Prohance global operations management platform review

ProHance Global Operations Management Platform Review

ProHance is what you need to monitor, improve work efficiency and maintain a work-life balance for your staff. It is an omnichannel management platform that all medium-sized businesses use across their mail service and back-office operations. It provides real-time visibility that enables you to see how your teams are engaged. These actionable analytics help the business make its process more efficient and customer-centric. This way, companies can allocate their resources more effectively and make better decisions with agility. In this guide, you will learn at what is ProHance and how does this software works. Let’s get into it!

What is ProHance?

ProHance is operation management software that provides operation visibility in real-time. This monitoring software is specifically built for businesses and helps them boost their operations. Moreover, it helps increase your team’s productivity and ensure that all their daily tasks are aligned. Users can also prioritize the tasks according to their skill sets and time parameters. Your employee can also check the analytics and insights for a better understanding of your customers. It comes with attendance capture, timesheets, and work output reports that help large enterprises keep track of their tasks in progress.

It offers a screen recording feature that enables the employees to keep proof of completed tasks. The insights you get by using this operation management platform can help you determine how you can get the highest potential by maximizing your digital investments and human capital. The key modules that ProHance offers include workflow management, advanced analytics, screen recording, and work output.

How does ProHance software work?

ProHance is a management platform that monitors the metrics in real-time that can affect the overall productivity of your employees. It helps to keep track of the activities that your employees carry out during office timing. Moreover, it also analyzes the work behaviors of your employees that help you understand how productive your staff is. This software generates productivity reports that can track employee performance; identify the potential issues of your employees’ productivity that lead to increase productivity at the workplace. It records plenty of metrics in real-time that include login and logout, active and idle time, attendance, websites and URLs, username, social platform use, computer name, productive and unproductive time, and document and software use.

How does ProHance help?

Manage real-time

It has helped the continuous challenges of large enterprises by deploying work-from-home solutions. It allows fast integration that can be done in less than 5 days with your system and follow the compliance requirements and data security. 

Get insights 

Users can get a real-time view of how much their teams are productive and engaged with daily assigned tasks. This way, the team leader can see deep insights, rich data, and smart analytics. By getting deep insights, you can make better decisions in order to manage your teams more effectively.

Run operations seamlessly 

This software causes less disruption that enables you to run your operations seamlessly. It comes with great capabilities such as attendance capture and an automated timesheet that provides the users wide-ranging visibility across locations, teams, applications, time dimensions, and users. It ultimately empowers the managers with deep insights and actionable info that make sure that core operating metrics are met.

ProHance pricing

Its starting price is $8 per user for a month. It offers multiple modules, and its pricing is based on the activated modules. The base module named ‘work time’ is available at $8 per month for a single user. Other modules are workflow, work output, lean management, and asset optimization. You need to pay $4 to $8 more to access the other modules. It is based on the modules that you select. The best thing about this operation management platform is that it comes with a free trial. 

Benefits of ProHance 

Increase work productivity

This software helps you maintain your journals, bookkeeping, data entry, and attendance in a contemporary way. The traditional practices offer less efficient and time taking processes. Thanks to this global management platform, that allows the users to take their companies ahead whereas streamlining the processes. It offers deep insights, workflow management, and analytics. Leaders can keep track of their employees’ ongoing tasks and overall output. Above all, it helps you build a strong communication network by managing your teams. 

More informed business decisions

The real-time insights help the managers to make informed decisions about their business. These analytics include partners spend management that identifies where you need improvements like cost, the productivity of your team, and customer support.

Improved team engagement

This software plays the role of intermediary between employees and company management. The tasks are mismanaged in companies due to a lack of communication or miscommunication. It might be due to the long chain of command that helps send messages to the other end, and it totally changes. This platform brings all stakeholders together on a single platform. It allows the team leader to assign daily tasks over this platform with instructions. They can communicate and work together as a team over this platform.

Prohance features

Time tracking

Timesheet entry with ease

It offers ease of completing timesheets. It is very intuitive and takes less time for timesheet entry. 

Tracking time-based on task or even a project

It permits the users to track time to the task or their assigned project.

Billable time rate management

It allows the administrators and employees to adjust rates that are based on task, assigned project, role, and user.

Client billing

Electronic payments

It offers electronic payment from its clients.



Revenue recognition

It can be integrated into the AP system that provides satisfactory reporting to recognize revenue.

Mobile time tracking

Time tracking

You can track the time that you have spent on assigned tasks or projects from your mobile device.


Standard integrations

It can be integrated with standard connectors such as Payroll, Finance, CRM, and HRMS systems.


The administrator can easily maintain and manage timesheets, expense reports, and invoices. 

Automated Rreminders

This software sends reminders to your workers automatically if they haven’t completed the timesheet or response reports.

Policy compliance management

The administrator can create rules that enforce expense policies and time compliances.



It helps to access dashboards, custom and pre-built reports.


It enables the users to view and carry out their businesses in multiple currencies and languages.

Reliability and performance 

It permits the users to complete their tasks in no time. They don’t need to wait for the software to respond, and they do their daily tasks.

Mobile user support

It comes with mobile user support that means you can use this software on various mobile devices like tablets and phones.


It enables the users to create and access timesheets and expense reports even when they are offline.



It offers monitor interaction with co-workers and customers.

Web usage

The administrators can monitor web usage on laptops and desktops.

Mobile app usage

With this operation management platform, you can monitor mobile app usage.


Administrators can take screenshots of multiple devices whenever they want.



Web blocking

You can block websites that can increase unproductivity or are considered irrelevant.



It provides the user the ability to log phone calls that are related to company goals.


Moreover, it provides logs of email activity to make sure it is relevant to company goals.

Social media

It also enables you to see social media activity.

Live chat

It comes with lots of live chat conversations.



Administrators can gauge the areas of improvement of their employees by checking post-call surveys.


You can develop reports that are on the logged info. This way, you can better understand the productivity of your employees.


For later reference, it provides logs and reports.



It provides tasks and activities that you can customize. 


You can set it up easily because it helps to create flows with the help of the drag and drop feature.


It helps to define dependencies about workflow and tasks.


The notification includes altering that users can use with workflow.



It enables you to update various workflows simultaneously.

Audit trail

ProHance also offers advanced management features like an audit trail. It helps you maintain all the changes you make in the workflow. 


This monitoring software can be integrated with other project management software and ERP.

Central dashboard

The central dashboard provides the users’ information and instant insights. It also provides updates on IT assets.

Asset policy management

This platform offers to implement pre-built policies and designs for onboarding, maintenance, and asset management.

Risk Management

ProHance also helps you implement push policy updates and risk management policies to multiple assets across your business network.


You can integrate with other platforms or software solutions, including software asset management and spend management.

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