May 13, 2021

SnapEngage omnichannel customer engagement platform review

Snapengage omni channel customer engagement platform review

SnapEngage, the Omni-channel customer engagement platform has helped many businesses transform customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle, impact their KPIs, and drive measurable results.

Those who have used this platform have experienced an increase in sales conversion, reduction in cost per interaction, better NPS and so much more. This fully-featured solution comes with robust CRM and helpdesk integrations to support your sales and support teams in streamlining the process.

This software has been driving positive outcomes in industries like real estate, e-commerce and retail, healthcare, government, travel and hospitality, non-profits, insurance, SaaS and technology, and more.

What is SnapEngage?

The SnapEngage software automatically invites visitors to chat so that your agents don’t have to spend time monitoring unread chats. In other words, your agents only focus on the visitors who wish to chat.

A great quality of this Omni-channel platform is that it works well with workflow apps which include social media apps, e-commerce tools, customer relationship management, and help desk. More than 10,000 websites across the world are using this solution.

It just takes 30 seconds to sign up for this platform and install it on your site. It takes you to the dashboard immediately. This chat service can be deployed on multiple websites. The software doesn’t offer real-time translation in chats but the platform itself is available in 30 languages. With this software, let ready to drive conversion, increase the number of leads, reduce response time and boost customer satisfaction.

About SnapEngage

It was two software engineers who came up with the idea of SnapEngage in 2008. It’s designed for businesses of all sizes. The company has its offices in Germany, Berlin, and the USA. They are on the mission of offers a dedicated enterprise live chat platform to businesses to communicate with their customers seamlessly and offer the best support solutions.

Product overview

Here are some of the features of SnapEngage that deserve your attention:

  • Chat with your visitors on social platforms such as Twitter, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger
  • Using an offline form, visitors can leave messages for agents to address later
  • Visitors and agents can freely share files and images within the chat window with just a click of the button
  • Invite visitors to a chat via proactive invitations
  • Use the SMS-to-Chat feature to allow visitors to start a chat and communicate with an agent through text message
  • Personalized training for administrators and agents to get familiar with the platforms
  • Fully customizable to enhance the chat experience without prior coding knowledge
  • Advanced reporting to measure performance

How does SnapEngage work?

Using SnapEngage’s dedicated chat platform, get on the bandwagon of generating more revenue. The custom workflows ensure that your leads do not fall through the cracks. One thing is certain, these days, relying on your CRMs chat add-on is not enough. You need a product that can help you capture leads and make them convert to maximize sales.

Since it’s an omnichannel chat solution, you can engage with your prospects where they are whether it’s a Facebook messenger, tweet, SMS, or any other mobile optimized chat.

You may also set up a chatbot to continue capturing your leads even if your agents are not available. The bot engages with the customer like a human and points them in the right direction so that they find the information they have been searching for.

That’s not it, the software also engages reports so that you understand your leads and make smarter decisions. Apart from studying the behavior of your customers, you can also track the performance of your agents to improve their services and reward the ones who are working hard. Wait, there’s more. The software also gives you information such as how your leads find you for better targeting in the future.

SnapEngage pricing

When it comes to pricing, it’s a bit different than traditional live chat software. Most programs charge on a per-agent basis. SnapEngage doesn’t charge like that. Instead, it charges for every operator you set up and this makes it a good value for money. The platform comes in three tiers:

A screenshot of SnapEngage pricing.


Price starts at $16 per month per user


Price starts at $26 per month per user


Starts at 10 users.
You must contact the company to get a quote. A free trial version of 15 days is available for your team to try and test out this software before spending money.

SnapEngage login

Once you have signed up for SnapEngage, it’s simple to log into your account. Here is how it’s done:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the log in button
  3. Enter your email and password hit the “sign in” button
  4. You will now be taken to your SnapEngage dashboard
A screenshot of snapengage login page

SnapEngage API

SnapEngage uses Agent Status API, which is a 2-way API allowing developers to transfer the agent status changes to the platform itself or receive upgrades of agent status changes from the platform.

To use the API, you must authenticate it. An admin user must generate the API token inside the admin dashboard. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the admin dashboard
  2. Choose “my account”
  3. Go to the sub-menu and choose “Select API”
  4. Then, choose API token
  5. Click “Copy of clipboard” for generating an API token
  6. Now all you have to do is use this token in the post request as an authorization header.

SnapEngage LiveChat

LiveChat is one of the top competitors of SnapEngage, which makes customers wonder which one is best for their business needs.

LiveChat is a live app with helpdesk and web analytics functionalities allowing businesses to communicate with users in real-time. SnapEngage, on the other hand, is best for enterprise companies. You don’t have to install anything. Your sales team can chat with visitors while they browse the website. SnapEngage supports multiple widgets, custom data maps, and co-browsing.

Both platforms come with amazing features but if you are looking for software that’s super friendly and doesn’t have a ton of features to confuse your team, then it’s perfect for you.

How to connect SnapEngage with Slack?

SnapEngage does not provide Slack integration. Therefore, you cannot connect it with Slack. However, your developers can make that happen. Its API is open and customizable.

What do experts have to say about this platform?

Because of the range of great features offered by SnapEngage, this Omnichannel customer engagement platform has gained popularity throughout the world and for all the right reasons. Its visitor tracking analytics is great. It provides all details about agent and customer relationships to let you measure how the chat went.

It also lets you view customer information so that you get to know about your customers and meet their needs accordingly. Their design studio lets you change the appearance of the chat window and even modify the conversation branches.

This platform works wonders for small to medium teams. Their cost is affordable too. The simplicity and user-friendliness of this platform make it a great live chat solution for companies that want to streamline their support system and increase their bottom line.

SnapEngage FAQs

Does SnapEngage offer live chat support, tutorials and other guides?

Yes, their chat, email and phone support services are available 20 hours per day. You may expect to get a response on live chat within 11 seconds or less. Their agents speak in 11 languages so that clients from around the world are assisted.

Free trials on all plans are available. They have resources available to help you use the software. They have a blog covering a variety of topics to optimize the usage of this software.

For additional help, you can always contact the support team and they are ready to provide assistance.

What platforms does SnapEngage support?

It’s a web-based app that works on both Windows and MAC. The installation does not take much time. You just have to add a code to the footer of your website and you are ready to use SnapEngage.

Who is SnapEngage for?

SnapEngage is for every business that wants to empower its sales team. It will help you improve you the salespeople and boost the revenue.

Its HealthEnagge solution is exclusively built for the health industry. This HIPPA compliant solution is helping health clients communicate with their patients securely.

What is SnapEngage best for?

This helpdesk software is designed to help your sales and support team improve client interactions and bridge the gap between your agents and the site visitors by opening a more friendly door to communication.

Does SnapEngage offer third-party integrations?

Yes. The popular names include Salesforce, Hub Spot, Zendesk, Help Scout, Basecamp, UserVoice, TOPdesk, Jira, Bizible, Microsoft Dynamics Cloud, and some others.

Does SnapEngage support API?

Yes, API is available on SnapEngage plans.  


SnapEngage has all the features a business needs to capture leads and offer them all the best support services for conversion. It’s easy to use and it does not require any download. Yes, it’s a web-based solution that your team will love using to communicate with customers.

Gear up to use this customer engagement platform!

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