About Us

At Stealth Agents we help entrepreneurs and small business owners scale their companies and improve their lives.  We help SMEs save time and money.

Our Vision

We want to build a company that gives back. Not only do we strive to provide our clients with excellent service, but we also aspire to provide incredible value to our communities.

Our Values

We want to change lives by creating an environment that sparks constant growth and improvement for our clients and our employees.

Our Goal

In 2020, our goal is to create 1,000+ jobs in the USA and in the Philippines. We will accomplish this by enabling our clients to grow and expand their business.

Our Team in the Philippines

“Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.” 

– Angela Ahrendts

Testimonial From The CEO Of VeeFresh, A Woman’s Femtech Company

Testimonial From Matt Schmitt – $1.5M A Month Ecommerce Seller

Angel Thacker Brought In 3 New Paying Clients In 3 Weeks With Stealth Agents

Testimonials From Our Virtual Agents

This is truly a company that cares about your ideas and strengths. You have a real voice here, and your ideas and input are taken seriously. It’s also a great place to continuously develop, become part of an amazing team with smart people and make a difference on a global scale.”


My journey with this company has been very amazing. Bosses are great and generous. The company knows how to appreciate employee’s skills and gives due recognition to hardworking staff and gives equal opportunity for growth to deserving employees.


An amazing company that always strives to provide the utmost quality service to clients. Bosses are great, approachable, and are always willing to help. I can truly say this has been one of the best companies I’ve worked for and I look forward to working here for a very long time.