Top 25 seo tools list

Top 25 List Of SEO Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a business strategy that helps your site improve its visibility in search engines.



It is seen as one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience and build long-term brand awareness.



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Better said than done, doing SEO is not an easy task especially if you are still starting.






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On the other hand, excellent tools can help you determine which part of your strategy is working and which is not.


So, without further ado, let’s explore this SEO tools list to learn their features and help you choose which one works best for your business.

SEO software tools list

1. MOZ Pro

Moz Pro is an all-in-one SEO tool in the market that focuses on businesses that want to manage their organic search in one interface.


From keyword research to backlink analysis, Moz Pro covers all the core areas of SEO that allow you to improve your strategies.


What’s more, is that it provides a weekly automated report notifying you to fix any existing issue on your site.




Because of its clean and easy-to-use interface, Moz is considered one of the most approachable tools for novices who want an overview of the basic SEO metrics.

A screenshot of moz pro website for seo tools list


As for the pricing, Moz Pro offers 4 plans with a one-on-one tutorial and 24-hour online support.

A screenshot of moz pro priciing plan

2. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is one of the most commonly used SEO tools to get higher Google rankings.


Although it is mainly used to distinguish SEO health, keyword research, and website link profile analysis, Ahrefs can also find well-performing content based on the keywords you provide.


And because Ahrefs crawls over 5 billion web pages daily, you can surely gather valuable insights from its data to help you understand and improve your domain’s online presence.


In addition, they provide an online knowledge base that allows users to access a variety of learning opportunities. 



Ahrefs offers four plans as well.



Depending on the core features you want to access, the number of projects you want to cater to, the number of keywords you can search, and the number of reports you can pull up. 

A screenshot of ahrefs pricing plan

3. Google Search Console

A screenshot of google search console website for seo tools list

GSC is a free web service provided by Google that allows anyone with a website to manage and monitor how Google perceives its website.


Its main features include providing you with information about your site’s performance, identifying what keywords people use to find your site and can send you alerts through email if any issues on your website need to be fixed.

Overall, Google Search Console helps you ensure that you’re site is Google-friendly and healthy.

4. Semrush 

A screenshot of semrush website for seo tools list

Known for its keyword research tool, Semrush is another popular platform that is used by some of the biggest digital marketers in the world and can help you boost SEO.


This tool provides specific keywords to help you stay on top of the competition and know the latest trends in your niche.


On top of that, Semrush also provides you with your competitors’ SEO strategies and lets you see how they are ranked.



With the relevant data, you can get from this tool, and when used correctly, you’ll be able to strategize on how you will improve the overall performance of your website.

A screenshot of semrush pricing plan


Semrush offers 4 plans, and if you avail of its annual pricing, you can save up to 17% of the price plan. 

5. Yoast 

A screenshot of yoast website for seo tools list

In this SEO tools list, we include Yoast since it’s a popular WordPress plugin for SEO that helps you perform better in search engines, most especially Google.


This plugin works as a content analyzer every time you create a page.


It provides you with suggestions on how to improve your content and will detect issues that need to be fixed.


In addition, Yoast guides you in crafting titles and meta descriptions in your post.


If you are a beginner in SEO, using Yoast every time you create pages can be great training since this plugin provides you guidelines on how to optimize content.

A screenshot of yoast pricing plan

Yoast offers 3 pricing plans; one is a free version and 2 paid versions.

6. Majestic

A screenshot of majestic website for seo tools list

Another popular tool that is included in this SEO tools list is Majestic.


This link analysis tool has been very popular among SEO veterans since 2011.


One of its well-loved features is The Majestic Million which allows you to view the ranking of the top 1 million websites.


On top of that, this tool provides you with metrics such as the “TrustFlow” and “Citation Flow” which allows you to identify whether the site you want to link to is spammy or reliable.


Aside from its backlink analysis feature, Majestic can also work as a keyword tool to help you find the best keywords to target. 

A screenshot of majestic pricing

Majestic has 3 pricing plans which can be paid monthly or annually.


Lite and Pro plans have a 7-day money-back guarantee for new customers.

