client.

Keystroke preview

This is one unique feature offered by ClickDesk that enables you to read your client’s message even before he sends it to you. This provides you with an idea of what your customer is looking for to present your offering to him accordingly by better understanding.

Live chat reports

The software reporting system equipped you with easily readable data to analyze and make informed business decisions. This is done through daily and weekly chat stats. These chat stats are categorized into four parts, i.e., broadcast, proactive, offline, and missed. This states in to provide you with the details on attended and missed opportunities by your agents on day to day and weekly basis.

A screenshot of clickdesk reporting system

Hourly chat reports are also provided to check the duration of time spent on each call; this is useful in analyzing and realizing sales targets. You can filter all these reports based on chats and agents.

Monitoring performance

You can easily monitor the data for evaluating the performance of your agents and lead them accordingly to keep them focused and stimulated towards the business growth. As for external factors, these reports, be it live or via email, enables you to deliver valued services to your clients.

Managing tickets

Weekly ticket reports are presented that enable you to view daily tickets as new, opened, and closed. These ClickDesk helpdesk services in the form of reports, matrices, and live chat are excellent analytical tools to evaluate progress and to plan your future moves for betterment.

Integration with social media

Everyone today knows the power of media in building or breaking the reputation of any business. These social media platforms are used to reach maximum customers to add to business profitability. ClickDesk is enabled to allow visitors on your website to like, follow, or tweet right from their chat widget. Facebook integrations with ClickDesk offer customers networking on the Facebook page, i.e., via the Social media toolbar widget.

Apart from the features mentioned above, ClickDesk allows file sharing in real-time, Chat with five customers simultaneously, save shortcuts or FAQs for quick replies while chatting, inbuilt helpdesk makes you receive offline chats as tickets so you can manage them accordingly, etc.

A representation of clickdesk social media integration

ClickDesk pricing

Click desk offers three options for pricing, including Monthly, yearly, and two years packages. It offers 15% and 33% off on its yearly and biannual packages respectively. 

The software has a free version available for trial, which can be used by ten agents and supports 30 chats, audio calling, 25 tickets, and customization of basic settings.

It has three versions, i.e., Lit, pro, and enterprise, to choose from depending on your company’s needs.

VersionMonthly pricingYearly pricingBiannual pricing

Note that the above pricing is for per agent who is licensed to use ClickDesk, and you have the option to change your plan anytime you want. The LITE version includes unrestricted chats with chat transfer and group options, customization of the widget, and 99.5% uptime and SSL security.

Its PRO version offers extended features of video and conference chat, post-chat survey, CRM integration and API, reports, and history. The Enterprise version includes Queuing, white labels, analytics, infinite domains, and dedicated account manager features.


On reviewing customer feedback on ClickDesk, we found comments from some people who demanded that the avatar offered on this software should be more professional-looking. Some people reported that they were still shown online when they changed their status to busy or away, and the refreshing of the page was required.

ClickDesk vs. Zopim

Zopim is also a cloud-based software for live chats on a website like ClickDesk. In 2014, this software was developed by Zendesk, and now it is known as Zendesk chat. It’s the pricing per agent starts from $19 to $215per month, depending on the choice and need of your plan. Some users reported that support on Zendesk is not offered for free and is expensive for start-ups and freelancers.

However, Zendesk is an award-winning software; however, customer reviews are a reliable source to know how it performed for users. ClickDesk and Zendesk are much-compared software being residing in the same category. ClickDesk has advanced team feature tools like file filtering, conference chat which is not supported in Zopim. Zopim or Zendesk offers some matrices which need to be explored first, and it does not offer much customization on its interface. With Zophim, you do not have network monitoring options available.


Between a bulk of live chat and support software provided out there, ClickDesk is an all one solution cloud-based solution in a single software. It also allows integration with other software, which means multiplying and expediting your business processes and eventually the revenues.

From the many advantages and features it offers, the keystroke preview is a unique feature that enables your agent to read your customer’s mind even before starting a conversation. This empowers you with details to offer a solution for winning a happy customer.

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