Salesforce essentials sales and customer support review

Salesforce Essentials Sales And Customer Support Review

Salesforce Essentials is customer support and CRM solution for small businesses. This sales cloud and support cloud software are designed for small businesses’ sales teams. It helps the sales team’s performance to improve using the built-in intelligence of its app. It is a SaaS-based CRM software that offers robust and exceptional CRM solutions. It comes with more advanced features that are suitable for small and mid-size businesses. Even large enterprises can also use this software to cater to their needs. The vendor released this CRM and customer support solution for small businesses with limited resources to easily set up, maintain, and use it for sales and services. It is built for small businesses in mind. This platform simplifies the implementation of customer relationship management service setup to the workflows. Due to its advanced features and support, you can set up the system easily and quickly. 

Users can also access ‘trailhead’ using its simple setup, which is a gamified learning platform for free of cost where users can learn more about sales, customer relationship management, and services with in-depth details. With trailhead, the key features of Salesforce Essentials include the Einstein Artificial Intelligence and sales app. It comes with a monthly or annually pricing option. It also integrates the low-tiered features of Salesforce service and cloud. This way, small businesses can leverage the Salesforce architecture that can be accessed only to a huge budget until the launch of Salesforce Essentials.

Users can also connect to Google’s G suit for three months for free of cost by taking advantage of Salesforce Essentials. This enables you to access tools like Google Calendar and Gmail. Data entry elimination helps you save your time, workload organization and develop good communications with deep insights. Moreover, it gives the users a single view of accounts, contacts, and other important CRM data.

Salesforce Essentials pricing

Service Cloud Essentials and Essential cloud cost $25 per month. This plan works for only one user. Up to ten users can use Salesforce Essentials. Users can manage and organize accounts and contacts. They can also track sales pipelines, emails, meetings, and sales stages. It provides customer support across phone, email, social and chats. You can create dashboards and custom reports. It is mobile-friendly and supports direct integrations.

Salesforce Essentials trial

Salesforce Essential comes with a free trial. You can request a demo and an available free trial that lasts fourteen days. Only new customers can avail of this offer. However, this offer is available for a limited time. If you want to buy this CRM software and spend more time with your customer rather than a spreadsheet, then you can negotiate with the seller for the final cost.

Salesforce Essentials Trial

Salesforce Essentials vs. Professional

Salesforce is the best CRM app that helps businesses to grow because of its advanced features, add-on options, and third-party integrations. It offers a highly customizable, powerful, and fast product after implementation. There are two versions of salesforce, i.e. essentials and professional.

Salesforce Professional Edition

This CRM software comes with a professional and essential edition. The Professional edition is typically designed for those businesses who want to manage their business with full-featured CRM functionality. Businesses can manage their sales process successfully with its professional edition.

Salesforce Essentials Edition

On the other hand, the Salesforce Essentials edition is the most basic and first-level offerings. This version has only these functionalities that are helpful for small businesses. In short, Salesforce essentials are marketing, and sales-oriented Excel’s version, which is extremely powerful.

Salesforce Essentials features

Salesforce Essentials Features

The Salesforce Essential is typically designed for the sales teams so they can start using this tool simultaneously. It’s all due to its setup assistant, availability of great features, and intuitive Trailhead walkthroughs. It offers users to access the simplified and exceptionally powerful sales and service cloud versions.

Sales Cloud Essentials

Sales Cloud Essentials offers email templates and lead management. It customizes the sales process with the help of sales and customer data management. Moreover, it offers to manage tasks and opportunities. It comes with mobile accessibility with offline mode functionality. It also offers customizable dashboards and advanced reporting features. Salesforce joined hands with Google recently which means users can use Google G suit apps for free of cost for the first three months. As a part of promotions, users can also take advantage of inbox desktop and mobile and Einstein Activity Capture.

Service Cloud Essentials

The service cloud essentials offer collaboration tools for the full stack of the service team. It comes with escalation rules and queues, account management, automated case assignment, advanced reporting tools, macro rules for repeated cases, opportunity tracking, web and email capture, and other social customer service essential features.

Salesforce Essentials benefits

It is an out-of-the-box CRM solution for small and mid-size businesses that help them to implement CRM service infrastructure more quickly. Consequently, it helps them increase their sales and take advantage of their customer support. It offers plenty of benefits that are given below:

Easy and fast CRM system set up

Salesforce Essentials simplify the process of setting up the customer relationship management system. Small businesses have smaller sales and customer support teams that spend more time negotiating with a sales rep, reading documentation, and watching tutorials. Therefore, it offers a great solution for users to implement the CRM system in a short time. It offers in-app video tutorials that assist you in setup. Above all, it has a trailhead, which is a gamified experience for learning. It offers an interactive setup and guidance to businesses for first-time users. It offers a variety of categories which include admin, beginner, and business user.

Drive more sales

Salesforce Essentials offers a sales module at a very low price which is called sales cloud essentials. It has great features for small sales teams. The sales team can easily identify important contacts, and follow up on lead generation that helps them sell faster. This software automates the sales activities-means you do not need to spend a lot of time using a spreadsheet. Its Einstein Activity Capture feature allows you to track emails, meetings,s, and calls. It also captures your customers’ records and helps them connect to their customers using a calendar and email. It is available on the mobile application of Salesforce where users can access and update data anywhere and anytime.

Deliver better customer service

The support teams of small businesses can use the service cloud module. It can connect and centralize the multiple support channels that users can access on any device and resolve the problem in no time. You can automate repetitive tasks like assigning work according to skillset and availability and routing the question to the right support agent.



Scalable for business growth

This platform is scalable for small and mid-sized business growth. So, small businesses do not need to worry about expanding the CRM system. Businesses should use that platform that helps them to integrate and streamlined solutions for their customer relationship management tasks. It is easy to integrate prebuilt business tools and apps like customer surveys.

Salesforce administration essentials for new admins

The Salesforce Administration essential is a comprehensive training tool for new admins that ensure sales success. It is a great tool for new admins, and they should take this course when they take over the exiting deployment or salesforce deployment.

Who should take this course?

The new system administration is responsible for the configuration, setup, and maintenance of their company’s salesforce app. Moreover, IT managers, users, and sales operations can take advantage of this course.

How do I assign a user in Salesforce Essentials?

You can invite your teammates to the salesforce essential using the help menu in the app. Follow the steps to assign a user in the salesforce essentials:

  • Select add users.
  • Now, complete all the information about the users and hit the ‘finish’ button. 
  • You can see how many licenses are available to assign. You can check it at the left corner of the pop-up window.
  • You need to assign a profile to the new users after creating a new user. This profile will define what they can access and what they can do within the salesforce app.

Three types of profiles

These are the three profiles when creating and assigning a new user.

System administrators

Admin can customize the salesforce essentials and can access all its functionality. This can view and override the forecast and edit quota. System admin can do user management, e.g., invite new users and help them with password resets. 

Standard users

A standard user can edit records, run reports and view the setup of your organization. This profile can override forecasts and help them to edit personal quotas.

Read only

Read-only users can run and export reports. They can also view the record and setup of the organization.

How to change the username in Salesforce Essentials trial?

If you want to change the username in the Salesforce Essentials trial, follow these steps. Click on the ‘edit’ option on your username and change the username that you want to set and click Save.

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