7. Backlinko

A screenshot of backlinko website for seo tools list

Backlinko by Brian Dean has been the go-to SEO guide for digital marketers.


As one of the most respected marketing blogs online, you can get worth of thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of free information compared to paid online courses.


He mainly focuses on how he increased his organic traffic, as well as guides for backlinking and keyword research. 

8. Google Analytics A screenshot of google analytics website for seo tools list

One tool that is worth being included in your SEO tools list is Google Analytics.


Google Analytics is a free yet powerful tool used by many digital marketers nowadays.


This tool provides you with real-time statistical-based analytics solutions about your user’s interaction with your website that you can use to improve the success strategy of your business specifically in maximizing the performance of your website. 

9. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

A screenshot of screaming frog website for seo tools list

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler that helps you identify SEO errors such as broken links, server errors, duplicate meta descriptions, missing headers, and more.


By helping you identify SEO issues in your website, you’ll be able to take corrective action in real time.


Take note that this SEO tool is not a cloud-based solution, it is software that you need to install on your desktop.


Although you can start using this tool for free, you can avail of their paid version to crawl to over 500 URLs and have access to its other features.

10. AlsoAsked 

A screenshot of alsoasked website for seo tools list

Picking the right topic for your content is very crucial when it comes to SEO. It also helps you find what people are asking about particular keywords.


What’s more, is that this tool provides you with a hierarchy of questions so that you can naturally structure your content.


Overall, AlsoAsked helps you develop content plans that can help you bring in traffic to your website. 

A screenshot of alsoasked website for seo tools list

AlsoAsked has 3 paid plans depending on the number of searches you can have for a month. 

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11. Meta SEO Inspector Chrome Extension

A screenshot of meta seo inspector plugin for seo tools list

Meta SEO Inspector is a handy Chrome extension that allows you to review SEO key elements such as meta description, title, headers, URL, alt text, and more in just one click.


This SEO tool can help you identify issues and provide tips to fix them.


Moreover, you review your competitors’ pages using this tool to gather information about what they are using on their pages.


One of the best things about this SEO tool is that is it free.

12. Help A Reporter Out

A screenshot of haro website for seo tools list

We include HARO in this SEO tools list because it makes it easy for everyone to get great backlinks without spending hours on the outreach process.


This platform connects journalists and experts who act as sources for stories.


It sends you email listings every day.


You can respond to these queries, and you’ll have a chance to get featured in the source’s content and to be provided with a backlink. 

13. Copyscape

A screenshot of copyscape website for seo tools list

Duplicate content can sometimes affect search engine rankings.


With Copyscape, you can easily track how much of your content appear word by word on the Internet.


This tool shows you what percentage of content is a match between you and the other site.


Overall, Copyscape helps you avoid having duplicate content that can affect your rankings.

14. Mobile-Friendly Test

A screenshot of mobile friendly test website for seo tools list

One way Google ranks your website is how mobile-friendly it is.


Because people nowadays use mobile phones to access websites, it is important to provide users with a quality experience. 


Fortunately, Google offers a free tool where you can test how mobile-friendly your site is.


You can just go directly to Mobile-Friendly Test and enter your page URL to check how your page scores. 

15. Search Engine Journal

A screenshot of search engine journal website for seo tools list


Search Engine Journal is an online platform that also deserves a spot on this SEO tools list.


This online platform offers resources related to the latest search news, how-to guides for SEO, and interviews with expert digital marketers all over the world.


Known for its helpful insights and strategies, Search Engine Journal is the go-to for marketers who want to boost their SEO.

16. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free tool that allows you to monitor how often your brand gets mentioned on the web.


This tool sends you an email notification when your brand or keywords are mentioned anywhere on the web.


With Google Alerts, you can improve your SEO strategy.


Just for example, when you get an alert that your brand is mentioned in content without inserting your link, you can craft a polite outreach email where you can let the writer know how well you appreciate the content and how their audience can benefit from it if they insert your site’s link.


In addition, through this tool, you can also keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and their strategies. 

