ClickCease Tips To Sell Online: 14 Effective Product Online Selling Tips
Effective tips to sell online

Product Online Selling: 14 Effective Tips To Sell Online

One major goal of online businesses is to increase sales. Basically, there are types of selling online based on you showcasing your products or services somewhere online and letting your target audience know that you have what they are looking for, and letting them buy those products or services from you. But with the rising volume of online stores vying for the same set of customers as yours, it is very important for you to know how to stand out and have the strategy to effectively sell your products online. So, if you’re looking for tips to sell online, you’ve come to the right page! We have asked business experts and professionals to share with you some of the effective tips to sell online. 

Reduce page load speed of product pages

Every 0.1 seconds that a user is delayed in loading the page increases the bounce rate and reduces the conversion rate of product pages. I recommend that business owners invest in web development services that reduce the page load speed of product pages. This is one of the highest-ROI investments you can make as an online seller.

Calloway Cook, President at Illuminate Labs

Focus on the product description

One of the tips to sell online that I can share is to create your own product descriptions to set yourself apart from the competition. Many online retailers, in my opinion, do not do a good job showing the benefits of their items on their product sites. This information, as well as commonly asked questions, should be included in the product description. In addition to high-resolution images,

Kenny Kline, President & Financial Lead at BarBend

Always be available to customers

I found that prominently including your store phone number, and store hours and encouraging people to call you directly with questions can be very effective at increasing sales conversions. Talking to customers on the phone is also a great way to help them choose the right product and allows you to overcome any remaining concerns the customer may have before deciding to make the purchase.

Customers will respond very positively to a store’s brand when someone is always available by phone. This is a great differentiator that you can use as a small online retailer to help you stand out from some of the larger online retailers with poor phone customer service.

Lou Haverty, Owner of Enhanced Leisure

Categorize your products clearly

One of the effective tips to sell online that I can share is to make sure your search tool is well-organized and covers a variety of categories. Allow customers to search by brand, season, and price, among other criteria. This allows users to compare products while also speeding up the purchasing process.

Joe Troyer, CEO & Growth Advisor at Review Grower

Integrate social media

Include social media links on your website, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You’ll be able to get to know your customers and answer any queries they may have by making yourself available on social media. Live chat, for example, allows users to engage with someone in real-time.

Dustin Porreca, SEO & Growth Manager of Elevate Demand

Invest in website

Aside from selling online on Facebook or social networks, don’t forget about your sales website as another potential effective online sales channel. You haven’t created a sales website yet? Do it now because most of your competitors have been successful with a quality sales website that updates content daily and collects hundreds of orders. Investing in a website is actually one of the effective tips to sell online.

Andrew Dale, Technical Director at CloudTech24

Accompany products with photos

If you sell something online without a picture of it, you will almost certainly fail. If you use images from other websites as your items, your company will lack its unique identity. Taking your own product or investing in a product photography service offered by many units is the key to an appealing product image. Your online store will be more consistent, coordinated, and professional as a result of this.



Dean Lee, Head of Marketing at Sealions

Website security

According to my perspective, creating a secure website is one of the best tips to sell online I can share. Security is the most critical consideration when selling online. Most likely, you’ll be accepting payments online so that customers can buy quickly and easily. The security of your website is critical because you’ll be dealing with clients’ financial information. Ensure that your customers’ personal information is safe and secure. After all, it’s their trust that you’re trying to preserve. You need to put security at the top of your priority list when it comes to online sales, even if it delays the development of other areas of your website.

Robert Zeglinski, Managing Editor & Researcher at Breaking Muscle

Use customer endorsements across the site

Encourage satisfied customers to write a short testimonial for your website – either as a text quote or a rating/ranking system where they can display 1-5 stars for you which can be displayed on various pages of your site, such as the “What our customers say page”, etc. These endorsements serve as social proof and give visitors peace of mind about doing business with you.

Beth Hawkes, Owner of Nursecode

Optimize your eCommerce store for mobile

Making ensuring your eCommerce site is mobile-friendly is a crucial eCommerce strategy. Users are shopping online with their mobile devices more than ever before, and if your store isn’t optimized, you could notice a high cart abandonment rate. When your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s tough for users to browse and click on your products, which might stymie the purchasing process. Choose a mobile-friendly eCommerce website to eliminate consumer frustration.

Zaeem Chaudhary, Architectural Draftsman at AC Design Solutions

Offer different ways of payment

Not every customer uses a PayPal account. Credit card online payment is not comfortable for all your customers. Give your customers as many options as possible to purchase your products. This helps you not to lose customers because they lack a form of payment.

John Tian, Co-Founder of Mobitrix

Collaborate with social media influencers

Working with influencers is possible because of the use of social media. Influencers can be given samples of your products in exchange for shoutouts. Aside from that, social media is used by prospects, consumers, and competitors for business. Accept it and boost your sales, or ignore it and fall behind.

Eddie Bye, Founder of Physio Flex Pro

Implement an online referral program

One of the tips to sell online that I can share is implementing an online referral program that offers incentives like discounts, free shipping, free trials, or free products because such programs typically function on a kind of snowball effect, so when one person refers your online store to two people and those two do the same to two more people, your brand awareness continues to grow non-stop.

Mila Garcia, Co-founder at iPaydayLoans

Choose the right platform for advertising

Make sure whatever platform you are using to advertise your brand has a good number of target audiences; otherwise, there is no point in spending money and effort there as it can’t generate a good outcome for you.

Eric Jones, CEO of Couture Candy




Online competition grows tougher everyday. However, despite the stiff competition, the factors determining your business’ success are entirely in your control. We hope that the tips that we shared with you today can hugely contribute to the booming of your online business.

It’s true that selling online won’t turn you into a millionaire overnight, but with consistent effort, there’ll be a greater chance for you to become successful.

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