May 18, 2021

Low-cost ways to promote your business

Low-cost ways to promote your business

It is true that you have to spend money to promote your business and make money. But if you are a small business and have a limited buck to market your business, you must follow some cheap ways to get the best bang for your small budget. In this guide, you will learn some low-cost ways to promote your business. Are you ready? Let get into it!

Content marketing on the business website

Every business has its own website, and it is important for you to know how to promote the goods and services of your business through these websites. These websites are targeted towards the customer, and with the aid of it, you have the ability to transcend geographical boundaries as well. The experts say that most business owners tend to focus on the local market, and they forget the fact that the competition here is very intense. With the aid of content marketing, they can actually reach out to a larger audience base and sell their products and services without any kind of hassles at all. This is the reason why it is important for the business owner to have a well-structured website to reach out to the audience and ensure they get the best for their needs without hassles at all.

Promoting your website via Google images

Promoting your website via Google images is a dynamic endeavor where you’re required to keep adding new images on a regular basis. You can’t optimize images once and then forget about doing changes as it won’t work in your favor. Image freshness does matter, and you must keep adding new images on a regular basis and optimize them for better results. If you allow the same images to linger on months on the day without changing them, this will not fetch good results in search engines for sure.  Be careful with your image size. Image size is one of the major considerations when you look to promote your website using Google images. It should comfort you that Google indexes images of any size without preference and include in results them all with equal weight. However, you must need how big file size can impact the SEO of any website. 

Create backlinks

In the simplest term, a backlink is a hyperlink placed on a relevant web page that leads the users back to your website or a specific page on the site. These links are also referred to as inbound links and play an important role in enhancing the popularity and visibility of your website. Unlike the earlier times, when the back-links set up in almost any web page were considered by search engines for ranking websites, over the past couple of years, only contextual backlinks established in renowned sites can prove helpful for your online venture.

Link schemes and link trading hubs should be avoided, as they can get your website banned. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines caution against excessive link exchanges, link farms, and link schemes that manipulate a search engine into ranking a website as more popular than it really is. As you go to building links to your website, keep these two goals of increasing click-through traffic and SEO in mind. Because some link-building techniques will bring in lots of traffic from external websites but aren’t good at increasing link popularity (they aren’t good for SEO), and vice versa. For the long-term success of your website, you need some links that are good for SEO and some links that bring in immediate traffic. Links that come from related websites help with SEO more than links from irrelevant websites or companies in totally different industries.

Leverage the power of social media

Some people are going to take note if you run a good social media campaign. Your traffic will increase as you gain support online, but it will only last for as long as your profile is the more current trendy, or new thing. Often a social media campaign is a flash in the pan exercise.

Remember that increasing engagement between you and your customers is the most important factor in building your brand and promoting your business. A blog site should not be a one-hit-wonder. You don’t create a blog site, post one or two provocative topics, then leave it to dry and expect to get the celebrity status treatment. You need to keep your readers wanting more, asking for more, and post regularly.

It is almost impossible to publish unique articles daily. In fact, that is not the way a blog site works. But you need to hold on to your readers, and this is where Facebook comes in. Here are some useful tips for maintaining the audience while finishing the next star post:

Share information

It could be the thought for the day, the word for the day, or a simple tip or advice relating to your group’s interest. It doesn’t really matter so long as you can keep the readers engaged. It could even be a holiday greeting if the situation calls for one.

Conduct polls

The topic could be anything relating to your blog’s niche like “What’s the best font to use in a birthday card?” or ”Which is a better version of Photoshop?” The purpose is to keep the ball rolling and to fire up discussions. Who knows, you might pick up a useful topic for your next post.

Ask questions

You may also ask some questions or, better yet, do surveys on what features your subscribers like to be added to the site. This gives your Facebook page the human touch needed to engage more readers.

Use SEO strategies

SEO is going to make your website rank go higher and better. Some of the keywords that will match your site are placed in the site contents. This will upgrade the visibility of your site at the search engine and will source the necessary traffic for your site. Finally, the ranking of the site will get higher since more traffic will start flowing in the site. SEO is not confined to the keywords but is extended with backlink supports and polls too.

When all these things are mixed up in the site, the ranking of the page is definite to go up. When you use the appropriate SEO strategies, digital strategy consulting, and tools, it helps enhance your website’s visibility across SERP results and helps in diverting enhanced traffic to it. Google has its own spider crawler named as a webmaster tool. The spider or the crawler will be tracking the keywords and crawl through the website contents. It will be tracking the traffic on the site and will rank the site accordingly.

Mobile marketing

Google optimizes that websites that are mobile-friendly. However, quality content and responsive web design are also crucial when it comes to getting a higher ranking in the search engine result pages. Your page will be accessible on any digital devices that make your business website visible on Google Maps, local search results, and more. When your website is accessed by mobile devices, it will reshuffle your content automatically.

Traditional marketing

Even with the new digital age up, traditional marketing still has a place in this industry. It can never hurt to get professionally printed business cards and advertising collateral. Entrepreneurs can also promote their businesses via radio and TV spots, along with flyers, posters, banners, and listings on local community business boards.

Get feedback

You won’t create the perfect marketing campaign overnight, so survey your customers regularly after launch to find out what’s working well and what needs improving. Customer feedback can provide a wealth of valuable data for your business so offer incentives – such as gift vouchers and promotional codes – to customers willing to provide more detailed information. In addition, it’s easy to determine the success rate of marketing tools like direct mail, and you should also use tracking software to determine where visitors to your website are coming from.

Successful marketing isn’t just about how much you have to spend but how well you use what you’ve got. Even with limited resources, a marketing campaign that’s well-conceived and executed can draw in many new customers and boost your business returns.


The present era is very lucrative for businesses to engage with the audience and promote their brand in a whole new way. Hence, if you wish to succeed, you need to keep in mind that digital transformation is the key to enhanced customer experience, revenue growth, more business conversions, genuine leads, and a larger market reach. It is high time that you should get serious about adapting your online business as per the new techniques in the digital town. Even if you apply a single technique effectively, you’ll see considerable growth in your business sales.

So, what are you waiting for? Digital marketers have a huge scope of growth these days. So, try and leverage that! What low-cost ways do you use to promote your website? Let us know in the comment box!

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