May 20, 2021

JitBit helpdesk ticketing software app review: Features and pricing

JitBit helpdesk ticketing software app review

JitBit is pocket-friendly with an appealing interface, lightweight, and fast for assisting your customer support staff.

Helpdesk service is an integral part of any organization today. It speaks a lot about how much a company values its clients and is concerned about them. Helpdesk services need an efficient streamlining of its process with all the departments of the organization. No matter how competent your helpdesk team is, handling customers can be a real heck for them. Providing a knowledge base and solutions to customers in the least possible time then becomes a challenge.

Atomization is then an answer to handle multiple client issues. As to serve this purpose, many helpdesk ticketing software is available today. Selecting software that can address and handle the needs of your organization needs thorough research. We present you here with one of the helpdesk ticketing software and its company details, credentials, features, and configuration details.

JitBit helpdesk software

This software is offered in both versions, i.e., on-premise and SaaS-based; depending on your choice, any of the versions can be installed on your server. The program can also be accessed through mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. The software intends to provide helpdesk services for ticketing systems, featuring email integration, knowledge-based, File attachments, etc.


It is always practical and recommended to try free versions if provided, just like tasting a sample to affirm if you want to spend your money on something. Jitbit helpdesk also offers a free version.

Depending on the size and number of agents, Jitbit helpdesk pricing varies for freelancers, starters, companies, and Enterprises, ranging from $29 -$249 monthly. These charges differ if you which to pay annually.

A screenshot of jitbit pricing

Features and support

Jitbit is pocket-friendly with an appealing interface, lightweight, and fast for assisting your customer support staff. Its interface displays tickets in grides along with details.

Mobile apps

With free accessible apps for iOS and Android mobile phones, Jitbit offers your support team to respond to the ticket remotely. You can even use options including search, replay, assign, attach files, resolve and receive notifications on your device.

Online support

A strategy for customer support by JitBit is designed to offer customized support, making it almost impossible to lose any of your data.

A screenshot of jitbit helpdesk automation


You can customize tickets under the heads of ‘new’, ‘in progress’, and ‘unanswered’. Jitbit helpdesk includes a calendar to organize tickets as they arrive or keep updated to address any tickets having a due date. This offers you to organize your workload accordingly.

You can assign your tickets categorically; this makes it simple for your workforce to pick and resolve tickets as per their expertise and department. You can even attach files, PDFs, documents, screenshots, and articles to your received tickets.

Screen record

This feature enables direct uploading of screenshots or videos directly from the web app to the ticket.

Asset management

With Jitbit, your asset management, i.e., assigning and tracking, is easy. An agent can conveniently track history and asset owner through this feature.

Live chat

The customers like live chats to receive instant, timely and prioritized solutions to their queries. One reason behind its likability is that of human touched who where a customer enjoys attention by an agent to receive a quick response.


Jitbit helpdesk allows atomization for resolving customer queries through prioritizing emails, follow-ups, and reminders for your team. The repetitive tasks are handled by the support system for keeping you directed towards more productive tasks.


The Jitbit system allows you to download the report to track your support team’s performance. These reports contain details including the time an agent took to respond client, the number of tickets responded to, which agent performed the best, etc. You can customize these reports to be sent to your email box regularly and take desired actions accordingly to improve and enhance your staff’s performance.

Multiple assignees

An exceptional feature of this software is that of assignment of tickets to multiple assignees. This feature helps when a receiver of a ticket needs assistant from the administrator, developer, technicians, etc. Even with multiple staff involved in a task, the system shows one owner who is ultimately responsible for handling the ticket to avoid confusion.

Emails as tickets

The free email service by Jitbit offers great ease to turn queries through email into tickets. These tickets can then be categorized depending on the nature of the query, to be dropped in separate mailboxes. As for your customer, these tickets will be displayed as regular emails.

Self-service for customers

Not every ticket requires your helpdesk staff’s time, attention, and efforts. Jitbit allows your customer with some self-service features, including; web interface for tracking and creating new tickets, a help me button for sending queries, a knowledge base with a browser to offer solutions and FAQs.

JitBit Helpdesk company

Jibit Helpdesk is a company introduced in 2005. 18th June to be exact in Edinburgh, UK. The two people behind this company, i.e., Alex Yumashev and Max Al Farakh, hold a customer support background.

An image of jitbit founder

Alex has served many organizations in the capacity of the head of IT and lead developer for automating tech support and helpdesk team managing. He is also a designer, mountain biker, coder, bass guitar player, and snowboarding lover. On the other hand, Max was an Ex-twitter, 8-year experienced coder, an Apple fanboy, podcaster, web-Hecker, and customer service expert. Jointly both Alex and Max synergized their experiences and talents to come up with a solution with resulted in the introduction of Jitbit.

The company continuously enhances its software to provide optimum services through Jitbit helpdesk software that offers up-to-date ticketing in real-time. These updates are provided in real-time, which means that you do not need to refresh your page, and you will be notified through popups on the arrival of new tickets.

Customer experience about JitBit helpdesk

As a norm, a company’s website will communicate the features of its products and other offerings with positive word of mouth. It is essential to know the reviews of its users to make an informed decision before investing money and time into a product. Here are some customer reviews about the Jitbit helpdesk:

  • Good value to money
  • Clean, fast, and user-friendly interface
  • Lifetime licensing makes it even better
  • It’s a feasible software for handling workload without disturbing routine tasks.
  • Its mobile application is an added ease

Cons: A customer reported that the reports in the Jitbit helpdesk allow the least customization. Another asked the software to be integrated with social media websites like Facebook. However, its customer support system is quick and responsive in case of any need.

How to configure JitBit Helpdesk

Installation of any web application can be a difficult task. The configuration needs some basic knowledge of installation, server settings, creating a database, and running SQL scripts. You can refer to hosted version as well to perform the task. Usually, installation is required to put the application file on the webserver or in the folder, unzip the folder, and edit configurations, allowing permission to the web server for accessing your data and run the program. 

We have tried to make the configuration of the Jitbit helpdesk as easy as possible. There are two ways for installing Jitbit:


It is just like downloading any application on your computer. You just need to Launch the setup. Exe, and within minutes the software will be installed on your system.


This option is usually for administrators, professionals, hosting environments, etc.

If you face any difficulty in configuration, you can always contact Jitbit support for installation, which provides free and remote assistance. This availing this support, you will need to provide them with RDP access to your server.

JitBit helpdesk API

JitBit helpdesk is designed with both APIs, i.e., inbound and outbound. Inbound API is a RESTful web service for your support team, which is integrated with their mailbox to obtain tickets, reply to them, attaching files, close tickets, etc.  

The outbound API calls external applications in case something happens to the helpdesk system. You can customize the JitBit helpdesk to send in-house HTTP requests or post on the RSS feed when the new ticket is created.

All you need is to know the API for the end receipt. The API executes its action for showing tickets or posting comments etc., after obtaining consent from the user. It means that you need to take permission through basic authorized headers on each API call. Many client software supports basic authentication and doesn’t require added coding.

Jitbit helpdesk API prefers the client who accepts cookies to speed up the response and keeping its server with a minimized load.


JitBit helpdesk software, coming from the two talented and experienced heads, offers services to manage your ticketing more efficiently. From easy installation, great and easy features to the supports system, it provides great assistance to handle, organize and answer tickets in optimum solution-oriented ways.

We extended our research before coming up with an article with reviews that are from real customers. Apart from the content provided on the Jitbit website, the company continuously works to enhance its software and enjoys credentials you can trust before putting your money into it.

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