The best coworking space in new york

Top 10 Best Coworking Spaces In New York


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New York is a prime destination for creative and entrepreneurial minds, thanks to its status as a global business hub. As the largest city in the US by population, it is home to numerous companies, providing ample opportunities to meet investors, find business partners, and connect with potential customers.

Coworking spaces in New York are thriving, offering comfortable environments for people to transform their ideas into actions, catering to every type of working style.

If you’re planning a business trip to New York, this list can help you find the best coworking spaces.

For those exploring other locations, check out our guide on coworking spaces in Kansas City for excellent workspaces that suit your needs.


How to find an affordable coworking space nyc

Finding a cheap NYC coworking space requires comparison shopping. Look for coworking spaces in different neighborhoods and compare prices, features, and locations.


NYC coworking facilities like WeWork, The Wing, and Industrious are popular. However, many smaller, independent coworking spaces may offer lower prices.


1. Research different coworking spaces

Find a cheap NYC coworking space by researching and comparing possibilities. Look for coworking spaces in different neighborhoods and compare prices, features, and location.


There are several well-known coworking spaces in NYC, such as WeWork, The Wing, and Industrious. However, there are also numerous smaller, independent coworking spaces that might provide more affordable rates.




2. Consider your budget

Your coworking space budget should be set before you start searching. Monthly cost and membership or security deposit expenses must be considered.


Consider whether your firm will develop and require a larger facility. Your coworking space should meet your budget and offer flexibility as your business expands.


3. Check online

There are many online resources available to help you find an affordable coworking space in NYC. Websites like Coworker, LiquidSpace, and PivotDesk allow you to search for coworking spaces based on location and budget.


You can also use social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook groups to connect with fellow professionals who might have suggestions for cost-effective coworking spaces in NYC.


4. Consider alternative options

In addition to traditional coworking spaces, there are alternative options that may be more affordable for some individuals. For example, coworking spaces that specialize in specific industries or niches may offer lower pricing.


Another option is to consider shared office space with other small businesses or freelancers. This allows you to split the cost of rent and utilities while still having a dedicated workspace.




5. Negotiate

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with coworking spaces when it comes to pricing. Some spaces may offer discounts or flexible pricing options, especially if you commit to a longer-term contract.


Additionally, inquire about any current promotions or specials that may help lower the cost of membership.


6. Consider the time commitment

When comparing coworking spaces, consider the time commitment required for each option. Some spaces may offer monthly memberships while others require a longer-term commitment, which may be more cost-effective in the long run.


However, if you are unsure about your future plans or need flexibility, a shorter-term commitment may be the better option even if it comes at a slightly higher cost.


7. Network and collaborate

Coworking spaces offer a valuable chance to connect and work with fellow professionals. Take advantage of this by attending events and workshops hosted by the coworking space, as well as connecting with other members.


Networking opens doors to collaborations, partnerships, and new clients for your business. One important benefit of coworking spaces is their ability to save you money in the long run.


Best coworking spaces in New York City

1. Workville

An image of people working in workville as the best coworking space in new york

New York City’s highest-rated and most-reviewed co-working space is Workville. Workville has been named the best coworking space in New York by Manhattan Award Program, Buzzfeed, Travelmag, and more.


They have two locations in Midtown Manhattan: 1412 Broadway and 315 W 35th St. Workville provides coworking space, full-floor offices, and meeting rooms for large and small groups. Its interior design features sunny modern offices and ergonomic furniture. On top of that, they also provide outdoor terraces, cafe space, and lounges.


They offer office options for teams and individuals that are according to your business needs and offer a 1-day pass for one seat. Overall, with its hands-on management style, there is no doubt that its service is unmatched.



  • 1412 Broadway 21st Floor, New York, NY 10018
  • (Oasis) 315 W 35th St Floor 11 – 15, New York, NY 10001


Price: Choose your office option and sign up.

Google rating: 5/5 from 324 reviews


2. The Farm

An image of the farm as the best coworking space in new york


Inspired by a century-old barn in the farmland of Southern Missouri, The Farm offers you a peaceful nature ambiance right in the middle of New York City. Its spaces boast a natural wood design and furnishings which is why it can give you a relaxing vibe that brings out the best in you while you work.


These coworking spaces located in Soho can be used for meetings, and events, and as a venue for live speeches. They offer different membership plans that are suited to your budget and needs. Aside from this, you can also pay as you go for $29. Moreover, The Farm offers free coffee or tea, free printing services, and open 24/7. 



  • 447 Broadway, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10013
  • 188 Grand Street, 2nd & 3rd Floors New York, NY 10013
  • 1178 Broadway, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Floors New York, NY 10001


Price: Pick up your plan and sign up

Google rating: 4.3/5 from 153 reviews


3. Neuehouse

An image of neuehouse workplace as the best coworking space in new york


Located in Madison Square Park, Neuehouse is also hailed as the best coworking space in New York. Most people from artistic professions are can be found here. This iconic coworking space has a timeless design and elevated hospitality.


In addition, Neuehouse hosts live presentations and cultural events on a weekly basis. Depending on membership type, you can enjoy a variety of luxurious perks like in-house production services, wellness rooms, happy hours, artisan roasted coffee and so much more. They offer 16 dedicated desks and 9 private offices, creating exclusivity that many creators need. 


