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Social Media Manager & Management Services
Top 1% Trained Virtual Assistants Starting At $7 - $9 Per Hour


Top 1% of trained agents

Our social media managers are the top l% of trained specialists in managing platforms such as Facebook, O Twitter, Linkedln, Instagram, YouTube and many more.

Goals oriented

We focus on your goals and what you’re looking to do for your business. Whether you want us to get more leads and sales or increase brand awareness, we will work around your needs.

Rigorous 120 point test

We require our social media managers to take and pass at least 90% of a 120+ question test for aptitude, comprehension, market research, goal setting and KPIs for results.

Understanding customer empathy

We will learn who your customer avatar is and we will learn their language. We will post content that will speak to your customer’s inner core to get them to react with your business.

How We Work

All of our content is 100% uniquely created through Canva

We will help you generate more qualified customers knocking on your door through our uniquely created content. Your social media manager is trained on creating marketing angles that will invoke curiosity towards your business.

Types Of Content

Blog Articles







Helpful Hints

Did you now that
over 75% of adults use social media networking sites to browse and check reviews of products before they make a purchase decision?

Did you know that
viewers who “like” a company’s online video are 90% more likely to make a purchase from the company in the future?

If you’re not actively
posting and engaging with your customers on social media, you are going to lose business to your competitors who do! 

Imagine all of the
hard work you’ve put into running advertising, word of mouth, email marketing and talking to clients all day on zoom just to lose a client because you’re not active on social media.

content and examples

Expertly Trained Social Media Managers

Imagine spending upwards of 14 hours a day managing your social media!

Replying to customers

Reaching out to potential customers

Memes Engaging with comments

Posting engaging content every 2-3 hours

Checking your inbox on messenger for inquiries

And much more …

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