June 12, 2021

InstaText grammar checker tool review: Pricing and features

InstaText grammar checker tool review

InstaText aims to strengthen your writing skills by offering a choice of words and correct grammar. 

A well written and structured content is one of the most used ways of communication today. Be it for grammar or spell check; specific software assists writers and reviewers in writing with perfection. But unfortunately, human errors are usually involved in writing those pieces of content through which companies communicate and market themselves to the audience.

InstaText is one of those tools that act as a partner for writers and help them eliminate glitches in the text they have written to develop a piece of writing that transfers the desired image through reading.

InstaText app

InstaText is a tool that helps in detecting errors that happens while writing and correct them. It is easy to use application that enhances the readability of your content, which is a much-needed quality in any piece of writing.

Kallavi apps designed InstaText. InstaText recommends improved text by using Artificial Intelligence and language technologies. You can accept or discard those recommendations which are allowed on the user interface of this software.

InstaText pricing

InstaText offers a trial version for fourteen days. Its paid packages are provided for individuals and teams. InstaText One package is delivered at $29.99 per month per user; this package assists you in writing academic papers, business proposals, marketing materials, copywriting, revising translations, etc. The same package now offers a significant discount of 60% on making annual payments, i.e., $11.99 per month means $143.88 annually. 

A screenshot of InstaText pricing
InstaText Pricing
A screenshot of InstaText pricing
InstaText Pricing

For the team, InstaText offers two packages with the name of Business and Scholar. You need to contact their sales for the billing of these packages. The business package is ideal for companies offering them to enhance their business through improved communication. On the other hand, the Scholar package aims to assist the academic institution with efficiency and faster publication. Both the packages offer all the features of the product, centralized billing, personalized accounts for individuals, and licensing for site and department. 

A screenshot of InstaText pricing
InstaText Pricing

You can make payment through PayPal, credit card, or wire transfer. On the receipt of payment, you are immediately issued an invoice via email, which is sent by, a reseller, and merchant of InstaText. The app also offers a discount on annual payments.

InstaText online

This app is supported and updated on a web browser like Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome, for better speed, security, and performance. Whether you are writing a book, an email to answer clients, media news, contract, or whatever, the idea is to be perceived as professional and convey your ideas clearly and accurately.

With instaText, you produce a text that serves the purpose. Paste your text with at least 100 characters on the left side of the InstaText user interface and send your text to the right-hand side for improvement through a button provided between the page. 

Now revise your text and make changes with the toolkit provided on the top of the right page with some options, including accepting change or rejection. You can either take the suggestion and recommendation by InstaText for any Grammar, structural, punctuation, etc., or reject it with the click of the mouse.

You can either choose to hide or show changes to your text by clicking on the top right button. And can make changes or edit the text manually on the right interface. You can also choose to make changes by accepting all the suggestions by this app at once, which eventually saves a lot of time. Then, when your text is finalized, copy it by clicking the button provided at the bottom of the right page.

How to transfer glossary from InstaText to Word

InstaText reserves some rights to itself only and doesn’t want to make any change in it. This is because the app practices law for data protection, obligations regarding contractual confidentiality, statutory provisions, or third-party rights.

The same goes for transferring its glossary to word. Although after scanning and making a correction to your text, you can copy the text and paste it anywhere you like. However, even if you wish to add some words to its glossary, you can not do it in its actual program.

The latest update for InstaText II

InstaText app can be installed on Windows PC as well. The latest version of this app, i.e., InstaText 2.0, was released on 11th February 2018 and updated on 19th August 2019. After the update of InstaText, the number of downloads was calculated, which was more than fifty thousand.

The older version on InstaText included 2.0 1.2 1.1 1.0. However, its updated version is compatible and supported on Windows 7, 8, 10, and laptops. The latest version allows text moving through touch and hold, cropping of photos, new fonts and emojis, improved performance, and fixing features.

Credentials and user reviews

Two hundred forty-eight people have rated this app in general, and 134 users found it worth enough to rate it 5*. Its android version enjoys a rating of 4+. It is used by 4000 active users and more than 50 countries in the world.

InstaText enjoys the confidence of many people, and most of them have switched from other editing apps and finding it easy to use and effective to produce quality content. In addition, many bloggers, professors, academic writers, non-native speakers, translators, and proofreaders have endorsed InstaText.

Benefits and features of InstaText

English is a global language to communicate. Native or non-native, the idea is to convey your ideas and thoughts. However, written communication is difficult as to clearly and correctly describe your message and intentions. Here are the benefits and features of using InstaText:

Effective communication

With InstaText, you can write better, accurately, and precise English to communicate effectively to get personal and professional success. InstaText assists you in producing valuable content with well-organized sentences. 

Life productivity

You can only convert your content into revenue by improving your text and increasing interaction through it. InstaText enhanced the productivity of your writing with its rich vocabulary.


InstaText offers self-improvement for writers and helps them write content that stands out from the crowd. This unique writing styling highlights and conveys a brand image of an individual and organization in the desired way.


The task of rewriting, editing, and proofreading often include a particular cost. With InstaText, you can save up that cost and the time which those tasks require to execute.

Non-native writers

Apart from human errors, the mistakes by a non-native English writer are apparent. These mistakes include the inappropriate use of articles, punctuation, verb, and tenses. These minor mistakes change the meaning of the context and make it unclear to comprehend. It may also include missing prepositions. InstaText provides suggestions for making corrections for those hitches.

Scientific writing

Writing which is technical or scientific requires accuracy for clear understanding. Any malfunction in writing will make it difficult for a reader to take advantage of the content and drive him away. The contribution of InstaText in those scientific pieces of paper is incredible, as almost all those contents went accepted at once for publication which passed through this app.

Real-time solution

Time is an asset that you can never recover once lost. InstaText offers real-time solutions for eliminating all writing errors and eventually saves a lot of time to be put in other productive work for personal and professional growth.


InstaText has developed its dictionary, inculcated in the software after the editor spends years on its compilation. This improvement is still an ongoing practice. The dictionary offers you to retain or combine words to form a context for a more professional look and enhancing your writing capabilities.

InstaText understands that some words in the writer’s dictionary don’t need to be changed. On the other hand, InstaText also has restricted terms of not changing its style and personal language used in the app. But to provide a solution with keeping its terms intact, InstaText offers you two options, i.e., Stop changing and don’t change.

On selecting, stop changing the option on the app, InstaText will keep certain words unchanged. However, for the stop changing option, it will stop suggesting alternate for certain words. Note that this service is provided with identical matches and doesn’t include plural forms etc.

Security and privacy

InstaText follows the European Union’s law to keep the privacy and security of its app and user’s data. Some of your information is marked with InstaText for technical reasons (you can request its removal). Still, apart from that, all your content is removed from the software deleted after editing it.


InstaText Grammar checker scores full marks in our review for assisting almost every writer of every field to produce quality, error-free and professional text in real-time.

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