Teramind employee monitoring software review

Teramind Employee Monitoring Software Review: Features And Pricing

Teramind is a computer monitoring software that also prevents data loss and tracks the behavior of your remote users and employees. This software can identify suspicious activities, threats and optimize productivity and ensure regulatory compliance.

It is a built-in remote desktop control that can take automated actions like lock-outs, warnings, blocks, and more to ensure your business keeps running. Read this review to learn more about this software.

What is Teramind?

Teramind is a comprehensive employee monitoring platform covering core monitoring features that are often overlooked by other employee monitoring software. In addition to monitoring, it also consists of a data loss prevention package to keep the network as well as the data of your company safe. The package also contains audit and forensic tools for investigating incidents that have occurred within the organization.

Teramind pricing

When it comes to pricing, Teramind is available in two options – cloud and on-premise each featuring different price tiers. Let’s have a look at them;


The on-premise deployment requires a minimum of ten endpoints. These are the tiers available in the on-premise option:

  • Teramind Starter

The starter plan costs $60 per month for 5 users. The features include application tracking, website monitoring, live view, screen recording, and remote control. Limited access to policy management tools and user behavior analytics is also available.

  • Teramind UAM

This is a user activity monitoring plan built on the starter plan with added features like keystroke logging, file transfer monitoring, printing monitoring, OCR, and more. You can add dynamic risk scoring to the behavior analytics tools to identify the risky users, anomaly detecting, and other malicious activities. The plan also features additional policy templates as well as auditing tools.

  • Teramind DLP

DLP includes all featured in the UAM plan along with a suite of data loss prevention tools to ensure that your network remains secure along with any sensitive information stored on a connected device. This package is compliant with GDPR and HIPAA.

All these plans are available with 14 days free trial option.


The cloud plan is for a minimum of five users. All plans are available with a 7-day free trial. These are the tiers included in the cloud plan:

  • Teramind Starter

The starter plan includes features like live view, screen recording, website, and app tracking.

  • Teramind UAM

The UAM plan for cloud-based deployment costs $125 per month for 5 users.

  • Teramind DLP

The DLP plan for cloud-based deployment costs $150 per month for 5 users.

Teramind features

Teramind possesses all the features that are looked for in employee monitoring software and so much more. All the tools are accessible via the central dashboard, which displays all the active users, current activities, total working hours, inactive and active times, and more. Let’s look into all the features of the software in detail:

Activity monitoring

The activity monitoring suite allows you to monitor specific employee activities in real-time. You can also archive your findings for later review. The dashboard displays all devices in use and the users using the system. You can apply the search filters to search specific users and even set alerts.



  • Monitor webpages and apps

The software reports all the apps and web pages accessed by the user. It records video segments that the administrator can view to see what the user is doing. The helpful bar graph shows the list of most frequently accessed websites and applications. This way, the admins remain informed about the productive and non-productive employees.

  • Instant messaging

Teramind monitors all chats on hangouts, Skype, Facebook, Slack, WhatsApp, and other instant messaging apps. This feature is for those employers who are concerned their employees are spending too much time on instant messaging apps.

  • Email monitoring

If you are worried about organizational security, Teramind lets the admins monitor all incoming and outgoing emails. This also includes the email body, attachments, and time stamps.

  • Web searches

You can see all the web searches (online and offline) performed by your employees on the work devices.

  • File transfer

Keep an eye on all the file transfers including the transfer of work files using a removable device. This way, you will always stay on top of what is being accessed by your team.

  • Keystrokes

The Teramind software includes a keystroke logger for recording every single keystroke entered by the user.

  • Snapshot

The software takes a screenshot every 10 minutes. This will help your admin determine if the employee has used their time wisely. The screenshots are saved in the employee’s profile. The admins can review all files as a ten-minute video.

Behavioral rules

With Teramind, you can set behavioral rules for the software. It will flag and block the prohibited behavior automatically. There are dozens of templates to choose from when it comes to creating policies for governing user activity. Let’s say if none of the templates meet your needs. In that case, you can create your own policies.

If you want to block certain activities, this is possible as well. Let’s say you don’t want users to send emails outside the workplace’s email app. This is possible by tailoring a rule blocking multiple personal emails like yahoo, Gmail, and more. You can also prohibit your employees from using social media sites by blocking them.

Reporting and risk analysis

Teramind offers in-depth reporting with its reporting and risk analysis features. You will be able to see all violations via a graphic report. The charts break down violations by categories. This way, you can have a look at the offenders at a glance without going into the depth of the report.

The reports can also notify you which users are creating risky situations for the organizations so that you can take measures accordingly.

Getting started with Teramind

Teramind is very easy to install and use. You must download the Teramind agent on the PCs of users you would like to monitor. If you want, you can run the agent in stealth mode. However, it is best to let your employees know they are being monitored so that they are more mindful of what they are doing.

Once the monitoring begins, the software will keep on sending back the data to the central dashboard. The dashboard has a clutter-free easy to use interface that you can customize according to your preferences. On the left side of the dashboard are tabs that let you navigate through the major categories. You will be able to monitor the productivity, behavior of your employees and manage risk like a boss!

Teramind vs. Veriato

When doing your research on employee monitoring software, you must have come across the name Veriato. Let’s compare it with Teramind.

Teramind offers a user-centric approach for monitoring the behavior of employees. It streamlines data collection for monitoring suspicious activities, threats, monitor the efficiency of your workforce, and boost productivity.



Veriato, on the other hand, is a user and entity behavior analytics combing advanced statistical analysis and ML for uncovering the indicators compromising the traditional security measures. It is advanced software that identifies behavioral changes in real-time.

Both platforms have their own set of features that set them apart from one another. If you are looking for something simpler to monitor the activities of your employees, Teramind is perfect.

Due to the pandemic, remote work has become the new normal. Businesses are still struggling to get a grip on employee engagement. In times like this, an employee tracking and monitoring system can be viewed as a viable solution.  If you are trying to keep your distributed workforce together, then you must rely on an employee monitoring solution and Teramind is the right fit. It is easy to use and it is likely to fall in the budget of all small to medium businesses. Not sure if this solution is the right fit for you? Then, sign up for a trial version and see how it proves to be useful according to your business needs.

How to uninstall Teramind?

To uninstall an agent in Teramind, use the agent removal tool.

For on-premise users, download this tool:

For cloud users, download this tool:

Run the tool on the machine you would like to uninstall the agent from. Follow the prompts and you would be done!


Teramind is a SaaS pricing model that comes with software updates and support features. No matter what plan you choose, you will be provided with implementation assistance, the FAQs at the website are self-explanatory, letting to find all answers from a single place. If you need help, you can always contact their support team via email, phone, or live chat.

Teramind is impressive software. Its trial version is available to help you test the waters and see if the software is the right fit for your business. The only drawback is that it doesn’t let you monitor mobile devices. It’s only designed for servers and desktops.

On the whole, it has great features to let you make the most out of this platform for ensuring the productivity of your workforce and make sure they aren’t wasting the company’s hours.

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