Smartsupp live chat platform review

Smartsupp Live Chat Platform Review: Features And Pricing

Smartsupp today is used by thousands of freelancers and companies across Europe. Letting the audience know that you exist and making them step into your store, either an e-store or a physical one, to check out your brand and services is a complete task. But it is like plugging in a device; switching the button on to play a product are then actual tasks. It refers to turning your visitors into clients to experience your product.

When a person visits your website to see your offerings, it is through live chat software that you make an effort to make them buy your product. Smartsupp is one software to initiate a conversation with visitors on your website to turn them into a client and eventually bring in business through it.

Smartsupp features

Started in 2013 with the mission of making everyone communicate through live chat software with fair pricing and easy use product, This software enables you to offer your 100% real-time solutions, enhance visitors’ engagement by three times, spells in 39% of customer loyalty on the positive experience of purchase, and every four customers tend to be a customer means generating 25% of business by bringing and engaging visitors. Let’s discuss some of the features of this software below:

One platform

Smartsupp combines live chat, email, and Facebook messenger to bring you a single platform for communication.

A representation of smartsupp one platform feature

Tailored chatbox

You can customize the look of the chatbox with your photo and color to match the theme of your company, website, or logo design.

A screenshot of smartsupp chatbox

Visitor’s overview

The web dashboard of Smartsupp offers you to have your visitor’s information to serve them accordingly.

web dashboard

Work remotely

Smartsupp understands the norm of working remotely through mobile and therefore offers apps for iOS and Android.

Automated messages and video

The software allows you to create tailored messages for customer engagement and video recordings to check customers’ moves and behaviors on your website.


Keep track for measuring customer satisfaction, the impact of chat on Google analytics, volume of conversation, and your agent’s performance through response time with the stats provided by Smartsupp.

Smartsupp pricing

Smartsupp’s free version allows three agents with some options for customization. Its trial version is available for Standard and Pro packages, which monthly cost $10 for three agents and $19 per agent.


Smartsupp free vs. paid account

It is a usual practice now by software to offer a free trial version. Of course, an unpaid version comes with certain restrictions on its features, but it is a great way to have some of the software before investing your money hand efforts and engaging your frontline team into it. Some users may invest through word of mouth even without firsthand experience through trial versions. 

Let’s have a bit of insight for both paid and unpaid versions of Smartsupp. Unpaid things often get the least attention and value; that’s why it is offered for some days only, i.e., 14 or 30. On the other hand, you receive a utility value against your money on paying a certain amount. Knowing your needs and visions is essential to decide for going with a free or paid version for this specific software.

Smartsupp takes this paid and unpaid game differently instead of the traditional way you experience crashing software and lack of support from its provider. This software understands that not every user needs every feature. Some take trial versions solely for answering queries; some may take longer on deciding to invest in the software; some may find basic customization enough and manage to reach target sales, etc.

Smartsupp free live chat can be used by one agent and addresses the needs of the small business effectively, with your customized name, profile picture, and business logo. You visitor will be displayed with an offline form for submitting query when you are offline. Free Smartsupp can be installed on mobile for receiving notifications for messages. With three shortcuts Offered in the free version, you can make faster communication with canned messages.

Paid Smartsupp app is recommended for small to medium companies or e-shops when you intend to grow your business with an enhanced communication plan for customer care and loyalty. It can be used by companies having an extensive department for customer care and websites in multiple languages. The added features allow you to increase your profit margins with more options for customization, message atomization, Stats of chats via graphical representations.



Smartsupp API

Smartsupp offers its API for Standard and Pro packages. With the new dashboard of Smartsupp, you don’t necessarily need the assistance of any developer as it is simplified for API. Now the users of Smartsupp are offered more functions and features for faster and easier execution of your customer support tasks.

Multi-lingual API is often required when you need chatbox services in several languages. Don’t worry, as Smartsupp will keep you from the troublesome API code by offering a single line code with certain language abbreviations, for example, ”language”, ”en”. You can make these changes yourself from dashboard settings.

With the new API, we have eliminated color change for online and offline statuses and considered status directly in designing the new chatbox. If you are online, it will be indicated via a green dot beside your chat box icon. Another change we made is Chatbox Triggers API, which pops up the chatbox only when the visitor clicks on the ”contact us” tab on your website. Previously the allowance was offered for HTML API.

Lately, API was used for collecting data through an offline and pre-chat form, which is now updated to be collected via name, phone number, and email system. We also have updated the design of your chatbox, which does not need any API setup like the later version.

How to add Smartsupp to the site

Smartsupp can be integrated with an infinite number of websites. Initially, create your account on Smartsupp. Now you get a code in your email or from the cat box of Smartsupp setting; insert this code in your website. For the Standard and Pro version of Smartsupp, you can customize the look of your chat box and enjoy it along with other features.

How to install Smartsupp OpenCart

The software then offers three options for its installation, i.e., by using its plugin, manually entering code, or by making advance custom change. OpenCart is one of the integrations that Smartsupp offers; for installing Smartsupp OpenCart, you first need to select the version of OpenCart, i.e., 3.0, 2.0, or 1.5, and then follow installation steps accordingly.

Opencart 3.0

Download the extension in the zip file, and upload it, which will be done automatically. From the Extension window, select Modules and search for the Smartsupp option and click Edit. After this step, you can create a new Smartsupp account or connect with the existing one. Refresh cache by clicking the Modification option from the Extension window. Next, open your website and refresh the web browser; this will make the chatbox visible to you.

Opencart 2.0

Download the extension, and upload. Select Modules from Extension Window and search for Smartsupp and then click Edit. Login to your Smartsupp account, refresh your website for any cache, and get started.

Opencart 1.5

Installation with this version is a little different than the later version mentioned above. Firstly, download the zip file for OpenCart 1.5 and unzip it. From here, you will need to upload Admin and Catalog folders to the server by using the FTP client. Now search for Smartsupp to install from the Extension window, then refresh the page and click Edit. Here you will have to insert a single line code, i.e., ID for Smartsupp chat which you will find Smartsupp Dashboard. After that, Click on Add Module option, save it, and the Smartsupp chat invisible on your website to get started.

Smartsupp WordPress code

If you choose to install the software to WordPress by inserting code manually, you will find the code in the chatbox from Smartsupp’s setting. You will need to copy this code in the Theme header (Smartsupp dashboard-Appearance-Editor-Theme header) and update the file and start using Smartsupp on your WordPress.

A screenshot of  wordpress code

Note that You cannot install Smartsupp on free hosted WordPress as the custom JavaScript in the website restricts the implantation of chat code.


On trying to look for any fall by Smartsupp, we found a comment demanding more customization for the chatbox look; however, numerous happy customers use a free version of this software.


To wind up, we would give whole-hearted thumbs up to this software for keeping its word by providing excellent ease of use with simplicity. Many of its customers have submitted positive responses on experiencing Live chat with a free version that served the needs of their business. 

Apart from being identical to standard and pro packages, its free version does not restrict you for 14 or 30 days, but it is offered free for forever. You can imagine the immense benefits with extended integrations, features, and value of your money Smartsupp will provide on its paid versions then.

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