May 11, 2021

HelpDocs knowledge base software review: Features, pricing, and alternatives

Helpdocs knowledge base software review

HelpDocs is the state-of-the-art knowledge base solution that lets you set up your product/service’s knowledge and makes it easy to access for your customers. Once the documents are ready, your team can provide prompt assistance to customers and point them to the right resources without wasting time. 

HelpDocs won’t disappoint you with its integration. You can continue to use the apps and software as you did before by integrating them with this software. Watch how productive your support team becomes. Answering customer queries promptly wouldn’t have been possible without HelpDocs. This will allow your support team to focus on those customers who need your help the most! Here, you will learn everything you need to know about HelpDoc knowledge base software. Let’s delve into it!

HelpDocs benefits

Read the benefits of this software to understand how can it improve the workflow of your support team and streamline the business:

Craft a tailored knowledge base

HelpDocs makes it simple to create a knowledge base where you can store information about your product/service, articles, how-to guides, and other information the customer needs for understanding your business and its offering. This solution will give you complete control over designing a knowledge base tailored to your business. Create content that answers customer queries and encourages them to do business with you.

Expand and update the knowledge base

A company’s knowledge base should never be static. Continue to update the content by using the business tools your organization uses on a daily basis. HelpDocs can be integrated with Intercom, a messaging app that helps the sales, support, and marketing team interacts and engages with customers. 

You can also integrate this software with Front, a tool that lets you use a single box to manage customer messages in a central location, whether they are coming from email, web, text, chat, social media, or any other channel. Use Slack with HelpDocs to allow your team to create, edit, update and publish new content and articles inside the knowledge base.

Create articles

Knowledge base lets your team streamline support services by generating and managing content and help articles that customers might be interested in reading to use your product or service. Consider this a built-in text editing tool where you can write articles, optimize them; add images, videos, and other helpful content to make the content engaging and useful.

You can also create categories and sub-categories to arrange the content and make it easier for customers to search the information useful to them. 

Team collaboration 

A rich and informative knowledge base can only be built by involving all team members. It’s a collective effort. You must be able to set up and manage a team that is responsible for producing content, editing, updating, and publishing the helpful guides regularly.

With HelpDocs, you can invite your team members and assign them specific roles or tasks so that they can give their input and contribute to content creation. You can grant permission levels to different team members allowing them to focus on the tasks only they are responsible for. They would be restricted from access the content of other team members and functionalities that are not related to their role.

HelpDocs pricing 

The pricing of this knowledge base software starts at $49 per month for one user. Help doc doesn’t offer a free version, but you can avail of their free trial.

A screenshot of helpdocs pricing plan

HelpDoc features

  • Data management
  • Categorization
  • Knowledge Management
  • Discussion board
  • Cataloging
  • Self-learning
  • Guided problem solving
  • Full-text search

How to change the password 

Are you struggling to log in to HelpDoc? Can’t remember your current password? You can easily change your password by resetting it. All you need to type in your email address and then hit the ‘forgot’ option. Check your emails and open the provided link and change your password.

Cannot edit image in HelpDocs

Can’t you edit your images? Want to change image size, add alt text to make your images more accessible, and change image alignment. 

How to change the Image Size

  • Open the edit image menu by clicking on the image.
  • Now, open the Format tab and type in the maximum width and height of the image.
  • Hit the apply changes options and save the changes.

How to change image alignment

  • Head to edit image menu and then open format tab
  • You will see three options, i.e., right or center, automatic and left. Choose the one you need
  • Click on apply changes and click on the Save button.
  • When you change image alignment, the text editor will not show what your client sees. You can see the changes by clicking the preview button. 

How to link your image to a Link

  • Open the edit image menu and then click on the link tab.
  • Paste the URL to the URL field to link your image to a link and hit the apply changes button
  • Click on the Save button.

How to adding Alt Text

  • Click on your image to see the editing options
  • Open ‘format tab and write the description in the alt text box.
  • Hit the ‘apply changes’ button and save the changes.

How to replace an Image by URL

  • Open the edit image menu and paste your image link into the external image link field.
  • Read the prompt and click on the ‘apply changes’ option, and hit the save button.

How to replace an Image by Upload

  • See the edit image menu and upload your new image by clicking the dotted area and choose which image you want to choose or drag and drop your new image into the dotted area.
  • Hit the ‘apply changes’ button and then save these changes.

HelpDocs LinkedIn

Help docs were founded by Hack Peters and Jarratt Isted in 2006. Jack Peters is the CEO at HelpDoc, while Jarrat Isted is a co-founder at HepDocs. It is a privately held company and its headquarter is located in London. This is a small-sized enterprise with o to 10 employees that build and monitor your knowledge base in a single software for product-focused teams.

Removing access to HelpDocs

HelpDoc comes with article-level permission that helps you remove access to HelpDoc and restrict other members not to view watch article. This way, you can manage who can access your article. You can access remove the user groups from accessing HelpDoc’s knowledge base. Even you can remove them from accessing the content list. This is a simple process that can be done in a few clicks.

  • Open the article editor and hit the ‘permission button’ in the toolbar.
  • Now head to user groups and click ‘x’ on the name of the group you want to remove from accessing the article.
  • Click the ‘apply changes’ button and hit ‘save.’

If you want to remove the user group from the content list, follow the below instructions:

  • Open the ‘content’ page and select the required article
  • On the screen’s top right side, you will see ‘permission icon; click on it.
  • Now click the ‘x’ on the user group you want to remove.
  • Click the ‘apply changes’ and hit the save button.

HelpDocs alternatives and competitors

If you are considering a knowledge base solution like HelpDocs, you may also want to know similar alternatives to find the best possible solution. Today, CRM software is widely used in the business world. People want to use simple, searchable, and user-friendly software with link sharing facility. There are also some crucial factors like reliability and ease of use that you take into account when researching its competitors and substitutes. There is a list of knowledge base solutions that are considered to be the best alternatives to HelpDocs, including Freshdesk, HubSpot service hub, Salesforce Service Cloud, SalesForce essential, and Zoho Sales IQ. 


Freshdesk is helpdesk software that helps businesses to streamline customer conversation across various channels like phone and email. With Freshdesk, you can collaborate with your support team for prompt responses to your client. It won’t disappoint you with its integration as it comes with more than 150 integrations that make it simpler for you to provide great customer support. 

HubSpot Service Hub

Hubspot Service Hub is CRM software that lets you manage and connect with your potential and loyal customers. This is a great tool that helps you make your customer satisfied and keep them longer than in turn help you grow your business quickly. Service teams can prove an actual ROI by showing the value of their work as it is a part of the famous customer relationship management company HubSpot.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Want to have a 360 view of your customer? If so, Salesforce Service Cloud is the best option because it delivers supreme customer service with an enterprise-grade knowledge base, analytics for visibility on Salesforce, productivity tools for support agents, and entitlements.

Salesforce Essentials

Small businesses can leverage the power of Salesforce to build a stronger relationship with support CRM and combined sales using Salesforce Essentials. The best part is that it is easy to use, maintain, and set up. It is available for $25 per month per user. 

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho Sales IQ is a website visitor tracking and lives chat tool that enables you to improve your customer services and boost sales. You can have live conversations with your visitor and access the insightful list of your website visitors that lead to increase sales conversion.

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