May 7, 2021

GrooveHQ help desk platform review: Pricing and alternatives

Groovehq help desk platform review

GrooveHQ is a help desk platform that is designed for startups and small businesses. It has a free version that comes with a ticketing system for two people. It cost around $15 per month for one support agent. However, its premium plans support unlimited users. It offers various features such as integrations and workflow systems that help you prioritize tickets and white labeling. Like other helpdesk tools, its aim is to resolve the problems of its customers.

GrooveHQ offers automated customer management services with the aim to make impactful customer conversations. It comes with a multiplatform utility that makes it a great helpdesk tool. It can be set up easily; that’s why most people preferred this tool. It is a very affordable tool that is available for small and mid-sized businesses. It has credibility in the CRM market and is trusted by over more than 8000 organizations.

This helpdesk tool makes it easy for the teams to deliver the best customer service to every customer. It might look like a regular email service, but it offers various collaboration tools that allow the users to assign support requests to your team members, let you see who is responding to what, and add notes to tickets. Also, it comes with an automation feature that makes the users more productive and helps you track and set goals using customer support metrics. In this article, we will review the GrroveHQ help desk platform. Let’s get into it!

What is GrooveHQ?

GrooveHQ offers help desk services to assist the client in managing customer services and improving them. This software smooths the streamlined usage without irrelevant features that most businesses don’t need. Its services also include the various apps and the ability to engage customers through the live chat feature.

A screenshot of groovehq features

It also offers a knowledge base, email integration, brand resources, live chat, and tracking and report. Moreover, you can take advantage of its support widget, integration services, apps, and ticket management. The client receives 24/7 support for searching, trending, self-help, language, installation, and various additional issues.

Review of Groove HQ

It looks like an ordinary email, but its knowledge base creates a great help page for the customers. They can take a look at this page and read the information before contacting your team. It streamlines and simplifies the customer support procedure with the features such as metrics and reports, assigns support requests to your team member, a suite of extras, and private notes.


Integration is one of the best features of GrooveHQ. It helps to customize the entire system. It provides the user with a great basic help desk platform where they can integrate all of their other business application with it. You can pick and choose the integrations that make it a relevant and powerful helpdesk platform. It grows with you as your business grows because it allows its users to add additional features. These features are lice chat, social media integration like Facebook and Twitter, a knowledge base, and customer satisfaction ratings.

A screenshot of groovehq integrations

GrooveHQ Login

To Log into GrooveHQ, you must first have an account. Once the account is created,  enter your credentials.

A screenshot of groovehq login page

Once the login is successful, you will be taken to the dashboard. In case you are unable to log in, then check the troubleshooting options or contact someone from customer support.

GrooveHQ pricing

The pricing of GrooveHQ is reasonable especially if you are a growing business. Another good news is that it has a 15-day trial available so that you can determine if it’s the right fit for your business. Setting up an account takes just 5 minutes. The best part is you don’t have to enter your credit card information for the free trial. Let’s say you have tested GrooveHQ out for 15 days and it doesn’t seem to be a right fit. All you have to do is cancel the services or don’t upgrade.

Interested in this helpdesk platform? Let’s check out all the plans available along with their pricing:


The price of this plan starts at $12 per month per user and it’s ideal for small teams. The plan includes web widgets, a knowledge base, assignments, and one mailbox. A live chat feature is coming soon as well.


The price of the Plus plan starts at $20 per month per user. It is recommended for growing teams. The features include reports, five mailboxes, API access, and 40+ integrations along with all features of the starter plan.


The Pro plan’s price starts at $35 per month per user and it is the best value for large teams. It includes all features of the Plus plan along with integrations of Jira, Salesforce, HubSpot, WhatsApp, SMS, Teams, and 25 mailboxes.


As the name implies, this plan is made for enterprise and it encompasses all features of the Pro plan along with others like priority support, dedicated success manager, unlimited mailboxes, enterprise-grade security, and more. The price of this plan hasn’t been mentioned, which implies that companies must contact GrooveHQ to get a quote based on the features they require.

A screenshot of groovehq pricing

GrooveHQ iPhone app

In case you are wondering. does GrooveHQ has an iPhone app, you might set yourself for disappointment. GrooveHQ has a mobile desktop app though. Click on to see if it’s compatible with your PC.

GrooveHQ Vs Help Scout

Both help desk software is in the top charts when it comes to performance and features, which makes it a bit difficult to decide which one’s right.

We are living in a modern world that revolves around technology. Unfortunately, the availability of technology has made customers impatient. They are quick to take their complaints on social media if not answered via email. A standard email system is not enough to answer their queries. In a situation like this, a help desk solution comes to everyone’s recuse. These solutions organize your emails in a way that is more applicable to customer support.

This begs the question, which one’s better? In summary, Help Scout is a help desk program designed to offer a personalized email customer experience. It allows you to create reports and offer actionable support metrics, and APIs to address customer queries. It comes with lots of free integrations, reporting features and it allows you to organize your email in a way that’s more conducive to customer service. The only problem is it has limited features.

GrooveHQ, on the other hand, is a fully customizable as well as scalable help desk program. It comes with reporting and metrics features, lots of integrations, and APIs. Its pricing model is simple yet affordable for most businesses. It helps organize your emails in the best possible way.

GrooveHQ vs. Zendesk

Another worth comparing help desk software is Zendesk.

GrooveHQ is described as a platform that offers real-time customer support across all types of channels whether it’s live chat, mobile, email, web, or social media. It combines all your emails, live chat, and social media communication in one place so that customer support becomes hassle-free.

Zendesk, on the other hand, is a giant like big fashion houses. It is a cloud-based customer service solution with an integrated on-demand helpdesk. Its customer support portal is based on the latest web 2.0 technologies. The two software have some features in common as well.

Users certainly say that GrooveHQ is easier to set up, administer and use but Zendesk is better when it comes to meeting business needs and smoothing out everything. When comparing the quality of support, GrooveHQ has proven better. With that being said, if your business has just received traction and you don’t need that many features or have a big budget, then GrooveHQ will be just perfect for support needs.

GrooveHQ email how to change background?

To change the background of your email, go to the settings of your inbox and change the preferences from the options provided.

In case you don’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact their support department. If this feature is not available, then you can always request GrooveHQ’s customer support department to add this feature. They encourage customers to give suggestions regarding the features they would like to see in a help desk platform. Who knows they might introduce it in their next upgrade!


GrooveHQ is a perfect helpdesk software if you are looking for a solution to organize all support channels and integrate them into one dashboard. It comes with reporting and metrics features that allow you to keep track of your progress. The software is highly customizable so you will be able to set it according to your needs.

One thing to mention is that GrooveHQ is improving. Their team of developers is working hard to introduce new features as well as improve the performance of the software. Many customers have reported that it has become faster and more reliable and this has impacted their business performance positively.

Overall, it’s a budget-friendly option for small businesses that are just starting or growing. It’s not an ideal solution for large enterprises since other great platforms such as Zendesk are available.

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