May 18, 2021

Jumplead marketing automation review: Features and pricing

Jumplead marketing automation review

Jumplead is a marketing automation tool that helps marketers in creating landing page leads and contact management and email marketing.

Nowadays, the majority of businesses are using marketing automation. According to studies, around 51% of businesses are using technology, and that number is growing day by day. According to one report published in global market research company Forrester report, about 55% of marketing companies are planning to increase their budget on technology. This report indicates that about one-fifth of the respondents are expecting to increase their spending by 10 % and more. So, if you are not using automation software for marketing, you should reconsider it.

These kinds of software are advanced types of platforms that are designed to help marketers analyze lead behavior, capture new clients, analyze campaign performance, and improve marketing efficiency. Jumplead is also such marketing automation software that provides support to people who want to work efficiently with their marketing. Here, you will learn more about this inbound marketing automation software.

What is Jumplead?

Jumplead is a great solution for SMBs (small and midsize businesses). Its contact management feature allows marketers to develop and score leads that are based on real-time activity. Additionally, this platform allows marketers to create forms that drive more leads by sending notifications and emails for following up. It comes with an email marketing feature that enables companies to customize their emails and run campaigns to get more leads.

The email marketing features also enable marketers to track unsubscribe rates, bounce rates, and open email ratios. It offers another great feature, i.e., campaign reporting, that helps you track your lead activities that are connected to your email campaigns. In short, it summarizes the performance of your email campaigns. Its live chat feature allows the users to chat with their visitors and respond to their queries. It is designed for small businesses that don’t want the complication of a high-end system and use marketing automation tools.

Jumplead features

  • Notifications
  • ROI Tracking
  • In-depth analysis
  • Auto-Responders
  • Campaign Management
  • Contact Database and Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Customer Segmentation and support
  • Customer Surveys
  • Customizable call to actions and templates
  • Dashboard
  • Data Extraction

Jumplead pricing

It comes with three pricing tiers, i.e., solo, starter, pro, and enterprise. Its pricing starts at $49 per month. Jumplead doesn’t have any free version, but it offers a free trial. 

A screenshot of jumplead pricing

Benefits of Jumplead

Easy to use

This inbound marketing software is very user-friendly. It is designed to provide all the key features for startups, marketing executives, and business owners that are looking to lead marketing smartly. Its user-friendliness eliminates the need to hire implementation consultants. 

Track email campaigns

It has great email marketing features that allow users to monitor their email campaigns. Even users can track bounce rate, open email rate, and unsubscribing rate too. That way, marketers can customize their email campaigns and nurture more leads through the funnel sales stage, custom tags, and contact priorities. Managers can track the conversion rate of their email marketing campaigns.

Contact management functionality

It has another great feature which is contact management functionality. This feature allows marketers to manage their profiles and leads with the help of analytics, web forms, and email campaign click-through. It allows the users to segment leads, nurture, and score lead with lead activities and preferences. You can also integrate Jumplead with other web apps to capture customer contacts from the blog’s comments.

Real-time online lead generation 

Its live chat feature is very popular due to its support for online lead generation. It allows the marketers to interact with visitors and responds to their queries promptly. It helps to improve lead generation and conversion.

Jumplead login

You need to create an account to get started with this marketing software. After creating an account, install the tracking code on your site. For WordPress users, there is a plugin you can install to add this tracking code to your web pages and integrate it with other popular web forms.

Jumplead will start to analyze the activity of your website visitors when you add a tracking code. Moreover, it will identify the visiting companies based on their IP address. This tracking code also tracks the visitors that become your customers. This helps the code snippet of the conversion form to render forms and works as a transport for the live chat feature.

A screenshot of jumplead login page

Jumplead ActiveCampaign integration

Jumplead identifies the website visitors and enables them to connect using social media, automation events, live chat, lead capture forms, and email marketing. When you integrate Jumplead with ActiveCampaign, you can send new contacts into the ActiveCampaign list that you captured in Jumplead. Once you enter the contact into ActiveCampaign, you can enter into Jumplead’s sales and marketing automation workflows. Contacts are the assigned points that are based on their interaction with salesforce, site content, and communications. 

How good is Jumplead?

Jumplead comes with great features that make it good marketing automation software. 

  • It tracks the activity of your website visitors through their IP address. It associated this website traffic with an individual when people fill out a conversion form.
  • It broadcasts, automates, and comes with email auto-responders.
  • Its live chat tool helps to interact with people on your blog or website.
  • It also has a tool named keyword ranking tool that shows you how you rank for specific keywords.
  • Its traffic analysis tool shows you where you get traffic. In short, it will tell you what your traffic source is: direct, organic, referral, or paid. 
  • It offers easy-to-use conversion forms.
  • It can be integrated with Salesforce that shows the activity of lead generation. Zapier API also allows you to integrate with other software.
  • It offers notification alerts when users visit your website’s pages.
  • It is a simple tool that has all the features that every small business need.
  • It measures the response time in minutes that is really great and helpful.
  • It provides a contact list database that helps you assign contacts to different sales funnel stages. It adds a variety of tags for contact and sees how many times users visit your page when users visit your website, and add auto-responder emails when they visit certain pages. 
  • It allows you to send multiple emails from different accounts and its autoresponders feature is a plus. Above all, you can manage all these accounts from one user interface. Even you can switch between these accounts. With this autoresponder email feature, you can see analytics, set up schedules, see deliveries and click through rates, unsubscribed, and others.
  • It provides great customer service that provides you support for all your software-related quires. 

Jumplead how to assign chat?

When you add live chat features to your site, it creates a new way to connect with your prospective customers who are visiting your website and want to buy your product. First off, you need to add a live chat code generated by Jumplead, which you need to enable to your website. If you are not logged into Jumplead and add a message, you will see that a chat widget asks you your email address and name to get a reply. This way, a new contact will be created in Jumplead and start a conversation. 

Customize chat

Now, you need to go to the settings section that you find within the message section in this software and configure a chat. Now, you can enable and disable the chat for your site. Moreover, you can manage your team names, messages that you want to use in the chat widget, choose the brand color and chat window avatar on your website. Update all these settings and go back to your website. The chatbox information and styles are cached in your visitors’ browser. So close and open the website browser, or you could use incognito widow alternatively to see the change you need to make in its settings. 

It’s worth noting that the chatbox info and styles are cached in your website visitors’ browser, so you’ll need to close and open your browser, or alternatively, you could use an incognito mode to see the changes that you make in settings. When I get back to my website, I can see that the information there is updated. When you enter a message via the website, you will notice that there is a notification on the right side of your desktop that shows the alerts to new messages.

Control and assign conversations

In a message section, you can open, close, and assign conversations to other users of Jumplead. The users that can use Jumplead live chat are those that are added to the conversations teams within the settings.


Jumplead is a very helpful inbound marketing tool that helps companies to turn their visitors into customers. It is a very easy-to-use lead management tool that allows the marketing executives to leverage the leads that Jumplead generates. With this software, companies can not only schedule emails and analyze results. Moreover, it helps to summarize the performance of your email campaigns, track lead activities, and allows users to chat with website visitors and respond to them.

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