ClickCease Top 25 Ways How To Increase Sales On Etsy
Top 25 ways how to make sales on Etsy

Top 25 Ways How To Increase Sales On Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace that allows entrepreneurs to connect with potential buyers. All Etsy store owners are trying to get more sales on Etsy. However, the competition is very tough since the number of sellers in this marketplace has increased nearly 3 times compared to 2019. Plus, the sellers themselves are very competitive in selling their products. So, if you are trying to find ways to make sales on Etsy, you’ve come to the right page. Whether you are a newbie or have been selling on Etsy for a while, the tips we will show you will help you nourish your business. 

25 ways you can increase sales on Etsy

Get your shop and listings noticed in these 25 tips we’ve listed.

Take eye-catching product images

In most cases, the first impression lasts. One way to make sales on Etsy is to provide potential buyers with high-quality product images. To create captivating product photos on Etsy, prioritize natural lighting, maintain a clean background, and showcase products from various angles. Use minimal props, highlight critical features, and ensure consistency in style. Experiment with compositions, edit photos lightly and include lifestyle shots. Adhere to Etsy’s guidelines for photo size and usage. These strategies attract customers and drive sales effectively.

You don’t need a DSLR camera to capture high-quality photos. You can capture your product with your smartphone using natural light, such as the lighting in the early morning or late afternoon or even the light from a thin curtain. You must get your products’ best angles to show their features and beauty.

Moreover, you can edit your product images to correct the colors, make them brighter, or adjust their contrast. Take note that when uploading images, they should be in the correct size with a suitable resolution to prevent them from slowing down when customers view them. 

Write an enticing product description

By providing potential buyers with compelling product descriptions, you are giving them reasons why they should purchase your products. When adding products to an Etsy store, consider market demand, uniqueness, target audience, quality, pricing, listing optimization, product variations, seasonality, shipping, and feedback. Consider what makes your products unique and special from others— and how your products can help your customers. Your descriptions should be clear, concise, and convincing. 

Make use of Etsy Advertising

Although it will cost you money, another way to make sales on Etsy is to utilize Etsy ads. By running an Etsy ad, you can drive traffic to your shop and promote your products in front of the right people. Before you run an ad, you can plan on offering great deals but make sure the cost doesn’t outweigh your profit.

Incorporate Etsy with social media

Your social media accounts can be a powerful tool for making sales on Etsy. By creating engaging and compelling content, you can connect with potential buyers, build a solid online presence, and reach a wider audience. You can post content that benefits your audience. For example, if you sell women’s clothing, you can post content about styling tips.

For an Etsy business, social media content ideas include showcasing products, sharing behind-the-scenes moments, posting customer testimonials, providing DIY tutorials, promoting seasonal offers, hosting Q&A sessions, organizing contests or giveaways, featuring user-generated content, collaborating with other brands or influencers, announcing flash sales, and staying updated on industry trends.

A strategic approach to social media can enhance customer retention and brand loyalty by maintaining consistent engagement, offering personalized communication, providing exclusive promotions, delivering efficient customer support, encouraging user-generated content, sharing educational material, and implementing loyalty programs. These strategies foster stronger relationships, increase repeat purchases, and cultivate a loyal customer base.

In this way, when your audience is ready to make a purchase, your brand may be the first thing that comes to their mind. If you are not sure what else you can post on social media, you can have a social media virtual assistant who can handle it for you. 

Use Etsy SEO

Similar to general online SEO, Etsy SEO increases the visibility of your shop and products. This means finding the right keywords and using them in your titles, tags, and descriptions. When you make your listings search engine friendly, you’ll attract potential buyers and increase your chance of making sales on Etsy. 

Give freebies to customers

Customers are more likely to purchase products when a certain brand offers a personalized experience. So, it will be best to give your buyers a small gift or a freebie to let them know how much you appreciate their support of your brand. In this way, you are providing your buyers with a good reason to come back and purchase your product. 

Use email marketing for long-term customers

One way to increase your sales on Etsy is email marketing. Sending email campaigns can help you keep your customers updated with your new products, offers, and promotions and can also improve your Etsy Shop’s visibility. Moreover, your Etsy shop will be the first one to pop up in their minds when they need the item that you sell. Encourage them to sign up for your mailing list and persuade them of the benefits they can get upon signing up. 

Consider free shipping

Offering free shipping is crucial for online shoppers as it saves costs, provides transparency, offers convenience, enhances perceived value, gives a competitive edge, and can boost conversion rates. Customers find purchases more affordable and attractive with no additional fees, simplifying the shopping process and increasing trust and satisfaction.



Free shipping can attract potential buyers to purchase products from your Etsy shop. Moreover, as of 2019, Etsy prioritizes product listings that offer free shipping over $35 or more, which will undoubtedly improve your search ranking and can help you increase sales. 

Create product bundles

Creating bundle deals on Etsy expands keyword reach, boosts sales, and enhances visibility by cross-promoting related products, offering better value to customers, optimizing keywords for search, and utilizing promotional opportunities.

By creating product bundles, you can increase your sales of individual items over time. Bundling attracts attention, encourages purchases, and improves customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales and brand reputation. You can partner a best-selling item with items that don’t sell well, but make sure your bundles make sense. This way, you can make a customer buy more than one product in a single transaction, increasing your average order value.

Write blog articles

Your main goal is to make your website visible to search engines and social media platforms and bring visitors to your Etsy shop. When customers seek items, you can position your brand as an expert and provide potential buyers with the necessary information. 

Provide return, refund, and shipping policy

Most potential buyers read return, refund, and shipping policies before purchasing a product. For that reason, as a seller, ensure you provide these policies in your Etsy shop in a customer-friendly, understandable, and easy-to-read way.