Address: Madison Square 110 E 25th St, New York, NY 10010


Price: Apply for a membership

Google reviews: 4.6/5 from 236 reviews


4. WeWork

An image of wework workplace


Ideal for small business teams, remote working professionals, and multinational corporations, WeWork has been a convenient coworking space in New York City since it has over 80 location options. They provide common areas, meeting rooms, phone booths, and full-floor office spaces too.


Their amenities surely meet your expectations; they have break rooms, event space, conference rooms, and more. Moreover, as they have a pay-as-you-go option and monthly subscription, their memberships allow you to access all WeWork locations not just in New York but all around the globe. 


Address: View here for WeWork’s 100 locations in New York


Price: Offices start at 299/month.

Google rating: 4.5/5 of 39 reviews


5. Greendesk

An image of greendesk workplace for best coworking space in new york


If you are looking for an affordable coworking space in New York, Greendesk is the best option. Aside from being not pricey, Greendesk is a modern, eco-friendly coworking space in New York City.


Some creative perks you can enjoy from Greendesk include a cafeteria serving fruit-infused water, weekly office cleanings, an outdoor patio, and more. They offer different types of plans according to your needs.


If you are a freelancer or a solopreneur, you can have a hot desk for $29 a day or go for Shared Workspace Membership. However, if you need an enclosed space for privacy, you can opt for Greendesk Private Office. What’s more, is that Greendesk offers a Retail Space where you can open a shop within its walls; it’s like having an instant shop within your workplace. 


Address: Check out its 8 locations in New York.


Price: Dedicated desk starts at $199/month.  Choose your membership plan and sign up.

Google reviews: 4.6/5 for 41 reviews

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6. Primary

An image of primary workplace


Primary is also included as the best coworking space in New York. This coworking space boasts fresh greenery and calm tones in working areas that help people nurture collaboration and creativity for deep work.


They are also known for their wellness and class offerings that help in boosting productivity; which also means you can have the option to get rid of expensive gym membership while having a healthier work-life balance. With membership in Primary, you can have unlimited coffee, access to business amenities, changing rooms with showers, and more. 


Address: 26 Broadway, New York, NY 10004


Price: Start by scheduling a tour

Google rating: 4.7/5 of 93 reviews


7. The Yard

An image for the workplace of the yard as the best coworking space in new york

The Yard is a dedicated coworking space with multi-locations spread over New York. It offers a shared office space community to grow ideas and promote spontaneous collaboration.


The Yard also provides a day pass and month-to-month membership options for new or growing businesses. With membership, you can have an access to its different coworking office locations, meditation sessions, and on-site health and wellness events.


Lactating mothers with a membership can also access their private New Mothers’ Rooms which are available in some of their locations. Moreover, with a membership, you can also attend their on-site Art Gallery, which displays curated art of both local and international artists. 



  • 195 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, United States
  • 33 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA
  • 157 13th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215, United States
  • 85 Delancey Street, New York, NY, United States
  • 246 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, United States
  • 234 Fifth Ave, New York, NY, United States
  • 106 West 32nd Street, New York, NY, United States
  • 157 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY, United States
  • 33 West 60th Street, New York, NY, United States


Price: Take a tour and sign up for a membership plan

Google reviews: 4.8/5 of 51 reviews


8. Industrious

An image of industrious working space

With its cool interior design and with its professional and comfortable workplace environment, Industrious is a great location not just for coworking but also for a private workplace. Along with its premium offerings is daily breakfast, artisan coffee, access to the wellness area and so much more.


What’s more for Industrious is they don’t require you to sign a long-term lease. which is best for startups and enterprises that are quickly expanding their team.


Address: View their 19 locations in New York


Price: Sign up to take a tour and decide between a dedicated or shared workplace.

Google reviews: 4.9/5 of  33 reviews


9. Bond Collective

An image for of the bond collective worklace

With 7 locations in New York, Bond Collective is another notable coworking space. Bond Collective boasts its elegant interior design and warm hospitality. Their membership options include Dedicated Space, Private Offices, Coworking, Day Passes, and Conference Rooms that will meet your needs.


In addition to limitless printing, fast internet connection, phone booths, and in-house mail services, they also provide fresh fruit, snacks, weekly breakfast, complimentary spa, craft beer, coffee, access to Mothers’ Room and so much more.


Address: Check out its 7 locations in New York


Pricing: They offer 5 types of memberships; Day Pass for $40 a day, Dedicated Dest for $500 a month, Private Offices for $900 a month, Coworking for $300, and Conference Rooms starting at $50 per hour.

Google rating: 4.8/5 of 28 reviews


10. Ensemble

An image for ensemble workplace

Located in the Center of Manhattan, Ensemble is one of the coolest and best coworking spaces in New York. If you are only looking for a day pass, you can have it for only $35. They also provide other plans depending on your business needs.


Their amenities include elements like high-speed internet, printing and scanning services conference room, and more. And if you want to get fueled, and refreshed for the day ahead, they have a kitchen that offers you organic tea, coffee, and purified water, along with it is a community library and event space.


Address:  10 W 37th St Floor 4, New York, NY 10018


Pricing: Ensemble offers 4 pricing plans; Open Desk starts at $35 per day, Dedicated at $600 per month, Office for $2000 per month, and Virtual at $50 per month.



As New York has become the global hub for people with creative and enterprising brains, there is no wonder why the number of coworking spaces is growing in this place. Coworking spaces have helped people meet, collaborate, and launch their creative ideas into action. These spaces have become alternatives to traditional company offices and provide people with a comfortable place to get work done. As you read this list, we hope that you can find the best coworking space in New York that will suit your business needs. 

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