Top 15 ways to keep customers happy

Top 15 Ways To Keep Customers Happy

There will never be businesses without customers. That being the case, it’s every business’ goal to make their customers happy and satisfied at the same time.


Happy customers are more likely to become repeat buyers and they become the core of any good business.

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86% of companies believe that it is crucial to make customers happy to experience growth revenue.

In other words, they are your source of income and the major reason why your business is still operating.

But the question is, how do you keep them happy? In this article, we will provide you with suggestions on how to keep your customers happy.


Know what your customers want

One thing that makes happy customers is knowing what they want. As a business, make sure that you cater to their needs.

Asking them the things that they need and comprehending what they say can help you provide extraordinary customer service. The more you make them satisfied and happy, the more you can keep them in your business.

Build a presence on social media

Be present where your customers are! In today’s digital world, most of the customers are on social media.


Whether they are looking for products, reviews, or want to raise a concern about a specific brand, social media has been their go-to.


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So, take this opportunity to build a presence on social media! Your brand can have a social media virtual assistant who can manage your page to build relationships with your customers and assist them whenever they have questions and concerns with your products/services.

In this way, your customers can feel they can reach out to your brand easily.

Use the advantage of customer feedback

Customers want to be heard and get valued.

By responding to their feedback and taking action whenever they have problems or concerns, your customers can feel that they are important to your brand.

This is one of the strategies that customers want to see, that you are paying attention, willing to communicate, and willing to turn negative experiences into positive ones.

Keep your employees happy

Happiness is contagious! You can’t make and keep your customers happy if they get to engage with an unhappy and unmotivated employee.

So, as a leader of your brand, provide and make some ways to make your employees motivated and happy with their work.

You can schedule a team building, one-on-one meeting to ask employees how you can improve their work experience within your company, set training and seminars, introduce career growth in your company, and conduct a happy hour together with them.

Through these, your employees can provide excellent customer service since they feel motivated and happy at the same time.

Learn names

Greeting customers by their names is one strategy to create and keep happy customers.

Through it, you’ll let them feel that they are being recognized and special.

This enables your brand to build a strong bond with your customers that is hard to break. Moreover, they tend to interpret it as more personal, caring, and empathic.

As Dale Carnegie once said, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Reward loyal customers

Part of keeping happy customers is to give them rewards.



According to a statistic, 72% of customers choose a company that offers rewards such as loyalty points, special offers, freebies, and discounts.

By offering rewards to customers, they can feel that they are appreciated, and special, and that will keep them coming back to you and support your brand.

In addition, your offered rewards can make customers feel like they are saving money. 

Value customers’ time

To everyone, time is gold. One way to ensure happy customers is to boost your response time.

Have a customer service support team that can provide an efficient response to your customers’ inquiries and complaints.

If you fail to do this, there’s a big tendency that your customers will opt for your competitors who can provide them with solutions promptly and I bet you don’t want this to happen. 

Put your customers in the spotlight

Show appreciation and gratitude to your customers whenever they purchase and use your products or services! One example is when a customer posts a photo on her social media page with your products or shares her positive experience and tags your page, have the time to reshare to your brand’s page.

In this way, you can make your customers feel that you are thankful to them and they are much appreciated.

Plus, you can encourage other people to support your brand. 

Keep your promises

Keeping promises ensures happy customers.

When you tell your customers that you’ll call them back, you have to call them back as soon as possible.

When you promise a deadline, make sure to do your best to stick to that deadline.

By being a man of your word, you are gaining the trust of your customers, and that’s how you can keep them in your business. 

Maintain a sense of humor

Customers want to deal with people who love what they are doing. Make your customers laugh and make the service experience enjoyable for them.

As a result, it can create a strong relationship between your happy customers and your business.

Know your brand

How can you ensure happy customers if you are not familiar with your brand? Knowledge of your business is essential.

Feeding your customers with satisfying and honest answers can keep them stay with your business and can help your brand establish credibility.

Failure to do this can surely frustrate customers and worst, lose them. One tip is to be prepared for whatever question your customers throw at you. 

Don’t forget to genuinely smile

As I have mentioned that happiness is contagious, so as a smile does! Smiling can make your customers feel that you are friendly and warm and they are very much welcome.

A smile can lead to positive interaction along with the customer’s journey and can surely leave a positive impression that lasts.

Treat your customers as individuals

Your customers are not the same, they are different individuals from each other.

Each of them has different concerns and needs.

So, you have to treat them according to how they want to be treated.

Provide them with a service that has a personal touch that doesnt make them feel like you are a robot. Communicate in the way that your customers prefer.

Commit to innovation

Audit how your customer service is.

Think of something that can improve your customer experience.

Is your software good enough in handling customer service? Is your product easy to order? Technological advancements make it easy for your customers to reach your business and discover what they may appreciate, that is why being innovative with the products and services you offer is crucial.

Remember that exceeding your client’s expectations is more important than meeting them.

Always engage with your customers

Aside from posting content on social media regularly, engage with your customers by sending them newsletters, and blogs.

Let them know what you are up to.

Although you are not talking to them personally, you’ll be able to let them feel that they are part of our business and they are being valued.


One asset of a good business is its happy customers. Having happy customers plays an important role in growing your business.

They are the best promoters; they do word-of-mouth marketing, make referrals, and more.

Thus, it is very important for businesses to acquire and keep them.

So, make use of this list to help you provide excellent customer service that ensures happy customers.


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