May 10, 2021

Kickidler employee monitoring tracking software review

Kickidler employee monitoring tracking software review

Kickidler is an employee monitoring software developed by Tele Link Soft Company. The program’s first release was in 2013. Kickidler allows you to monitor up to 10,000 workstations and is currently being used by companies and state agencies in 5 continents, as seen on their website.

Like most employee monitoring software, and unlike ActivTrak, its focus is on employee surveillance rather than an employee and workforce productivity. This doesn’t mean that the program does not have any features for improving employee productivity. It’s just not the focus.

According to its website, the program has two primary purposes, and they are: To automate an organization’s personnel control and improve the level of information security in the organization. Still, its features are great for organizations of all sizes who want to monitor their teams and improve their productivity.

One of the great features that Kickidler has is that it allows self-monitoring tools. In other words, employees can also view their own productivity reports and stay on top of facts regarding their work irregularities by receiving notification emails. An employee’s supervisor can also send these notifications to the worker.

The program reports employees’ productivity in graphs throughout the day. This makes it possible to detect the time of day your employees are most productive. It also presents you with the opportunity to determine how best to motivate your employees to improve their productivity levels.

In keeping with its focus on information security in an organization, the program allows employers to watch their workers’ movements vigilantly. It also allows employers to cease control of a worker’s computer (through stealth mode) if suspicious activity is detected to prevent the employee from continuing with the action.

Companies with six employees or less can take advantage of the software without paying for it because it is a freemium software. For companies with more employees than six, you can get the program for as low as $9.99 per month.


Below are some of the features that Kickidler sports.

  • Online employee monitoring
  • Work time logging and reports
  • Keylogger
  • Remote computer control
  • Apps and website usage tracking
  • Data leak and loss prevention
  • Time tracking
  • Productivity fluctuations report
  • Employee activity recording
  • Stealth mode that doesn’t require any icon or task manager processes.

Having seen the features that Kickidler sports, you might also want to better understand the most significant problems than it solves. Here they are:

Kickidler benefits

Information security

It is common knowledge that most threats to a company are either the results of employee errors or plain inside jobs. Without the employer’s ability to both monitor and prevent these kinds of errors or planned attacks in real-time, most companies will easily fall victims. This is one of the places that Kickidler steps in. it is a crucial part of its function. Managers can see per time what an employee is doing on their computers. They can also take control of a computer to prevent a damaging executable file from being run on it and ensure that it is not infected by malware.

Remote employee monitoring

Employee monitoring isn’t only always necessary for threat prevention. It also comes in handy for providing support maintenance and solving issues remotely. Since an employer is monitoring activities in real-time, he is aware of changes and updates being made and can tell when and to what they were made.


Employee monitoring and threat prevention will not be complete without keylogging capabilities. Yet, that’s not all that the keylogging feature is good for. It is also useful for reputation management and damage control as supervisors can see what an employee is typing and writing about their superiors, colleagues, and the business at large.

Low productivity rate

Being able to improve workforce productivity is a critical goal of employee monitoring. Kickidler helps you accomplish that too. It tracks the time that individual employees work and enables you to see their peak productive hours and their least productive hours. This helps companies determine how to improve an employee’s performance, both in the peak and least productive hours of the workday.

Does Kickidler take screenshots

The program does take screenshots, but not in the way you might be expecting. While you might be looking for the capability to stay on your system and take a screenshot of an employee’s current activity, the program doesn’t have that capability. Screenshots are automatically taken once every 1 to 15 minutes interval. The screenshots are saved for review. The implication of taking screenshots at these intervals is that you will miss any activity that happens outside of the screenshot interval.

If you are looking to get a more comprehensive record of screen activities, you will have to look at the videos of screen activities recorded throughout an employee’s work shift. Unlike the screenshots, the screen recording starts and ends at the beginning and end of a worker’s shift. The videos are then stored on the server for review. The size of a video of the typical workday for one employee is often around 500 MB. This means that you will need about 2.5 GB of storage space per worker per week.

Kickidler review

As you have already seen (and will continue to see) in this review, Kickidler is better at some things and more oriented towards some than others. For example, we stated that the program is more orientated towards information and data security within an organization and monitoring employees to prevent violations. So, most of its features, especially the ones most promoted, are geared towards accomplishing that. Yet, we have also seen that it can help improve productivity.

Kickidler core functions

The program makes it possible for different levels of management to monitor the people under them but not everyone else. In other words, the level of monitoring control that each person has can be regulated. This way, a department head can monitor the screens of workers in his department but not others. Executives, on the other hand, have full access to monitor all employees in the workforce.

