Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is a live chat customer support software designed to help businesses boost their sales and offer the best support services. This software is capable of identifying the visitors who land on your website and access your product. It also engages with your visitors through automation tools. Communicating with customers has never been easier!

With this live chat customer support software, you can analyze and identify the traffic sources, geographic distribution of your visitors, the time they have spent on your site, and so much more. With the end-to-end insights provided by this software, you can grow your business and keep your customers happy at all times! 

How is it Useful For a Business?

This web-based product is highly useful for websites that offer support. Here are some ways it can help:

  • Identify your visitors
    It lets you see who your visitors are and what activities do they perform on your website or app. you can filter, track, and engage with every visitor on your digital product.
  • Capture and Convert Leads
    This Sales IQ platform works wonders in generating more leads. You can chat with your leads in real-time and convert them into a regular customer. 
  • Engage with Visitors 
    Using intelligent triggers, you can convert the signups into active users.
  • Quick Support
    With live chatting, help your visitor make a purchase, get a quick response and make them satisfied 

Features of Zoho SalesIQ

This live chat customer support software has some robust features to offer. Let’s have a look at what makes Zoho SalesIQ efficient in what it does:

  • Live Chat Support
    First thing’s first, this software lets you chat with multiple customers simultaneously from different sites, departments, and companies by using the same dashboard.
  • Zobot
    Yes, it’s a bot that lets you offer fully customize chat services on a website. 
  • Desktop And Mobile Version
    The desktop and mobile versions of this software let you manage sales from anywhere 
  • Share Articles 
    You can easily share a list of FAQs and other articles such as how-to guides with your customers using the same chat window
  • In-Chat Features
    It’s never boring to use Zoho SalesIQ chat. In-chat features such as IP block spammers, 2-way file sharing, sending emails of chats, etc. 
  • Crystal Ball Support
    The bot can gaze into the future and see what your customers are typing. This way, it sends a solution as soon as a customer types in a problem. 
  • Transfer Chats
    When you need to transfer a customer query to a different person or department, transferring chat has never been easier. One-click, and you are done! 
  • Chat Reports
    Check the performance of your agents by generating reports and improve the performance of your sales team. 
  • Thrid-Party Integrations 
    Integrate SalesIQ with industry-leading apps such as Magento, Joomla, WordPress, Zoho CRM, Shopify, Opencart, Salesforce and more.

Zoho SalesIQ Desktop App

With the Zoho SalesIQ Desktop App, you can track the visitors on your website and chat with your visitors readily. apart from the basics, the desktop app lets you perform the following functions:

  • Accept and ignore chats from the notifications
  • Change the status of chats
  • View, mute/unmute, and missed chats from the dock 

The desktop app is available for Windows (64-bit OS), Mac, and Unbuntu desktop 

Zoho SalesIQ Pricing

Zoho SalesIQ has a free version and three price tiers. Let’s look at each one:












Two users included

Three users included

Five users included

Ten users included

Number of visitors

Track & engage with 5k visitors per month

Track & engage with 10k visitors per month

Track & engage with 50k visitors per month

Track & engage with 100k visitors per month

Number of websites 

One website

three website

five website

Twenty-five website


Mobile support 

3 departments 

5 departments 

Chat Sessions

One hundred chat sessions per month 

Thousand chat supports per month

Unlimited chat sessions 

Unlimited chat sessions


Thirty-days storage 

Unlimited storage 

You can sign up for 15 days free trial with any plan to test the waters and decide if it’s the right fit based on your business needs. 

Zoho SalesIQ Login

Logging into the Zoho SalesIQ account is simple. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Type Zoho.com/SalesIQ in your browser
  2. Enter your credentials 
  3. Click “sign-in”

You will then be taken to the dashboard from where you can view, manage, and control everything. 

Report On Chats Zoho SalesIQ 

Reports on chats are available under the reports module. This section gives you all the details about the live chat tracking operation.

You can check the tracking summary by clicking on the “tracking” tab and get an overview of the visitor’s activity.

You can also view the tracking analysis report. It tells the average number of pages visited by the visitor alongside the visitor’s average time on a particular page.

Can Chat Window Be Hidden On Zoho SalesIQ?

Yes, you can hide the chat window on your Zoho SalesIQ. For that, repeat the following steps:

  1. From the Zoho SalesIQ  dashboard, go to the “Settings”
  2. Go to “websites”
  3. Choose the website where you want to disable the chat window
  4. Go to “Live Chat Widget”
  5. Click “Disable” 

And you are done! 

Zoho SalesIQ How to Redirect a Chat Request?

When handling customer inquiries, you are often required to transfer or redirect a different department’s chat request. Zoho SalesIQ lets you do that effortlessly:

  1. From your chat view window, choose “more actions”
  2. Choose “Transfer this chat”
  3. Select the agent that you would like the chat to be transferred 
  4. Once you have selected the agent, give them insight into the issue by leaving a brief description 
  5. Lastly, hit “transfer,” and you have successfully transferred the chat.

If you would like to transfer the chat to a different department, follow the same steps with one difference. In step 3, choose the department you would like to transfer the chat to. 

Can You Have Multiple Websites Using Zoho SalesIQ 

Zoho SalesIQ allows you to track as well as handle chats from multiple websites. However, you can only enable it on the number of sites based on your subscription plan. For instance, if you have signed up for the free plan, only one site can be added. The higher the tier, the more sites you can add. The enterprise tier (which is the highest tier) lets you add up to 25 websites. 

Zobot – What Can It Do?

The most interesting feature of SalesIQ is Zobot. It is your very own custom chatbot, which is very easy to create. Up to 15 prebuilt chatbot templates are available to let you create your first Zobot. This chatbot automates all customer interactions. The bot interacts with your website visitors in a conversational tone. They will never feel as if they are talking to a bot!

Wondering what a Zobot can do? A lot of things. Let’s check them out:

  • handle chats from all visitors 
  • forward chats to a human operator when necessary 
  • Change the chat widget status depending on the availability of the agents 
  • Collect visitor inputs 

The Zobot is not available in the free plan. All other premium plans, however, carry Zobot. When your agents are busy handling complex customer queries, you can let this bot handle common customer concerns without making them wait. 

Plus, a Zobot is available 24/7. When the human agents are not available, these bots can answer your customers’ concerns and keep the business going. Your support team will feel so much relieved. 

Zoho SalesIQ for Zoho CRM

Starting a remote support session from the live chat console and solve your customer’s problem there and then has become easier than ever. By integrating Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho CRM, you can organize all customer data in one place. It is an effective way of connecting with your customers and give your support team all the right tools to answer customer queries while keeping all interactions organized.

You can turn the visitors into leads as they land onto the Zoho CRM in just one click from the SalesIQ interface. This is also a great opportunity to learn more about your visitors. With ClearBit integration, you can offer personalized engagement and push customer details into the right fields in the CRM.

With this integration, you don’t have to worry about letting a lead go unnoticed. The CRM notifies when a visitor lands on your website and what page they are on. You can also set alerts about whenever the same lead revisits your website and perform a purchase action. 

Bottom Line 

Zoho SalesIQ offers advanced solutions for multiple business problems. Regardless of your business’s size, this live chat customer support software can help you boost sales, retain customers, and improve your company’s bottom line.

It’s affordable, easy to use, and packed with features. It can be integrated on the most popular CRMs. Tracking and engaging visitors is highly imperative in today’s digital era. The slick features of this SalesIQ make it a must-have software to surcharge the website engagement.

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