ikeymonitor monitoring app for parental control software review

IKeyMonitor Monitoring App For Parental Control Software Review

iKeyMonitor is a phone tracking app that helps you track the phone and capture calls and text messages.

Sex texting is now rampant among teens, especially girls. According to a report published in ‘The Telegraph,’ young kids send their private photos to strangers on WhatsApp and social media. The advancement in technology and the emergence of social media have made it possible for young kids to access content and activities without any hassle over the web. However, this increases the risk of cyberbullying, sexual predators, and cyberstalkers. 

Most of the parents who are more concerned about the safety of their kids use spying apps to figure out that what their kids are doing with their phones using the iKeyMonitor app. In this iKeyMonitor monitoring app for parental control software review, we discuss everything you need to know about this spying app. 

What is iKeyMonitor?

With this spy app, you can get the information and recover files if they have been deleted. This app is designed for the parents of young children who want to protect them from online threats, predators, and cyberbullying. This parental control app helps parents to track the phones of their kids, monitor the sites they visited, capture screenshots and text messages, and record voice messages. This spying app is available on Android and iOS. It has so many features that can be helpful to protect, control, and monitor. It offers a free trial and access to the password that is used on the tracked phone. It gives multi-language support. 

iKeyMonitor login

IkeyMonitor app can be set up in a matter of minutes. You have no need to root your Android device or jailbreak your iPhone. You can install it without any complications. Here’s what to do to step this phone tracking app. 

  • First off, login to the cloud panel
  • Click on the download button
  • Follow the instructions that you see on your screen in order to complete the installation.
  • Enter your iCloud credentials to install iKeyMonitor on your iOS phone. 
  • Wait a few minutes until your installation is completed. 
  • Delete the download installer files on your Android device.
A screenshot of ikeymonitor login page

iKeyMonitor Android 

iKeyMonitor works well with both Android and iOS devices. Regardless of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod version or Android device, this app is compatible with all devices. Parents can monitor the phone of their kids for calls, text messages, emails, GPS, websites, games, and apps.

Features of iKeyMonitor Android tracking application 

iKeyMonitor Android phone tracker comes with plenty of features that make parental control a cakewalk.

Stay completely hidden

The invisible tracker allows you to stay completely invisible from the user, even if your kids can operate this device. You can hide this spying app from the notification bar and home screen.

Log calls and messages

The Android text message tracker lets you record the outgoing and incoming phone calls and view all MMS and SMS that are sent or received by the target mobile user. In addition, you can track the photos that are included in multi-media messages and see these photos from your account. You can even check the call history of the targeted mobile. This way, parents can get to know who is frequently got in touch with their children or who recently called them.

Record social media chats

This tracking app enables you to read messages (send and received) Vis WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. Parents can even track and save photos and voice notes that are exchanged in the conversation. 

Track GPS location

With iKeyMonitor, you can even track the GPS location of the target mobile user in real-time and view GPS logs in your account.

Monitor without SIM Card 

If the SIM card is removed from the target mobile, then you can monitor the device with the help of a hidden tracker. When the phone joins the cellular network, then the app will work normally.

Log web browsing history 

This tracking app can track all the online activities that occur on your phone. This includes the link of websites visited by a user, web searches, and others. This app shows web history that is helpful for couples and parents as it helps solve many problems.

Check to-do list

This Android phone tracker is a great feature, i.e., tracking the to-do list. These days, people get used to making a to-do list on their calendars. This app can help to see this plan and show all the information. It is a great opportunity to learn about the people you care for and love the most.

Contacts backup

iKeyMonitor can also record all the contact details that are saved in the address book of the target mobile. This is a default function that is very useful. Thanks to its contact backup function, you can view the contact list and scan the numbers and details that are stored in the address book. This spying app uploads all the information to the panel.



Screenshot capturing 

You can capture the screenshot that helps you to know how, when, and who uses the tracked phone. This app is developed by Awosoft that can periodically create screenshots. You will know if your phone or tablet is used for surfing, messaging, calling, or signing up on social networks.


This app gives you easy access to the emails that are sent to your child or your child received.


You will also get information about the apps that your child had downloaded on his phone. 


With this app, you will also get to know what kind of games your child plays. 

Voice messages

Want to get all the details of a voice message that your child sends or receives? This app can help and give you access to all voice messages your child has sent or received.

A representation of ikeymonitor features

How to use iKeyMonitor?

Most of the spying app limits the activities, but on the contrary, IKeyMonitor lets you track your iOS and Android devices using different methods. You can view a log of activities to directly monitor the target device. Also, you have the option to do the same through the LAN network via the internet-enabled device. You can check the details through an FTP account or an online cloud account. There are plenty of options; the choice is all yours. 

Is iKeyMonitor safe?

Is iKeymonitor safe? Is it legal to use it for iOS and Android devices? Yes, it is. This app is specially developed to help parents who want to protect their kids and prevent online threats.

iKeymonitor APK

This app allows you to install it from unknown sources. Follow the instruction to install iKeymonitor APK:

  • Go to settings, click on the security option, and hit the ‘unknown sources’ button. 
  • Now, download the iKeymonitor- Android.apk file and install it. 
  • Open the file and complete the installation.

Is iKeyMonitor detectable?

It is not detectable. It is operated on the invisible mode so that no one knows you are using this app. It remains hidden from the control panel, home screen, start menu, and even from the desktop. No one can detect this app even after the end of the license period.


  • Any password entries can be tracked through this app
  • You can monitor the activity of the user when he/she uses the phone
  • It offers multiple log viewing methods that include FTP accounts, email, online cloud account, and LAN.
  • It supports multiple language support
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • IkeyMonitor requires jailbreak
  • The free trial duration is just one day that is too limited
  • It is a bit more expensive than other spy apps.

If you are more concerned about your child’s protection and worried about his/her addiction to mobile phones, then this app can help you know what’s your child is doing online or offline. Spying may not be morally good, but this information can help you know that your child is not sexing and not being bullied online.

How does iKeyMonitor work?

Most of the parents are wondering how iKeyMonitor works and how to use this tracking app. Most of them want to know how much time is required to install this parental control app. To use this spying app, you need to access the targeted mobile and install this app on this device. There is no need to hack the targeted device or some extra tools to install this app successfully. It is designed with stealth capabilities that ensure that it remains invisible in the mobile. If you have a slow internet connection or no connection in your area, you can still use this app. Only you need an internet connection to install the app. 

Once the app has been installed on the mobile, it will bind to the operating system of mobile and gain access to mobile apps with the spy app. This app can track social media, chat history, emails, SMS, calls, and WhatsApp messenger.

You can even check the call duration and gain access to the phone without any difficulty. It allows you the option to record the call and chat history if you are not able to keep track of them.



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