Pure Chat live chat software review

Pure Chat Live Chat Software Review: Features And Pricing

Pure Chat is a helpdesk system for live chat that users can integrate into any website. It doesn’t matter what type of CMS (content management system) you use for your business. Whether you are trying to increase your website visitor’s value, reduce the cost of helpdesk or increase your sales, Pure Chat can be your best ally. It comes with a free plan that lets you get started with your helpdesk system without paying a single cent. They also claim that pre-chat software can be installed without any effort. So if your website is built on WordPress Tumblr, Weebly, or even on the 3dCart store and Shopify, you can easily integrate this helpdesk software and interact with your customers in real-time.

This helpdesk system comes with a variety of features. It avails data to your business that you can’t obtain elsewhere. For instance, you can see at peak times when the demands of live chat support escalate. That way, businesses can reduce the cost of live support and make the best use of this time. Furthermore, you can have a dynamic real-time view of every visitor that lands on your website. You can even send a message if they are taking more time on a checkout page. If they view your service listing or product without taking prompt action, you can manually message them. Read on to learn more about Pure Chat. Let’s get into it!

Pure Chat features

Pure chat comes with plenty of advanced features that every business needs for live support. 

Automatic availability 

When the support agent logins to the Pure Chat app or website, your visitors will get a notification that the agent is manning the helpdesk. This may encourage your visitors to ask what they want to know about your product or service. This gives you a good opportunity to generate more sales or help your visitors.

Email capture forms  

You may think about what happened if your visitors ask some questions about your product during off-hours. You need to start building an email list that helps you make this process simple and effective. When your visitor asks a question to your live chat helpdesk agent, he will automatically be redirected to a contact form. This form collects his email address, so your agents can follow up via email.

Simultaneous and neat

Multitasking may be annoying for your agents and can affect the helpdesk tickets. But with this live chat software enables you and your team to handle your visitors instantaneously, even if they’re asking a lot of questions at once. Its web control panel has a sleek interface that helps you organize all of your visitors into navigable tabs. This helps to do multitasking without any stress.

Team chats  

Are you a supervisor, or do you have a supervisor? The chat agents can invite you into chats if they have questions. Or, they want to introduce you to one of the website visitors for some reason. This feature can be helpful to you if other team members act as your supervisors or you have multiple departments.

Answer questions from mobile

In most cases, live chat helpdesk software allows the users to interact with the website visitors via your web application. But Pure Chat gives you a plethora of options that include the applications that work on Android and iOS. Moreover, it also works on mobile, Kindle, and web interfaces. If you are on the go or sitting on your favorite couch, you can easily interact with your site visitors.

Pure Chat login

Pure Chat is the best solution for the business of all sizes. Regardless of your business size, it is offered free of cost for unlimited chats. To login pure chat, follow the below steps:

  • Head to their official website and click on the login page.
  • Put your username and password, and all is set.
  • Now you have logged in to your account. If you can’t access your account, check the troubleshooting options.
A screenshot of pure chat login page

Pure Chat dashboard: Live chat functionality

You can interact with your customers from its dashboard. The functionality of live chat will be activated whenever the support agent is available or setting his status as available. You can also set your status as available by hitting the option as unavailable at the top of your screen. It will change your status to available.

When your website visitor lands on your website, he can click on your chat window to communicate with you in real-time. When your customer sends a message, you will receive a notification. You can view all your messages by clicking on the incoming chats. You can use the instant messaging service of pure chat to talk directly to your customers.

Pure Chat reviews

Like other helpdesk software, it also comes with some pros and cons. 


A ton of integrations 

If your company operates a wide range of services, PureChat can be your best ally as it covers a lot of integrations. No matter what the nature of your business is or how you work, you can get a live chat set up on all the platforms without any hassle.

Great interface  

If a good and impressive interface is important to your business, then you will love it when interacting with your website visitors. Pure Chat offers a good and attractive live chat interface.

Forever free plan 

The best thing about pure chat is that it offers a 100 percent free plan for live chat support. It allows you to interact with your customers in style even if you have a small marketing budget. In short, you can get started without paying a single cent or credit card.




Free plan limits 

However, Pure Chat offers a free plan, but you need to pay for the majority of integrations- which means the free plan comes with some limitations. In addition to the free plan limitation, you need to purchase paid plan to access its advanced features. Does it mean that their free plan is not absolutely free? 

Branded chat boxes 

The majority of plans come with the branded tag as ’powered by chat box.’

However, it is not a problem at all, but it should be fully transparent. This branded tag can only be removed with the advanced packages that come with a hefty price tag.


In this digital world, the live chat platform is a new normal. A lot of companies are offering live chat features that can benefit your company terrifically. But it is a great contender that is offering advanced features that can turn your website visitors into your loyal customers.

Pure Chat WordPress plugin

Pure chat has a plugin for WordPress that offers unlimited chats. This WordPress plugin offers transcript history, email forms, chat widget customizations, and triggers.

A representation of pure chat wordpress plugin

Its pro version offers advanced features like contact and visitor tracking and real-time analytics. You can get started with a free trial and get all these advanced features of this pro plan for one month free.

How do I use Pure Chat in WordPress

You can easily set up pure chat in WordPress. Follow these steps:

  • Log into your account on WordPress and open the dashboard. Now select the plugins. You can find it on the left sidebar.
  • Go to the ‘add new’ section, search pure chat at the top right side.
  • Now, install and activate the pure chat plugin. On the left sidebar, you will find the pure chat widget. Pick it up and turn the chat on.

Pure Chat app

You can use the pure chat app to connect with your customer and website visitor. Whether it is someone who is your loyal customer who has a question about your product or the one who lands on your site for the first time, Pure Chat is a great app to engage with them instantly. Moreover, you can give answers to their questions in real-time. Pure Chat has multiple plans for live chat that come with advanced features. Add the snippet to your site. Now, you can chat with your customers anytime and anywhere using the pure chat app. With this app, you will get a notification when a new visitor puts a query. In addition, you can access chat transcripts, change your availability status, and much more.

How to install Pure Chat

Installing a pure chat app is very easy. Follow the below steps to install it:

  • Install pure chat plugin and activate it
  • On your left sidebar, hit the new pure chat button.
  • When you click this button, it will direct you to the Pure Chat widget selector.
  • If you are not already signed in to pure chat, create a new account
  • Select the widget and access the pure chat dashboard, and all is set.

Pure Chat script where to add

You can easily add a pure chat script that has been used by hundreds of thousands of businesses. Embed the script in the HTML source code to add the widget to your website. Access your dashboard, go to settings and click on the getting started option. Now copy the embed script and paste it between your page’s head tags in the source code of your web pages.

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