Monitask employee monitoring software review

Monitask Employee Monitoring Software Review: Features And Pricing

Monitask is an employee monitoring platform for freelancers and businesses. With Monitask, businesses can access keypad and mouse activity, detailed reports, app usage over the internet, track screenshots of the employee, online timesheets, and more. It is the best employee tracking solution which is designed to manage remote teams and track employee productivity more efficiently. To analyze the productivity of your employees, managers can access the timesheet reports using their activity log. Moreover, it comes with project management features, employee screenshots during working hours, and a live unified dashboard. Here. You will learn everything about Monitask. Let’s get into it!

What is Monitask?

Monitask is a productivity and tracking monitoring tool that is developed for businesses that hire remote teams. It comes with great features like tools for robust reporting, time logging, app usage tracker, and screenshot function. This tool is created to empower employee efficiency. The working hours of employees are recorded with Monitask from start to last minute. It allows the managers to monitor the performance of their team with the help of random screenshots, online application usage, and keyboard and mouse activity. This tracking tool makes it easy for the team leads to ensure that their team members have spent all working hours on work. This way, employees are driven to become more productive because they know that their contribution and time are monitored by the management.

Overview of Monitask benefits

Accurate time tracking

These employee monitoring tools help the companies to ensure that their employees are spending their precious time on assigned tasks and not waste their time on unproductive activities. Managers can monitor their activities and work progress with keyboard-mouse activity and random screenshots. They can get the whole picture of how their team members are spending their time at the workplace.

The time tracking functionality of this software is accurate and shows the managers what their team is doing. This helps the companies bill your employees precisely, which motivates them to spend their time on their tasks. The accurate billing explains to more productive working hours, which outcomes in more tasks getting done.

A screenshot of monitask time tracking feature

Know apps that push and impede productivity

At the workplace, it is essential to deploy and use applications that hasten your daily tasks. This monitoring tool helps you generate reports to check which apps or tools your remote team is using. Even you can also see which app is really helpful for your team and increase their productivity ratio. Managers can also customize their reports to reveal how many times an employee uses the same program or app. This software also shows you which app or program is encouraging productivity and which one is setting back your work progress. In short, it shows you which app you should use to get more value from your employees.

Project management capabilities

This software is more than just monitoring productivity and tracking time; it can also be used to manage your projects. You can create the project in a few clicks, assign tasks to your team and monitor your team’s progress within a platform.

A screenshot of Monitask project management feature.

What problems will Monitask solve?

Low employee productivity

It is a powerful tool that comes with a productivity analysis feature that monitors the performance of your employees. User can identify the employees that are not performing well via app tracking. When the managers have this information, they can find ways to help their employees be motivated and train these low-key performers to improve productivity. 

Inefficient time tracking

Time is the most valuable resource for all businesses. If the employees waste their time, it is equivalent to the lost opportunity for growth. That’s why companies always ensure that every working hour is spent efficiently and result in increased productivity. Monitask has automatic time tracking features. This way, managers can use automated timesheets to ensure that productivity at the workplace is maximized. 

Monitoring remote teams

These days, hiring remote employees is the new norm. Companies often hire employees around the globe, and it becomes more difficult to monitor the activities of your remote employees from the office. When you hire employees from different countries, the time zone difference makes it quite challenging for these companies to increase employee productivity. Monitask has resolved this issue with a real-time dashboard, random screenshots, and screen monitoring features. 

Key functionalities of Monitask time tracking software

Interactive dashboard 

This software helps you track the activity of your team through activity levels, usage of the internet, and screenshots.

Auto-track projects 

The software enables the managers to track the status of the ongoing project and stay updated about the assigned tasks’ progress. 

Monitor employee screen

This desktop monitoring software helps the managers in tracking and monitoring the assigned tasks. They can also get important insights through screenshots during working hours.

Facilitate project management

It allows the employers to assign tasks and see how much time an employee spent on each project.

Detailed reports

Monitask allows you to create detailed reports about the productivity of your team.

Track the working hours of your team

With Monitask, you can track the working hours of your employees.



Compatible platforms for Monitask 

This employee productivity software is available for download on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. This employee productivity software is not compatible with mobile devices. It is basically a web-based tool that you can use anywhere and anytime without installing it. Here’s how it works.

  • First off, create an account on it
  • Invite your employees and add them to its account
  • Ask your employees to download it on their desktop system.
  • Assign tasks to your employees
  • Now you can track their productivity and how much they spent time on each task.

Monitask pricing

The pricing of this employee monitoring software is available on request. You need to reach out to their team to get further details about Monitask. You can reach out to their team via email, phone, and others. The customer services team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Its pricing depends on how many users will use it and on the basis of its monthly subscription. It comes with a free trial, and the starting price is $4.99 per user.

A screenshot of monitask pricing

Monitask iOS

Monitask is not available on iOS and Android devices. It only supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems. It works on different operating systems and helps you maximize your team productivity. This software comes with automatic updates, and its user-friendly interface will allow you to start working more efficiently. 

How to track employee computer activity with Monitask and Monitask timeline by weeks?

Want to know how Monitask works to track the activity of your employees. Monitask comes with ten days free trial-means; you can sign up for free to check how it works. 

  1. First of all, you need to create an account on Monitask.
  2. Invite your in-house and remote team to join Monitask. Head to your dashboard and hit the; invite your team’ option and add the email address of your employees. This software allows you to add an unlimited number of team members to your Monitask account. 
  3. Now, ask your team members to start time tracking. All they need to download a time tracking application and use it to track how many hours they work on a project during working hours. The administration and company owners don’t need to install it. They can access the dashboard in real-time via the web.
  4. The next step is to assign projects using its project management feature. Managers can assign projects to their team and review how many hours they work on assigned projects. 
  5. Once you assign the task, you can check proof of work and time spent on each task by using the live dashboard. You can even review their activity levels, time entries, internet usage, and screenshots.
  6. Managers can get in-depth insights (Monitask timeline by weeks) using this tracking software.

Monitask timeline by weeks

Monitask helps you analyze time across your organization. It generates detailed reports after using it for several weeks. This way, you can analyze how much your team is productive and other processes and identify the issues that decrease your employees’ productivity. 

How Monitask help businesses solve their important problems?

When you monitor your remote teams, you are actually doing some activities that help you improve employees’ engagement, transparency of your company, and security. This monitoring software has a variety of tools that help companies solve their important problems. Here’s how Monitask helps them:

Screenshot monitoring

At random intervals, it captures screenshots during working hours which gives the employers an idea of what their team is doing at the moment.

A representation of monitask screenshot monitoring feature

Live dashboard

Managers can see their activity in real-time.

Time tracking

It calculates the house automatically means you have no need to have manual timesheets. 

Compatible with almost all operating systems 

It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

App monitoring 

It helps to review how much time your team spent on each task and app.

Productivity and activity monitoring

Managers can check the activity level of each employee that helps them identify the employees with poor productivity.

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