Pros and cons of digital marketing

The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the many services that entrepreneurs often choose to outsource. As digital marketing evolves, it becomes increasingly challenging for non-marketers to keep up with the latest developments and master aspects such as SEO, online advertising, newsletter marketing, and web analytics.

Since entrepreneurs aim to accomplish more than time allows, outsourcing digital marketing tasks is often their best option. However, while outsourcing offers many benefits, there are also potential drawbacks to consider.

To understand the full picture, let’s dive into the most common pros and cons of outsourcing digital marketing, as shared by entrepreneurs and professionals. For more insights on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, check out our guide on entrepreneur disadvantages.

Pros of outsourcing digital marketing

Check out these 9 common pros of outsourcing digital marketing.


It will be more cost-effective to hire an outsourced firm for a long-term contract than to hire an in-house staff. They will ensure your success by implementing the solutions you have paid for. You won’t have to spend any more money to achieve your digital marketing goals. It would be ideal to decide if you have a pre-planned budget for your digital marketing strategy. Furthermore, you have the power to select their pricing plans and other subscriptions that are appropriate for your business. You can choose the features and services that will fulfill your expectations once you’ve chosen the proper digital marketing outsourcing agency.

Zack Elliott, Chief Marketing Advisor at Radio Caca (RACA)

Expertise from professionals

Outsourcing partners have experienced experts who have in-depth knowledge and skill in the domain in which they are engaged in the process. When you trust them with your digital marketing campaign, they will make use of the most up-to-date tools and technologies to deliver an exceptional result to you. The best outcomes are achieved by the application of their previous experience with smart inventions.

Furthermore, as professionals, they understand how to deal with situations professionally without negatively impacting the success rate. They can help you streamline every digital marketing activity so that you can take advantage of the vast majority of growth chances available to your company.

Sumit Bansal, Founder, and CEO of TrumpExcel

Training requirements are minimal

You will need to give the agency with information about your firm, but no additional training is required. Whenever something happens in the realm of digital marketing (for example, when Google updates its algorithm or a social media site offers a new feature), you can expect on your digital marketing business to cover training for its personnel.

Veronica Miller, Cybersecurity Expert at VPN Overview

Innovative concepts

A digital marketing agency’s experts may have fresh ideas. They will work together to produce concepts that no one person could generate alone, improving your marketing efforts. Getting ideas from your team might create an echo chamber, especially if everyone has a similar background or your team is small.

Kevin Cook, Chief Product Owner of TrackRight

Establishes your industry connections

You can build networks by outsourcing. They can quite easily put you in contact with influencers and ensure your content finds its way to the right editors and publications.

Darryl Higgins, Founder of Athlete Desk



Better output but less management

Outsourcing digital marketing means you don’t have to manage them manually from your side. Everything will be taken care of by the people you hire – from goal setting up to campaign management. You just need to check in a few times to ensure that the results match your expectations.

Sarah Davis, Founder, Motherhood HQ


As it happens when you outsource pretty much anything in your business, handing off all the digital marketing tasks to an outsourced team allows you to focus on other areas of the business that may require more of your time. Besides, it keeps you from spending your valuable time learning how to run reports or learning new skills regarding digital marketing.

Sharon Van Donkelaar, Chief Marketing Officer at Expandi

Get you good results

Dedicated and targeted marketing campaigns that yielded results much faster and more effectively. Outsourcing digital marketing led me to understand my target audience and enhance customer experience.

Alex Bryce, Co-founder at WeInvoice

Relieves stress

As a business owner, outsourcing digital marketing is a massive stress reliever. With so many aspects to running a business, having the marketing aspect in the hands of a reliable marketing agency is extremely helpful. On the other hand, you may experience slight hiccups in the initial process as the agency learns your brand style and voice. Overall it’s worth it, though.

Joe Schwimmer, CEO of Optics Force

Disadvantages of outsourcing marketing

Here are the common possible cons that you need to be aware of when outsourcing digital marketing.

Problems with accessibility and availability

It is far easier to keep track of people who operate under your supervision than it is to keep track of outsourced professionals. Time, geographic, and technological incompatibilities can all have an impact on workplace productivity.

This is a typical disadvantage, and it causes many projects to be delayed as a result. The person who will be the point of contact for all contacts and collaborations should be assigned to ensure that all documentation is completed on time and within budget. It simplifies the process of gaining access to items without experiencing any delays due to availability or connectivity.

Marc Stitt, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of FMX

Putting company’s reputation at stake

When it comes to gaining recognition in the industry, a brand’s reputation is the most important factor to consider. outsourcing digital marketing can have an impact on it. Because the activities entail direct engagement with clients in a variety of situations, it is important to hire professionals who can represent your company in a professional manner.

Jasen Edwards, Performance Coach and Sales Expert at Agent Advice

Hidden charges

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies that impose hidden fees that end up costing you an arm and a leg in the end. Management expenditures, coordination with contractors, changes in order, and a variety of other expenses are included in the cost. As a result, before engaging the services of any agency, ensure that you inquire about any hidden fees that may be charged.



Tanner Arnold, President & CEO of Revelation Machinery

You’re not their only client

Effective marketing agencies and freelancers are never without a client. You’re probably one of their many clients, and unless you’re the first, you’d probably alter your schedule to fit theirs rather than vice versa. You’re not sure what priority you have and how much time they can devote to initiatives you desire.

Jay Soni, Marketing Director of Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Can never learn how to work the ropes

Another is that you may become so dependent on outsourcing your business operations that you might never learn how to handle bad experiences with a VA and work the ropes in your business. Outsourcing digital marketing can help lighten the load but business owners should remember that they still should know how to man their own ships.

Sherry Morgan, Founder of Petsolino

Risk of incompetence

Incompetence is one of the major hazards that you face when you employ marketing teams online. Outsourcing digital marketing may be a gamble, and you can’t be confident of the quality of work they will provide until you undertake adequate screening.

Vishesh Raisinghani, Financial Expert at PiggyBank

Brand inconsistency

If you change agencies frequently, your company’s brand image will be inconsistent. As a result, you must ensure that you work with the same agency for an extended period of time. This will ensure that your brand’s image remains consistent.

David Wurst, Owner and CEO at Webcitz

Lack of control

You may find that you miss having complete control over your website and digital marketing campaigns. When you hire an agency, they will take the wheel and do whatever they see fit to improve your results. You may not like their methods or think they should use a different approach.

Clint Sanchez, Owner of BlakSheep Creative

Unable to understand the company culture

We’ve found that finding an agency that understands our business and culture can be tough. As a result, we end up with a campaign that doesn’t fit with our brand. It is becoming more common that agencies are unable to understand the dynamics of startups and the culture of startups in general.

Sam Cohen, CMO of MyFreeOCR


Digital marketing is all about building your brand’s online presence.


Now that you’ve seen the benefits and possible cons of outsourcing digital marketing, it is important for business owners or entrepreneurs like you to have the time to pick the right help that will take your brand to the next level.


In addition, following the best practices for outsourcing will definitely help you achieve success. 

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