May 12, 2021

Freshdesk cloud-based customer service software review

Freshdesk cloud-based customer service software review

Freshdesk is a customer service platform that helps businesses of all sizes provide efficient support services to their customers. This could-based software empowers businesses to monitor the conversations of their customers across instant messaging, social media, email, live chat, and phone. It comes with smart automation that helps to improve agent productivity. It has AI chatbots that help you deliver self-service experiences. You can also monitor the performance metrics using analytics.

Most companies use this customer service software to deliver effortlessly an excellent customer experience and service. This software allows them to provide multi-channel support. Moreover, it also helps to streamline their processes. This way, their customer service agents become more productive due to its automation.

Freshdesk features, benefits and product strengths

Powerful ticketing system

It offers a powerful ticketing system that provides the customer support agents with numerous tools and information as well. It gives the agents contextual info, important status and private notes, and much more. They can view and manage tickets and send custom responses. Some other great features are scenario automation, team inbox, bulk actions, canned responses, and more.

A screenshot of freshdesk ticketing feature

Multi-channel and multi-lingual support

It gives you access to an unlimited number of mailboxes. This way, agents can support all the emails in one place. Moreover, it comes with a built-in phone channel that allows you to set up a dedicated call center instantly. Freshdesk supports social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, live chat, and feedback widget.  

Gamification, automations, and more

Automation is probably the best feature that FreshDesk offers. It increases your support team productivity. For instance, it has plenty of cool features like the capability to handle repetitive routines, tasks, an automatic ticketing system, and generate time-based actions. Gamification is another feature that adds competition and excitement among customer service agents. It allows them to be more productive and have fun while helping the customers.

A model of freshdesk automation feature

Freshdesk pricing

FreshDesk offers free and premium pricing plans for its users. You can choose the one that suits you according to your requirement and company size. Its free plan offers an email support channel, knowledge base features, up to three agents, and a standard phone channel. However, premium plans come with more advanced features. Its Estate plan offers a 30-day free trial period. All plans have 24×5 phone support and 24×7 email support.

A screenshot of freshdesk pricing

What is GoGoKid Freshdesk?

GoGoKid is an online ESL teaching portal that is the newest platform to create creates support tickets directly within this portal. Freshdesk has been the pioneer channel that submits support tickets. VIPKID also offers this feature with similar requirements. But GoGoKidFreshDesk stays ahead of the competition due to various reasons.

A screenshot of gogokid freshdesk login teacher's portal

The students

GoGoKid teaches children of all ages in China. Its level varies, but the learning material can be easily adjusted. It depends on the students you get.

The platform

They have their own platform, which is taught via Google Chrome. They provide almost all the material, and a little preparation is required. Students can draw and interact with the class. It is a very user-friendly platform that is quite intuitive.

The company

However, this is a new company, and they have some issues, but they add a lot of new things regularly on the portal. However, they need to work on their communication channels to make their services better.

Pay and incentives

Want to know how this platform works? It primarily works on a credit score system. You can gain points for getting positive reviews from parents, teaching children, and being booked. If you don’t teach for a whole week, you will lose some points. Moreover, having a technical problem during your class can also end up losing points. If you convert trial students to your permanent students and referring teachers, you will get monetary incentives for sure.

Freshdesk support

With customer support, you provide guidance, respond to your customer’s queries and help them while they are using your services or product. It also includes phone, chat, knowledge base articles, direct assistance, and conversation over email. Freshdesk is the best customer support platform that offers call centers, customer support agents, and phone support. They offer the contemporary support channels to their users that agents should have at their disposal. It includes social media, email, chat, call, bot, and self-service.

Freshdesk – how to turn off “response due” notification

The ticket would contain the ‘response due’ tag when the response time is violated. But you can turn off the due response notification by following these steps. You may control it from admin, then go to your email notifications and hit the requester notification. Now the agent can add a comet and turn off this notification.

Why was Freshdesk a good candidate for remote computing services on the cloud

Freshdesk is a SaaS platform that is a help desk solution. It is considered the best tool to support teams. As customer service software, it focuses on live chat, ticketing systems and creates a knowledge base for the customer. As remote computing reduces the costs of infrastructure, operating websites and IT and Freshdesk moves to remote computing services on the cloud. They offer the best customer support service on the cloud. They were able to handle over 28,000 customers in just four years that makes them a good candidate for remote computing services on the cloud.

Freshdesk how to change colors of agent portal

Want to reflect your rand and change the colors of the agent porta? Fret not; you can easily change the colors of your agent portal. Pick your brand color by using the color palette. Now, type the hex codes for your chosen color. You can change the background color of your logo, dashboard, left panel, ticket, menu color, and other icons. When you select your desired color, it will suggest the color for the menu. You can ignore this suggestion and make changes as you want.

How to set up the support portal on Freshdesk

When you sign up for a FreshDesk account, you will have two choices, i.e., agent portal and customer portal. 

Agent portal

Agent portal is the backend of your helpdesk that is shown to your customer support team and you when you log in Freshdesk account as an agent. You can respond to the tickets, check out reports, and add knowledge base stuff from your company’s account. As an administrator, you can use this portal to add additional support reps and manage settings.

Customer portal

This portal is for your customers, and they will operate it when they need some helpdesk solution. They can register here as customers, engage on your company forums, raise tickets, check out knowledge base articles and track their tickets.  

How to customize the public portal

You can configure your support portal as per your requirements as an administrator. For instance, you can change its overall look and rebrand it, enable a single sign-in with the most popular services and decide who gets to access your portal to make it easy for your customers to log in.

In order to customize the public portal, log in to your helpdesk account as an admin. Then go to portals and click on the settings. Here you will see a list of options that allows you to tweak your public portal.

User signup and login

If a user raises a ticket and you want to store this information, you can have a new user sign up from the public support portal. You can also log into Freshdesk as a customer with their Google and Facebook credentials. This way, you can get to keep track of who logs in. Moreover, it will speed up the sign-in process.

User permissions for portal

The administrator also chooses to allow the logged-in users or everyone to raise tickets. Freshdesk allows you to make CAPTCHA compulsory for the users who want to raise tickets. This way, customers need to sign in to raise a ticket. This also ensures that they are human and speed up the signing-up process by saving time.

There is also another way that allows your customers to find answers, i.e., enable the automatic solution suggestion. It is based on the query enter by the user when he/she fills out the ticket form. Also, Freshdesk suggests the related solution articles when they fill the form. Moreover, you can also restrict the ticket’s visibility on a public portal. For this, make it available only to logged-in users. Or, you can make it public to allow everyone to raise a ticket using the Public Ticket URL. You can also allow them to browse through the Community Forums and Knowledge Base articles without signing in. That way, you can find the solution to their problem without raising a ticket. This will save the time of your customer and your support team as well. 

If you are going to create new topics, choose to make CAPTCHA compulsory when users log in to their accounts. If the users are using a locally-hosted script to log into your public support portal for accessing Freshdesk, then set up an SSO mechanism to authorize users. These could be those users who already have a FreshDesk account or whose information you have stored in your app.

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