Time doctor smart employee time tracking software review

Time Doctor Smart Employee Time Tracking Software Review

Time Doctor is one of the best time tracking software that helps you keep your business running smoothly, how you intended, so you can work on the more important tasks at hand.

These days it is important to have the right software for your business; without it, you could be losing your edge in business, which your competitors might already have. Time Tracking Software can be a great asset for you and your business. It can assist you in working more efficiently and lower cost. They offer this software anywhere in the world. Let’s learn more about Time Doctor smart employee time tracking software. Let’s dive into it!

What is Time Doctor software?

It is time tracking software that tracks your time and delivers analytics to improve productivity. It provides detailed analytics of where your employees spent their time at the workplace. Tracking time also provides a time breakdown of each employee’s time on each task, project, or client. Companies can use this data to have a precise record for paying staff. This way, your employees can get a lot more done every single day that increases work productivity. Your employees can focus on important tasks with Time Doctor without getting distracted.

Is Time Doctor software safe to use?

Yes, Time Doctor is safe to use because it collects only the necessary information such as visited websites, used apps, operating systems, and time frame for the premium time record. They don’t collect data that may violate the privacy of any employee, such as the content of the email, conversation records that are performed via internet communicators and input devices. It is primarily designed to track and analyze the collected data to readjust the work and increase productivity at the workplace. This way, you can enhance your team performance; either it is the remote or in-house team. This time tracking software is used all over the world. Most companies use it to improve workplace productivity.

Time Doctor similar software

Here is a list of some Time Doctor similar software that you should consider for managing time at the workplace.


If your team is growing, then use Hubstaff time tracking software. It is very user-friendly, and it’s mobile and desktop apps allow your team to record your working hours from anywhere. Its dashboard gives the team a clear view of how his team spends the time that enables him to identify the problems and address them as they come up.


RecueTime is decent software for tracking time that gives you a clear picture of how your team works and what your team members focus their attention on. It comes with a great feature, i.e., goals and alerts, that allows the users to assign time for completing certain goals and get alerted when this goal has been met or even exceeded. The best thing about this tracking app is that it runs in the background and silently monitors the user’s behavior. 


Time Camp is a great time tracking app that automatically tracks all activities of your computer once you install it. After installation, you need to assign some productivity values and essential categories. With TimeCamp, you can gather comprehensive data that provides invaluable information like the source of the user’s distraction and other user habits. It supports an infinite number of tasks and projects, generates detailed reports, statistics and timesheets, and detects idle time.


Toggle is a great time tracking software for freelancers who want to improve their productivity and complete their client’s work in record time. Toggl comes with a hierarchy tag system, i.e., client, project, and task. If you are a freelancer, you can create personalized tags to mark notes to yourself. Even you can distribute multiple tags to your employees for each task.


Timely is a great time tracking software for managers, especially for those who want to prioritize clear reporting from their workers. It comes with great features like it allows the employee to schedule their work planning with the estimated time. This way, employers can see who has done too little or too much. This platform can easily integrate into the web calendars to schedule tasks at projected times.

Time Doctor features

Time Tracking

A model of time doctor time tracking feature
  • Automatic and manual

Time can be tracked automatically using a “stop-watch” time recorder or manually by entering start and end times or start time and duration.

  • Instant access

The unique auto-hide tracking window docks and hides off the side of the screen for immediate access without even clicking the mouse. Simply drag the window to the edge of the screen and move the mouse away to hide the window. Move the mouse to the hidden area, and the window automatically and appears.

The time tracking window shows you at a glance the category that you are tracking time to, the current time, recorded start time, duration, income earned in real-time (if an hourly rate is set for the category), and the total time worked on the current day. You can also log work notes with the time and track category completion progress.

Set hourly rates per client, project, or task. Apply custom rounding to time entries. View and modify previously recorded time, see and correct time gaps and overlaps. Record work notes throughout the day, such as details of work performed, and track progress by setting 100% completion.


  • Group time entries using categories

Track time by flexible user-defined categories such as customers or clients, projects or jobs, tasks and sub-tasks, systems – you decide. Unlike other time tracking programs, you are free to create whatever hierarchy of categories that you need. For example, if you need to track time only to customers or do not have external customers and only need to track time to projects, then Time Doctor can support your needs.



  • Tag users, categories, and time entries

You can classify items with one or more free format text tags to allow custom searching, filtering, and grouping.

  • Preferences

Feature-level customization allows you to set the time duration display format, default daily start time, and many convenient time entry formats are possible (for example, 9, 9 am, 900, 9:00, 9.00, and so on).


A model of time doctor reporting feature
  • Many reports

Generate many reports, including weekly timesheets, summaries, and detailed reports by various groupings such as date or category or by the user.

  • Aggregate reports

Regular users can generate reports for their own recorded time. Managers and other authorized users can generate aggregate reports containing recorded time for all users.

Data export

  • Data view

The in-built data view provides a quick view of report data allowing all or part of the data to be copied to the clipboard for pasting into E-mail, spreadsheet, or other applications.

Multi-user pro

  • Central database

The Premium edition of Time Doctor includes advanced multi-user functionality. Users (employees, contractors, and other staff) log in to a central time tracking database using their individual secure passwords.

  • Aggregare reports

All-time is recorded centrally, which facilitates aggregate reports to be generated which summarize or detail all-time recorded to customers, projects, tasks, and other categories that you defined.


Time is essential in every company, and so is time management! Clearly speaking, time management is not all about keeping quick notes on your organizer or going through everything there is in your Microsoft Outlook or the posted notes in your cubicle walls. Time management speaks a lot about the careful monitoring of your employees’ time in the business arena. It is all about taking a peek at what they do, who is doing this, and that, when is someone doing this certain thing, and for how long is an action being done by someone. It is another word used to disguise employee spying or monitoring, but you will basically need a well-kept time management scheme for you to arrive at nothing but the best business decisions.

Have you grown tired of the constant reports that you receive regarding idling employees? Well, there is a solution to your ordeal, and it is none other than the time tracking software. Time tracking software like Time Doctor puts your records in an organized file. Your company is obviously made up of several employees and manually keeping track of their time in and time out and other time-related concerns can be a real pain in your neck. Yet, with this software, you can create a big difference like compensating the employees in line with their attendance, sick leave and vacation leave credits, holiday pays, overtime and many more can be conveniently done with the use of Time Doctor smart employee time tracking software.

There is a clear notion that the time tracking software is generally becoming a must-have item in most business environments. For several years, business owners have been confronted with the same issues about the collation of the employees’ time records. But you must have no more worries because, with the aid of the software, it will be easier to monitor the schedule of everyone who works in your company.

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