Top 15 digital product ideas to sell online

Top 15 Digital Product Ideas To Sell Online

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Today, selling online is prevalent. Everything from essential goods to luxury items can be sold through the internet.


However, if you want to sell something that is out from being so common  something that has an advantage over selling physical items, why don’t you try selling digital products? 


And if you are wondering what digital products you can sell, this post is to the rescue!


In this article, we are going to provide you with digital product ideas that can help you earn money online. Let’s get started!

Digital product ideas you can sell online

To help you pick what digital products you can create and sell, we have compiled the top 15 digital product ideas that are high in demand and can yield profit.

Online courses

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For the past few years and with the rise of the new normal, online courses have risen in demand. The beauty of producing this type of digital product for your customers is they can access it anytime and anywhere. With a lot of guides from YouTube tutorials and free blog posts, you can leverage these resources to help you create your educational content. Whatever the type of niche your educational content is, you can deliver it through video, audio, text, and more. Then you can select the best online course platform to power your online business. 

Mobile apps

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Creating and selling a mobile app has the potential to become a profitable enterprise. From time tracking apps to reminder and productivity apps, each of these is mainly used by today. Although there is a lot of competition on the market already, you just need to find out what you can offer that your competitors don’t,something that will make your app stand out from the rest. 

Stock photography

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Do you have the skills in photography? Well, you can turn that skills into money! If you have a smartphone with a great camera or camera equipment, you can actually push yourself into becoming a stock photo contributor. Whatever your target market is, a good collection of photos that showcases your best work is a must to help you remarkable from others. 



Digital arts – Sell Digital Product

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If you’re into designing, why not create and sell graphics and digital arts? Some small businesses that can’t afford to hire their own graphic designers tend to invest in graphic art bundles. Digital art is a profitable niche since they are the highlight of most content. Aside from selling your original designs, you can also sell add-ons such as palettes, gradients, and brushes for popular graphic design tools.

Photo presets – Digital Products

One of the digital products you can sell online, and there are effective ways to sell your customized Lightroom presets. Lightroom presets are filters that add tone and style to photos. You can actually make your presets available for purchase on your online store or any digital marketplaces and see them as an additional source of income. 


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Podcasts have fundamentally changed the way people consume audio. Creating podcasts is one way to make money online. All you have to do is to talk about a certain topic that will interest your target audience, or you can have a chitchat about that certain topic with a friend or a guest. One strategy to make money from creating podcasts is to produce by series that can be downloaded for a one-time payment.


An image of ausio for digital product ideas

Is one of your hobbies include making music or writing songs? Turn that hobby into revenue! As there is a huge number of filmmakers, YouTubers, and producers out there, you can sell your original tracks to them. You can charge them for a license that allows them to use your music with copyright-free rights. Moreover, you can focus on creating generic sound effects that can be also used by digital content creators that they can’t easily capture themselves such as the sound of the rain, steam, and more. 

Digital templates

One digital product that sells online is the category of templates. These templates include resumes, PowerPoint presentations, different types of emails, and more. These digital templates can help professionals who are having a hard time creating on their own. If you have the skills on creating templates that can help others and make you earn money, why not give it a try?


An image of an ebook for digital product ideas

Are you a writer at heart? You can turn your passion into income! Whether you love writing novels, short stories, poems, or guides-to, you can actually go for self-publish. You can sell PDFs straight to your e-commerce website and publish them on eBook hosting platforms. Moreover, you can gain credibility in your field and you’ll have the chance to be known by your name. 

Video games

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Another product on this digital product ideas list is video games. Although creating a video game requires a lot of skills and is not good for the faint-hearted, this can really pay off. One of the best things about creating video games is they doesnt have to be perfect, you can upload them to digital marketplaces so that gamers can enjoy them and at the same time, for them to provide feedback. You can use this feedback to improve your video games until they become perfect and become popular.


Just like graphic arts, Fonts are one of the centerpieces in branding. What you can do is create your own fonts thru font maker platforms such as illustrator and Fontself Maker and make them downloadable through your website or any online marketplaces. You can opt for a licensing model, in which you can charge separate fees for commercial licenses and personal licenses.

Craft patterns and printables

There are many crafty consumers who don’t enjoy creating patterns for their work because it’s tiresome and requires creative skill, which is why it is a good opportunity for you to sell things like macrame patterns, sewing patterns, and knitting patterns. You can make them downloadable for crafters which will help them save time. And the best thing is, you can earn money from it.


Whether it’s a daily planner, a business planner, or any other type of planner, you can craft a well-designed planner to sell online. Your buyers can download them through your own e-commerce website or in online marketplaces and can print them for physical use.



Memberships – Digital Products

Another smart way to earn money online is through selling memberships. If you have a large number of followers or if you teach a specific topic, you can create a membership site about it. It is where it allows you to collect membership fees from your users as they can access everything you have on the website such as downloadable guides, exclusive content, live training they can attend, and more. You can have a monthly subscription where it becomes your passive income.

Recipes – Digital Products

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Do you have your own recipe that everyone should try? Or do you have the cooking skills? Why not make money from it? You can produce themed e-cookbooks where you put down all your originally-made recipes Although there are free recipes online, people prefer something that can help them create a better quality of cooked food. You can also create a video along with it for you to provide bundled offers.

Reasons to sell digital products

Selling digital products have advantages over their physical counterparts. Here are a few reasons why it’s advantageous to sell digital products online:

Passive income

You only make digital products once and you can sell them repeatedly and endlessly without worrying to restock. Also, you don’t have to worry about shipping and inventory.

Global reach

As long as your buyers have an internet connection, your digital product can reach any part of the world and the best part is you earn credibility.

Low investment

Time, energy, and skills are the important things that you should invest in producing digital products. Although you pay for e-commerce stools or online marketplaces, these are not so expensive, Unlike selling tangible products, you have to pay for the shipping, materials, brick-and-mortar location, and more. 

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