17. Exploding Topics

A screenshot of exploding topics website for seo tools list

Exploding Topics has a spot on this SEO tools list since it helps you discover certain topics that are popular and about to become one.


Unlike any other keyword search that we knew, Exploding Topics allows you to search by category and timeframe.


This platform helps you put out timely content that has the potential to bring thousands of new visitors to your website.


The earlier you publish content, the quicker you can get ranked. 

A screenshot for exploding topics pricing plan


This tool is free to use and offers 2 paid pricing plans depending on the features you want to access. 

18. Fat Rank

Another Chrome Extension in this SEO tools list is Fat Rank.


Fat Rank allows you to know how you are currently ranking for a keyword.


And if you don’t rank in the top 100, Fat Rank will tell you, and this information you can get will allow you to make an adjustment and optimize your website for that keyword better.


The best thing about this extension is its accuracy and ease of use.

19. SERanking

A screenshot of seranking website for seo tools list

SERanking is an all-in-one SEO tool and one of the most used tools in the market.


From keyword research to backlink analysis, SERanking has it all.


One of its cool features is that it allows you to spot errors on your website that could be affecting your overall SEO performance.


In addition, this tool allows you to check the structure and code of your website to help you optimize your website in search engines. 

A screenshot of seranking pricing plan

This tool offers three paid plans depending on the features you want to get.

20. Site Checker

A screenshot of sitechecker website for seo tools list

Another great tool that’s included in this SEO tools list is Site Checker.


Site Checker is a website checker that provides you with a detailed SEO report that will you help you to improve your SEO strategy.


This provides you an instant alert whenever there are critical things that are happening to your website so that you can take action immediately. 

A screenshot of sitechecker pricing plan

Site Checker has 4 pricing plans, which can be paid monthly or annually.


The annual plan includes two months free.

21. LinkMiner

A screenshot of linkminer website for seo tools list

LinkMIner is a backlink checker tool that allows you to identify broken links and evaluate the strength of your backlinks.


With this tool, you can also evaluate your competitors’ backlinks based on metrics such as Trust Flow and Citation Flow.


This also has a great feature of providing you with link-building opportunities. Aside from these, LinkMiner has a knowledge base that allows beginners to learn more about SEO. 


A screenshot of linkminer pricing plan

You can save 40% when availing of its annual plans.

22. Spyfu

A screenshot of spyfu website for seo tools list

Spyfu is included in this SEO tools list since it allows you to know what your competitors’ strategies are.


This includes the keywords they are ranking for, their ad campaigns, and their organic searches.


In other words, it is one of the tools used for competitor analysis and keyword tracking. 

A screenshot of spyfu pricing plan

All pricing plans allow you to get unlimited access to search data. 

23. Rank Math 

A screenshot of rankmath website for seo tools list

Rank Math is an SEO WordPress plugin that helps you improve your SEO performance.


This plugin allows you to enter one or more focus keywords and lets you see how optimized your content is for those keywords.


On top of that, this plugin allows you to connect your site to Google Search Console for you to check analytic reports on your dashboard.


Through this plugin, you can also analyze your lowest and highest-ranking posts.


Overall, Rank Math makes it easier for pros and amateurs to understand and access website data.

24. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

To help you optimize your meta title and description to maximize click-through rate, you can use the Google SERP Snippet Optimization tool.


This free tool will also show you how your metas would look in an actual Google search.


25. Woorank


A screenshot of woorank website for seo tools list


Woorank is an excellent tool that deserves a spot on this SEO tools list.


It is intended for business owners who want to improve their search rankings.


This tool allows you to track reports showing you how your SEO overall performance is doing.


In case of any problem, Woorank will provide you with suggestions to improve your strategy.


Moreover, it allows you to discover the keywords that your competitors are using so that you can stay ahead of them.


A screenshot of woorank pricing plan

When you avail of its annual plan, you can get 4 months for free.



SEO is a crucial factor in digital marketing. Although the way to optimize SEO is constantly changing, there are many excellent tools that you can leverage to help you boost your performance and to compete with your competitors.


Take time to try out the tools that are included in this SEO tools list to help you choose which one can make your marketing easier and lead you to growth.



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