HappyFox help desk customer support software review

HappyFox Help Desk Customer Support Software Review

HappyFox is a cloud-based help desk software that comes with built-in features and provides multi-channel support for the customer.

Keeping customers and users happy is essential when it comes to get success and enhance your organization’s credibility. If your company is selling products, you could be a part of the help desk team. Or, you could be an IT executive operating a support desk for an in-house user base. You typically face the two kinds of situations that are generally the same as are the goals. It means your users of services have some issues, and you need to solve these issues as quickly as possible and keep people happy. If your IT department has a good help desk platform, it can get a better handle on all these issues faced by the users and shorten the overall time from compliance to issue resolution. That’s why help desk software like a HappyFox Help Desk is the backbone of a well-run support desk and is a key consideration for business owners. Providing good help desk support is one of the top priorities of any company, whether it is SMB (small to midsize business) or a large enterprise. Fortunately, there is a wide range of help desk software available to choose from, and the Happyfox help desk is one of them. In this article, you will learn more about this help desk customer support software. 

HappyFox help desk

Its features include task management, ticketing, knowledge management, and asset management as well. It helps to support customer requests that are coming from the phone, email, web, and social media. You can use automation features and recurring tickets that help you improve the response time of customer support. The other most popular features are bulk actions, ticket templates, work schedules, real-time reporting, and canned responses. The best thing about this help desk tool is that it offers an instinctive interface and is easy to set up. This help desk software can integrate with other business applications for customer feedback, customer relationship management, accounting, and commerce. Its app is also available on Apple, Google Play, and Windows that help you provide support through mobile devices and tablets. The knowledge base articles and community forums act as self-service support.

When it comes to helping desk software, HappyFox is a powerhouse. It is user-friendly and provides the best and well-thought-out interfaces. In short, it has all the support functionality one could need. But one downside to this help desk software is that its pricing plan is twice the starting point for the premium plan with its competitors like Zoho and Freshdesk. Both of these customer support software offers a free service level. However, it is pricey, but it is an easy pick for the editor’s choice title, which it shares with its competitors.

It offers a free trial but doesn’t offer any free trial. Its pricing starts at $29.00 per month. The best feature of HappyFox is its ticket management which is based on priority. It organizes the tickets in pre-determined conditions. This way, each queue is managed logically. It also provides email templates that help you manage repetitive queries. You can even customize these email templates to ensure that you provide the relevant responses. It offers the standard security features of the industry to store and manage the data of your users. 

HappyFox features

HappyFox offers a wide of features, including ticket management, automated email support, customer self-service, reporting and analysis, integration and connections, internal collaboration, and mass reply and mail linking.

Ticket management

With HappyFox, you can initiate the incoming tickets in a variety of ways. Your staff or even the users can create the tickets directly. You can convert your email traffic to more than one designated address automatically into the tickets. The categorization is based on the targeted address. 

Once the email is converted to a ticket, a proper status is assigned to it. This process is automated through various tools. Its support system creates a timeline of all these replies on the ticket, which shows the ticket’s current status and your activity history. This way, you know what the customers have asked and what is left to be done.

A screenshot of happyfox ticketing management feature

Automate email support

This help desk and ticketing software enable workflow automation using the smart rules so that replies and repetitive tasks need not be managed by support agents. It automates email support by categorizes assigns and replies to emails that are based on the requirements. 

A screenshot of happyfox email support feature

Customer self-service

It provides customer self-service with tools that help you build and maintain a knowledge base so that customers can find the answers to the questions without creating a ticket. This feature also tells you which articles are the most viewed. The customers can even mark articles as helpful. This can potentially identify areas in which additional information should be provided in order to cut down on customer service calls.

A screenshot of happyfox knowledge bage page

Reporting and analysis

The most important resource for the ticket management system is to get deep insights from the customer’s data. You need to monitor your support staff, what kind of ticket is being reported, and which customers have more support needs. These are the key factors that you can use to manage your business more proficiently. But some situations have SLA implications in terms of response time. For instance, extreme time window before issues is intensified to possible monetary penalties or expensive resources go into effect. So reporting and performance analytics are crucial for such scenarios.

A screenshot of happyfox reporting and analysis feature

Integrations and connections

At one time, this cloud base help desk software was the only software in terms of easy integration on the digital sphere. Over time, web apps have matured, and there are a lot of alternatives to HappyFox. It still offers integrations with various CRM (customer relationship management) solutions and SSO providers (single sign-on). It is unable to compete in categories SMS, analytics, and chat. 

Mail linking and mass reply 

You have no need to copy and paste the same reply to all the emails if they ask the same question. It has a mass reply feature that allows you to respond to several tickets at one go. Sounds fab, right? Moreover, it offers a mail linking feature that means you can merge and split tickets that let you stay on top of all email communication.

Internal collaboration

It also offers internal collaboration means you can collaborate internally when replying to emails using its private note feature. This email support tool allows you to add notes on each ticket that will not be accessible to the customers. This way, you can discuss with your team and resolve the issue more quickly.

HappyFox help desk reviews


  • According to one user, this internal tool is very useful when it comes to tracking maintenance requests and services within the company. It provides the best tracking services out there with greater transparency.
  • One user recommended this software to an organization that is looking for a great support tool for their business.
  • Using this helpdesk software is incredibly useful because it allows your teams to delegate tasks and communicate efficiently between individuals.
  • It offers best in class ticket management and assets management functionalities.
  • One user uses this software for his organization, and he loves its custom features. They‘re simple and easy to communicate with the customers.


Some reviewers left negative reviews too, which are given below:



  • The key integration points are missing in this software
  • It is pricy as compared to its competitors and offers no free tier.
  • The newest features are only limited to top tiers-means it starts with limited features.
  • According to one user, you can easily get lost in this help desk tool because it is not easy to understand who is receiving what.

In short, it is a great tool for managing tickets, but it does not offer key integration options as its competitors do. Moreover, it is pricey, and it is no brainer to give it an editor’s choice designation.

Happyfox help desk contact emails

It helps to gather contact emails from leading email marketing tool Campayn and push or pull them from Campayn to Happyfox with a single click. Its integration with the campaign allows you to have sync between these apps so that you will not be disconnected between the help desk contacts and email marketing contacts. You can handle all your customer requests related to sales or support from a single help desk interface. You can have all the emails from Outlook, Gmail, and other email providers and convert them into tickets. Further, you can prioritize the tickets for your support agents to respond to or assign them to other teams.


However, it is a little pricier, but its users are pleased with this software due to the effectiveness of its ticket handling solution. We can compare it with other best-in-class software like Freshservice and Vivantio Pro. With this software, you will shorten response time and bring order to your support processes with its self-service knowledge base and robust ticket management system.

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