A screenshot of kickidler remote access feature

Live monitoring

The software helps you monitor what an employee is doing at the time they are doing it. It isn’t one of those programs that only take screenshots and sends you a report for reviewing when a shift ends. You can monitor everything live (as it happens)

A screenshot of kickidler live monitoring feature

Activity recording

Not only does Kickidler support live monitoring, but it also has the capability to record activities going on on an employee’s desktop. It records and saves a video that can be reviewed at a later time. Although video files are recorded in a 30 fps frame rate, the vendor suggests using a frequency lower than that. This feature is one that comes in handy in investigations and dispute resolutions when they arise. The manager or executive viewing the videos can sort them out by apps or sites visited. You can also see the particular keys an employee pressed per time because the Viewer and keylogger are synchronized.

A screenshot of kickidler screen recording feature

Productivity analysis

While productivity analysis is not its strong forte, it does give employers insights into a worker’s productivity on a per-hour basis. It also lets employees see their own productivity analysis. This makes it possible for them to put in the effort to improve their work rate before the company even makes an attempt to do anything.

A screenshot of kickidler productivity analysis feature


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy-to-learn and use
  • Very affordable (free for companies below six employees)
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Screen sharing and recording
  • Easy-to-read reports


  • No email monitoring
  • Extra cost incurred for static IP (cloud options for server)
  • No remote installation
  • No mobile phone app

Install Kickidler

Kickidler can be installed on Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. Installation and setup is easy and accomplished in three steps, which include

  • Installation on server,
  • Installation of Grabber, and
  • Installation of Viewer.

Your setup begins with installing the software for data storage on the server you which to use. In some cases, this is simply the PC that will serve as your server. If you’re installing for trial, all three components can be installed on one PC.

After installation on your server is complete, you will need to install the Grabber on the employee’s computer to be monitored. The Grabber is the software for acquiring data from a PC. This installation has to be done on-premise or directly on the computer, not remotely.

The last step in the process is to install the Viewer (software for viewing acquired data and monitoring employees) on the computer from which the employees will be monitored.

A screenshot of steps on how to install kickidler

ActivTrak vs. Kickidler

If you are itching to know which is better or which you should choose between ActivTrak or Kickidler, this section is for you and should help you decide. Since there are very many employee monitoring programs out there, it is only typical to compare a few before making a final decision.

To get the best out of this comparison, you will have to determine your employee monitoring goals. This is necessary because there is no one-size-fits-all for software in the employee monitoring category. Every program in this category has some features and lacks some other features.

With that out of our way, here’s how ActivTrak and Kickidler compare.

 ActivTrak  Kickidler  
Major goal and Orientation  Employee productivity and workforce management.Information security and employee monitoring.
Support for remote installationSupports remote installation. You can also uninstall the program remotely.No support for remote installation
ScreenshotPresent and can be taken by both employee and employer.Present, but automatically taken by the system once every 15 minutes. You miss anything outside that window.
screenshot redactionPresentAbsent
Screen Activity RecordingPresentPresent
Employee Activity MonitoringPresentPresent
Idle Time MonitoringPresentPresent
Keystroke recordingAbsentPresent
Remote ControlPresentPresent
Time TrackingPresentPresent
Browsing HistoryPresentPresent
Productivity AnalysisPresentPresent
PricingFree trial, free for up 3 users (limited features), Advanced starts at $7.20 per user.Free trial, freemium for up to 6 users, Advanced starts at $9.99 per user.
IntegrationsIntegrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and other applications.No currently known integrations.
Full computer forensics capabilityAbsentPresent
SupportEmails, phones, live chatEmails, phones, live support, training.

Having seen how they compare, making a choice will be much more straightforward depending on your goals.

Is Kickidler safe

It is natural o be skeptical about a program that has full computer forensics and keylogging abilities as Kickidler does. It is only typical that you will want to be sure (or at least find out) if Kickidler is safe. So, to answer the question, “Is Kickidler safe?” The short answer is: Yes. It is safe.

It is a legitimate software with a known origin, Tele Link Soft Company. It is as safe as other reputable employee monitoring programs out there. It does excellent work at ensuring that information is secure. There are no known breaches of data from the company as of this writing.

Also, with thousands of small, medium, and large scale organizations and government agencies across five continents making use of it, it is only safe to conclude that it is safe. If the safety of the program is the only thing holding you back, you shouldn’t let it. If, however, it doesn’t meet one or more of your criteria, you can choose from one of its alternatives.


Kickidler is a smart choice for companies looking to secure their information from insider threats and employee violations. It is an excellent employee monitoring software that boosts full computer forensic capabilities. Besides its many wonderful features and functions, businesses with six employees or less can take advantage of the full functionality of the software. For companies with more than six employees, pricing begins at $9.99 per user per month to $50 per user per 6 months. There are other pricing tiers you can look into. Overall, the program is affordable.

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