June 20, 2021 AI-powered marketing copy and content review AI-powered marketing copy and content review

Are you a content writer or freelance copywriter? Do you want to create content that is high-quality and needed for conversion? Do you want to save your energy and time with a single click? Are you a marketer and looking for a writing tool to get high-quality content? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. There is no doubt that content is king, and it is considered the heart of digital marketing. In this digital world, everyone wants to produce high-quality work in less time. That’s where automated tools like come in and rescue those who want to create powerful copy for their marketing needs. is an automated tool that helps you create plagiarism-free and original content in no time. Let’s dive into the details of this amazing content-creating tool.  

What is is a tool that uses machine learning to write content for you. It is a great software for creating copy for landing pages, websites, ads, and for your email marketing. If you are looking for powerful writing copy that converts, then this is for you. Marketers can use this tool to generate high converting content and sales messages in record time. It offers 5 days free trial to its users with up to ten thousand words. This tool is specifically built for solving the problems of writers and makes their life easier. These are the problems that every copywriter face in content creation. They help them to solve these problems to skyrocket your content writing works. Here’s what kind of problems solves:

  • It saves you time and effort to get the idea to write a killer marketing copy. 
  • You can generate your marketing copy in a matter of minutes. Now you have no need to spend hours to get an idea. Unlike the human brain, will get the idea in seconds.
  • Moreover, it helps to translate your content to various languages. This will help to reach a broader audience. 
  • You can generate plenty of headlines using this tool. 

To whom is a perfect fit?

This automated tool helps the writers in numerous content writing works. It is an ideal tool for copywriters, authors, marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers who want to get out of writers’ block. 


It is best for entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of artificial intelligence in their content writing work to save time and effort on their content creation process and focus on . 


They are always looking for new ways to increase their conversion ratio, and killer copy ads, social media posts, blog posts, and email copywriting are the best ways to increase conversions. 


They always need to meet tight deadlines to deliver work. So can be a great tool for agencies to deliver client’s work before time.

Is a replacement for writers?

If you need help with content ideas or struggle with copywriter’s block, this power tool will definitely help you to get out of the rut. With, you can generate original copy with a little writing effort. It takes a few minutes to get a new copy ready, and you will love its process of generating content. In fact, you can generate dozens of blog posts each day. The best part of this automated content-generating tool is that you don’t need any coding knowledge or technical skills to use this tool. But you still need to guide it, check content sources, verify the content and edit it as well. However, you can expect right out-of-the-box marketing copy, but it is not 100% perfect.

All you need to put a keyword or enter some words, and this tool will expand them into a blog post, video script for your YouTube video, and marketing copy. By adding a little care helps you increase readability and inject a little personality. 

Pricing and subscription details offers various pricing and subscription plans. Each plan comes with a diverse price range. If you’re a beginner, you can test the waters by availing of its 5-day free trial. The free trial will give you a good indication of whether you should buy its subscription plan or not. If you are a copywriter, agency who wants to create content for clients, or a content creator, go for its pro subscription plan that is priced at $109 per month. It offers unlimited words, and you can use a long-form writing assistant to generate PR releases, blog posts, ad copy, and more. The pricing of a starter or basic subscription plan starts from $29 per month, which offers 20k words. 

Pros and cons of


  • It comes with plenty of templates to work with that covers almost all aspects of the marketing copy.
  • It is a great tool for a long-form content assistant or generating ideas.
  • It offers live chat support with a Facebook community. 
  • offers a starter plan with a seven-day money-back guarantee. 


  • It needs more native integrations
  • It has no API
  • Long-form content needs fine-tuning and editing
  • Users with big copywriting needs might be limited with the basic plan
  • It is not cost-effective
  • Sometimes, it creates content that seems irrelevant. 

How can be beneficial for you?

Compelling email copy helps you write some persuasive email copy and compelling subject lines.  

SEO title and meta descriptions for your blog posts

A good blog title compels the website visitor to read your blog. This tool offers a kind of template for writing SEO-optimized titles and Meta descriptions for your blog posts. This will help your website rank higher in the SERPs. 

A solution

This tool provides you a new idea for your marketing copy that helps you stay ahead of your audience. 

Product description

If you are a brand and want to create a great product description for your product, this tool is for you. It can help you better describe your product and services. 

Content improver

If you want to make your content creative and engaging, put your content into content improver and make it more interesting and creative in a few seconds.

Generate topic ideas for your blog posts 

This tool will let you generate topic ideas for your blog posts that increase the chances of getting rank on search engines

Outlines for blog posts

If you are running a how-to or listicle blog, can help you create an outline for your content or lists.

Introductory paragraph for blog posts

Introductory paragraphs are very important because they set the tone of the entire article. That’s why it should be appealing, engaging, and interesting. With this content creation tool, you can create introductory paragraphs for your blog posts.

Sentences expansion

It offers a content expander that enables you to converts a few lines paragraph into a long paragraph to attract more readers. This will helps to increase your conversion rates. 

Video description

If you’re a YouTuber and want to write a compelling video description that helps you rank higher on YouTube, then use the video description template. As you know, writing a video description a tiresome job and time taking process, but this software will save your time and make it easy to create a good video description. 

Titles for YouTube videos

A good video title helps to get more eyeballs on your video. So you can create an eye-catchy video title for your YouTube video and increase views.

The topic or new ideas for videos

If you are a vlogger, then this feature will be a boon for you. It helps you brainstorm and generate new ideas on video topics, which will engage your audience. 

Sensational hook and introduction for video scripts

Want to grab the attention of your readers with a sensational hook? With conversion.AI, you can create a hook for an essay, video scripts, and others. This will help you capture the attention of your viewers and compel them to watch your whole video. 

Responder of reviews

If your brand or business gets tons of messages on your website each day, but you can’t take time to reply to each reviewer, use its template. Simply copy-paste the review and you will get the responses that you can send your reviewer as a response. 

Headlines for Google Ads

The headlines for Google ads are very important. They should be so powerful that they quickly stop scrolling the user and make him read and encourage him to make a purchase. You can create high converting Google headlines using


Several AI-assisted copywriting tools are available on the web, but this feature-rich software makes it a standout product. However, it can’t be a substitute for a copywriter. And, there is room for improvement, but the vast array of templates, long-form blog post generator, and marketing-focused framework make this software worth trying out.  

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