Appointment Setters For Your Business

Appointment Setters / Closers For Your Business

Starting at $6 – $8 per Hour

Starting at $6 – $8 per Hour

Phone Services

Cold Calling

Inbound Calling

Outbound Calling

Appointment Setting

Calendar Schedule

Onboarding New Recruits

Data Processing

Call Training & Monitoring

We’ve helped companies like Horizon Pacific Staffing 8.3X their business within 2-3 months after using our appointment setting services.

Horizon Pacific needed to reach out to their ideal clients over the phones. They were doing the task themselves until they’ve hired our services here at Stealth Agents. We were able to put a team of 2 appointment setters which helped them bring in their first contracted client within the first 2 weeks. Since then, they’ve grown to over 8-10X in business using Stealth Agents.

We’ve helped clients like …

We’ve helped clients like …

Most Sales People Don’t Do!

  • 40% Of Sales People Never Follow Up With A Prospect
  • 25% Of Sales People Make A Second Contact And Stop
  • 12% Of Sales People Only Make Three Contacts And Stop
  • Only 10% Of Sales People Make More Than Three Contacts
  • 2% Of Sales Are Made On The First Contact
  • 3% Of Sales Are Made On The Second Contact
  • 10% Of Sales Are Made on The Forth Contact
  • 80% Of Sales Are Made On The Fifth To Twelfth Contact

Source : National Sales Executive Association

If you are not following up with your prospects and only make the first, second or third contact you MAY be losing out on sales and opportunities. Let our team of qualified appointment setters help you follow up and continuously reach out to potential prospects on a daily basis!

Our Agents Worked For big companies like …

We hire only the top 1% of agents that we process through our hiring systems

Having ONLY the BEST of the BEST will ensure that your campaign is a success


After signing up, one of our client success managers will reach out to you to discuss your business.

We will figure out a solution to how many agents you need for your tasks

We will grab one of our top performing agents onto your call campaign

We do not charge anything upfront. All hours worked will be invoiced the week after

You will receive KPI sheets, daily reports as well as weekly reports with call feedbacks.

All communication will be live through Skype or your channel of choice

Let Stealth Agents help you find the BEST call team for your business and let’s help you scale!