Gosite crm software review

GoSite CRM Software Review: Features And Benefits

GoSite is CRM software that empowers you to have everything in one place so that you connect with your customers and do business. This cloud-based suite helps you run your business. Enhance customer engagement, collect customer feedback, and do more things that can be done with a CRM. It’s ideal for small and local businesses. Let’s learn more about this software and find out if it’s the right fit for your business.

Introducing GoSite

GoSite is a software that can help you connect your business with your customers and engage with them. It lets you connect with your customers across various digital channels. It makes it easier to let you move your small business online.

It makes everything simple from finding customers, pay for your services online and supercharge your business. You can move your storefront online, sell your services and market them anywhere and anytime.

GoSite started in 2020, it is a San Diego-based startup that is helping small and medium businesses with limited technical know-how build websites and run other functions of managing an online business such as marketing, payments, bookings, and more. It offers a one-stop shop for users in building and managing everything online. It can integrate up to 80 popular third-party services so that running an online business doesn’t feel like an impossible task.

GoSite pricing

The vendor has not provided any details about the pricing. You must contact the vendor to get a quote. GoSite has a free version so that you can try and test it and see if it suits your business. A free trial version is also available so that you may test the waters.

How can GoSite help your online business?

Knowing the answer to this question is going to change everything. Here is how this platform can help:

Build a website

A business without a website is nothing. In these COVID-19 times, it’s especially important to have an online presence. Don’t have the budget or technical knowledge to launch your website? No worries, GoSite can help.

It lets your customers find you by helping you run your services business online. Choose from the modern themes available to build the face of your website. You can even change the themes over time, it’s really very simple!

Using an easy drag and drop editor, everything will be under control. You can even build the website from your phone. Once your website is ready, GoSite lets you integrate messenger with your site, add payments and booking.

Wondering how will Google find you? That’s covered too. Your website will be optimized by this cloud platform so that visitors are able to find you and complete a purchase action. Who knew starting a business would be that simple!

A screenshot of gosite website builder feature

Integrate payments

Setting up a website is not the only important thing. What about receiving payment when a visitor turns into an actual customer? Make it easy for your customers to pay online from their smartphones, online, via text messaging, or by hand.

GoSite makes it easy to generate invoices and send them to your customers. Everything is done within seconds because it’s streamlined.

You will have complete visibility of your payments via your dashboard. You will be able to accept payments without any delays with features such as contactless payments and fast deposits.

A screenshot of gosite payments feature

Respond via messenger

Stay connected with your customers via business messaging by being wherever your customers are. GoSite lets you connect business messaging to all popular channels. You will be answering them on one platform. These are some of the methods available:

  • Use instant messaging pop-up on your website so that a visitor can send an instant message from the website directly whenever they have a question.
  • Texting is still one of the most viable channels. And people read the text messages within the first 30 minutes of receiving them.
  • Integrate GMB and let your customers connect with you by the touch of a button
  • Use automatic responses for FAQs so that your customers don’t have to wait

All your messages are brought into one dashboard. It doesn’t matter what social media channel or method of communication your customers are using, you can answer them via the GoSite dashboard and they will receive the answer via the communication method chosen. Everything happens so smoothly, nobody will notice anything.



A model of gosite messenger


If your business requires booking customers online, GoSite has got you covered. Thanks to this, you can focus on the real work instead of worrying about the schedule. Bookings can be added via the website, Facebook, GOOGLE, maps, and other popular apps.

Not only can you book appointments with one click, but you can also set reminders for customers so that they don’t forget about their commitments. What about rescheduling? Well, that can be done with a single click as well.

All you have to do is set parameters and customize the time slots of your availability. The customer will just have to select the time that and that’s it.

You can also set your calendar on autopilot by connecting the Google or Outlook calendar to automatically sync it with this software. If you would like to use another calendar app, use the GoSite API for that.

A screenshot of gosite booking feature

Manage reviews

GoSite is much more than a CRM, it can also help your business with reputation management. It is important to make the best first impression online, just as in person. GoSite can help you manage reviews on all your social media channels as well as the website from a single place.

A happy customer is not a source of revenue but it’s a great marketing opportunity. With one click, ask your customers for a review. Send them requests through email or text messages so send the requests automatically.

You can request, manage, and respond to reviews from one dashboard. Send surveys to your customers to learn how satisfied they are with your services. Then work on improving your brand and its reputation. When an issue arises, resolve it by allowing the customer to provide candid feedback and then offer a solution. Resolve the issue before it goes to the public so that your public image isn’t tarnished. Let customers develop a good rapport with you by reading reviews. These reviews won’t just help build credibility, but they will help attract new customers also.

A screenshot of gosite review management feature

Contact hub

GoSite’s cloud-based contact hub can help you stay connected with your customers. Stay on top of customer data whenever you need it. With this next-generation CRM, you can turn the customers into long-term clients.

Save all your contacts in one centralized hub and access the past booking data whenever you need it. Adding a new contact doesn’t have to be a painstaking job either.

You can also integrate Google, Outlook, and Quickbooks for developing a seamless customer management solution. Send messages, promotional offers, or set appointments with one click.

How to disconnect Freenom domain for GoSite?

To disconnect the Freenom Domain for GoSite, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Freenom
  2. Go into the Domain Panel
  3. Click “cancel domain”
  4. Then, follow the next prompts and you are done.

How to setup GoSite?

Setting up GoSite is easy. Download the app, and sign up (by choosing the free version or paid subscription).

The next steps depend on totally what you want to do with GoSite. Let’s say you would like to set up GoSite sign-in with Facebook or Google. For that, follow these easy steps:

  1. Login in to your GoSite Account
  2. Go to the dashboard
  3. Click on the profile icon and go to “my account”
  4. From there, go “Settings: and choose “Social logins
  5. Now click on the “connect with Google” and “connect Facebook” buttons
  6. Find your business pages and connect

How to cancel my GoSite subscription?

All cancelations are processed over the phone. Call 858-295-7995 and connect with the agent to cancel your service.

What is Freenom GoSite?

Freenom is a free domain provider, that’s one of its kind. The company started with the mission to bring people from different countries online and develop their digital economy. These free domains work like any other domain name. You can use it for setting up your website, blog, or email account.



Let’s say you have built a website by getting a domain from Freenom. You must be wondering can I use GoSite on this website. Absolutely!

Click here and sign in to your account via social sign-in or the standard way.


GoSite is an all-in-one solution to start your website, manage sales, and offer great customer support. You will be managing your business and its operations from a single place up. You can integrate all the best third-party applications and use them to your advantage. Most of all, you don’t need technical skills to take your business online. Learning the ropes will not take much time.

You will be glad to use GoSite because it makes everything so simple. It’s ideal for small business owners who want to create an online presence but don’t know how to get started. All the help is available at GoSite website’s resource center so you can get started right away.

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