Keys to creating happy customer service agents

6 Keys To Creating Happy Customer Service Agents

According to research, happiness is contagious⁠— sort of like a virus, your happiness could influence the happiness of others. In the same case with business, if your agents are happy, aside from them solving your customers’ problems, they’ll also pass on the good vibes they have to the customers they speak to— and as a result, customers are likely to experience higher levels of satisfaction and fulfillment. The thing is, having happy customer service agents is absolutely a great asset. And because of that, we are going to provide you with important tips on how to create happy customer service agents.

Ways to creating happy customer service agents

Happy customer service agents are equal to happy customers! So we will be providing you with the keys to creating happy customer service agents.

Make them feel they belong

Providing customer service can also be stressful. Customer service agents often get stressed about time pressures, how to resolve complex issues, and encountering rude customers. As a leader of your team, you can share some strategies and tips for calming down after a frustrating call. Moreover, offering a meditation room for breaks to them can help them lessen their stress.

Make them feel appreciated

Hard work deserves to be recognized and rewarded. Ensure that your agents feel valued, and appreciated. When your customer service agents feel that their work is being recognized, this encourages them to maintain and improve their excellent work. Moreover,  by making them feel that they are important to the company, they are more likely to be happy. 

Give agents the tools they need

You can’t expect your customer service agents to be happy and be at their best if you are not providing the right tools. Giving your agents the proper tools allows them to focus on getting the job done as efficiently as possible⁠—and if your agents have the confidence that they did a great job, they will absolutely feel very happy. 

Provide support when needed

At times, customer service agents will run into problems or issues that they can’t resolve immediately, especially when it comes to using new technologies, and may stumble into a difficult call. As a team leader, you can offer your agent a quick debrief after a difficult call to solve a specific problem quicker next time. 

Offer a path for development

People do not wish to remain in the same position forever. Provide your agents with opportunities for improvement, whether it’s a new promotion, a raise or bonus, or the opportunity to learn new skills on the job.

Add variety to the job

As monotonous and tedious tasks can cause stress and burnout, consider giving your customer service agents a more diverse set of responsibilities or giving them multiple options for dealing with people, such as different scripts, or different modes of communication. In this way, your agents are less likely to feel burned out. 

Make them feel they belong

According to Harvard Business Review, when employees feel that they are part of the organization, they will have the motivation to do their best. It can boost their performance by 56%. As a team leader, you can provide your team the opportunity to do things together. You can give group activities especially when new employees join. In this way, they feel a stronger emotional and mental connection with the organization.


The happier your customer service agents are, the more they can create happy customers. Ultimately, when you create your customer service agents happy, they will perform better, leading to a better customer experienceand as we all know, customers who have a great experience will keep doing business with you in the future. Keep in mind that it may cost you money in taking care of  your customer service agents but not taking care of them costs far more.

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