To improve underperforming products on Etsy, sellers should analyze feedback, adjust pricing, optimize listings, enhance product quality, expand marketing efforts, offer special deals, diversify the product range, and monitor results for iterative improvements.

Add multiple payment options

According to a study, 7% of online buyers abandon shopping carts because they don’t have enough payment options. Therefore, as an Etsy seller, make sure to take advantage of Etsy Payments, which allows you to provide payment options for buyers. This includes credit cards, debit/bank cards, Etsy Gift Cards and Etsy Credits, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 

Create scarcity in your products

One tactic for making sales on Etsy is creating scarcity for your products. Your customers will be more engaged in your products if the quantity of your best-selling items is small since they will perceive that the items are almost sold out. So, if they do not act as soon as possible, they’ll miss the chance to buy that best-selling item.

Add relevant categories and attributes

By categorizing and adding attributes to your products on Etsy, Etsy can match your products with the right buyers and give your listings a better chance of being visible in search results. The more people see your products in search results, the more chances you have of making sales on Etsy.

Sellers should optimize critical sections of their shop page to enhance their ranking and visibility on Etsy. This includes the shop title, announcement, policies, about section, banner, sections, product listings, featured listings, updates, and social media links. Focusing on these areas can boost customer engagement, trust, and sales.

Providing helpful answers to FAQs on an Etsy shop is also crucial for enhancing the customer experience, reducing customer service inquiries, building trust and credibility, ensuring clarity and transparency, improving search visibility, and serving as an educational resource for customers. By addressing common questions upfront, you streamline the shopping process, demonstrate expertise, and foster trust, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Promote user-generated content

One of the best ways to make sales on Etsy is to post a photo of customer reviews of your product, product reviews from influencers, and an image or video of your customer using your product. Product reviews impact SEO and conversion rates on Etsy by providing fresh content with relevant keywords, enhancing social proof, increasing user engagement, building customer trust, and providing valuable feedback. Positive reviews improve SEO by attracting more organic traffic and increasing conversion rates as potential customers trust your products more.

Encouraging reviews and addressing feedback can lead to higher visibility, credibility, and sales performance on Etsy. Using UCG (user-generated content) is an effective way to do this since it represents the word-of-mouth referral that customers trust. Approximately 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses.

Distribute coupon codes through social media

Attract new sales by providing discounts via coupon codes to your social media shop followers! This can increase your engagement in social media, and it drives traffic at the same time.

Have a separate website for your brand

Aside from having an Etsy shop, your brand should have a website for potential buyers to see your brand verified in the online world. On your website, share important information about your products and add all the details about your product listing with relevant keywords to help you drive traffic from search engines.



Research about successful Etsy sellers

Researching successful Etsy sellers can help you skyrocket your business. By studying them, you’ll understand why they have succeeded in your niche, and you can apply your research to your Etsy shop. Remember that to be successful, you have to be aligned with the competition. 

Have a product pricing strategy

It is very important to deliver a competitive price while keeping your business profitable. Etsy provides a pricing worksheet that helps you develop a product pricing strategy. Sellers can also target three main groups: existing customers, prospective customers, and lookalike audiences.

Existing customers can be reached through personalized recommendations and loyalty offers. Prospective customers can be targeted via retargeting ads and informative content. Lookalike audiences are reached by analyzing existing customer traits and targeting similar audiences with tailored messaging and offers.

Researching about your competitors’ pricing strategy can be helpful but you have to take note that having the lowest price is not always the best since customers are willing to pay more for quality products.

Provide discounts on abandoned Etsy shopping carts

You can send coupon codes for shoppers about to leave their shopping cart. Through coupon codes, you can change their mind and convince them again to buy the products using a coupon code.

Craft a branding that customers will love

Aside from creating a logo, shop name, and business card design, branding is everything that customers feel whenever they interact with your shop. As an Etsy seller, you should create branding to impress your target customer. Remember that branding is one of the most critical factors of success for a business.

Evaluate your store performance

Evaluate and analyze your store performance to adjust your strategy and improve sales.

Measuring social media success involves tracking metrics like reach, engagement, follower growth, CTR, conversion rate, sentiment analysis, social listening, content performance, audience demographics, and ROI. These metrics offer insights into visibility, interaction, audience perception, trends, and effectiveness in achieving business objectives.

Regular tracking informs optimization for success. Evaluating your top traffic source is to know where your potential buyers are coming from and to identify which of your marketing efforts work for you.

Share your story

Tell your story in a way that inspires your Etsy shoppers to want to support you. However, you have to keep it brief and clear. Share why you started, what inspires your items, and why you keep going.

Attach a Thank You letter

It is said that 81% of customers are likely to purchase a product if the packaging is nicely made. So, take advantage of this by attaching a thank you card when packing your customer’s orders.

Sellers can prompt reviews on Etsy by offering excellent service, including thank-you notes, sending follow-up emails with review links, offering incentives, educating on review importance, setting clear expectations, streamlining the process, sending gentle reminders, and showing appreciation. These strategies encourage customers to share their experiences, boosting shop credibility.

Not only can you put a smile on your customers’ faces but also an opportunity for your brand to be noticed by many. Don’t forget to pack their packages neatly and impressively.

Decorate your Etsy store on big holidays

Decorate your Etsy store with festive vibes on major holidays such as Christmas, Black Friday, or New Year. By doing this, you can make your customers get interested in purchasing products from your store. In addition, don’t forget to add the festive attribute to your products to help you optimize SEO and increase its visibility.


As the competition on Etsy becomes tough, it is crucial to know how to make your brand stand out and how to make customers purchase your products. So, whether you are a beginner seller on Etsy or a long-term seller, go ahead and apply this list to help you make sales on Etsy. 

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