Document360 saas platform review

Document360 SaaS Platform Review: Features And Pricing

Document360 is a knowledge base creation platform for creating a self-service portal for users and customers. It’s a highly scalable software which means as your product list expands, you can continue using it. This software puts ease at first. There is no need for a dedicated IT team for writing the support documentation. Let’s take a deeper look into this software.

About Document360

This cloud-based help desk solution is designed to help businesses across various industries in creating, collaborating, and publishing self-service knowledge bases for their products. The features it comes with include content management, product catalog, discussion boards, guided problem solving, and more.

Document360 is very simple to use and set up. With the knowledge base portal, you can create a documentation center using this software. It includes a WYSIWYG editor and Markdown editor that let you add images, videos, and callout boxes. Who knows offering support would have been so simple?

Document360 Knowledge Base

Document360’s Knowledge Base covers everything you need to know for getting started and use this software. It gives you tips on how to use this software to design a customer guide that answers all questions of your potential customers.

Features of Document360

Let’s dive into the features of this SaaS platform to understand what value it brings:

A representation of document360 features


With the documentation feature, you can create and manage knowledge base articles with out-of-the-box documentation features.

  • You can create multiple version of articles to prevent accidental changes to the content
  • With the difference viewer, get a bird’s eye view of the differences between 2 versions
  • Preview the article before publishing it
  • Localize the knowledge base in multiple languages
  • Optimize the article for search engine
  • Add the advanced search feature for making it easier to search content

Content manager

The content manager feature lets you maintain your documentation in a clean and more streamlined hierarchy. This is done by grouping your articles in a folder and organize the content up to 6 levels of categories.

Feel free to remove the categories into subcategories or vice versa. You may also hide the content category that you don’t want to show right now.


Document360 editor shifts the focus of your writer on content rather than formatting.

  • Using the markdown editor, add keyboard shortcuts on the documents and get things done quicker. Or use the HTML editor for creating articles with videos, images and add extra formatting.
  • Send alerts to your readers to highlight warnings, errors, important tips, and other information.
  • You can also create internal links to articles inside the knowledge base or the content available on the web
  • Other things you can do with the editor include file attachments, inline preview, lists, autosave, full-screen tables, and code block.


Document360 lets you create a knowledge base that aligns with your brand identity. This can be done by creating landing pages that sync with the branding style. Using custom CSS, you may also define styles for web pages, layouts, fonts, and more.

You may also upload the logo and custom favicon for reflecting the brand identity. You can also choose the color theme based on your brand colors, add menus, smart bars, and other features that help your customers identify your brand.


You can keep your documentation safe by creating backups, define roles, restrictions and stop worrying about losing data or making it corrupt.

Document360 lets you assign team roles based on the requirement. You can assign roles such as admin, editors, and readers.

Don’t worry about the content that’s missing or the articles that have been deleted. Use a manual and automated backup to retrieve old data.

When moving the document, you can import or export articles with just a single click. Protect your documents for making them visible to only your internal team.



Other security features include IP restriction, security groups, custom domain mapping, article redirection, private documentation, cookie consent, and enterprise SSO.

Document360 pricing

There are four plans offered. Let’s have a look at each of them:

Startup plan

The price of the startup plan starts at $49. It includes one knowledge base version, 5 GB storage, and two team accounts.

Business plan

The price of the business plan starts at $140 per month. It includes five team accounts, 50 GB storage, and two knowledge base versions.

Enterprise plan

The enterprise plan features 15 team accounts, 150 GB storage, and size knowledge base versions.

Enterprise plus

Contact the provider to learn more about the price of this plan. The features include 300 GB storage and 12 knowledge base versions.

A screenshot of document360 pricing plan

Document360 Auth0

Auth0 is a drop-in solution that lets you add authentication and authorization services to your app. if you have a registered account with Auth0, you have to configure Auth0 with Document360.

Keep both accounts open in different browser tabs. Then, you just have to configure Auth0 to start using both software.

A screenshot of document360 auth0

Document360 secure

For added security, Document360 has partnered with security products such as MongoDB Atlas and Algolia. Both are certified for providing TLS standard security and encryption. Your backups will be kept in secure locations.

Zoho Desk Document360

You can also integrate Zoho Desk with Document360 and take advantage of this award-winning online business, productivity, and collaboration app. It lets you manage your business and stay productive whether you are at the office or on the go.

Insert Javascript embed into Document360

You extend your knowledge base with custom style sheets and Javascript. For this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Javascript editor
  2. Go to the settings
  3. Choose Javascript snippets you would like to embed
  4. And you are done. 

Document360 insert html code

To insert customer HTML code, follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings of your dashboard
  2. Open integrations
  3. Select add new integration
  4. Hit, Custom HTML
  5. Add the name and choose where you would like to insert the custom HTML
  6. Paste the snippet in the space and hit add
A screenshot of inserting html code
A screenshot of inserting html code
A screenshot of inserting html code

Benefits of Document360

Document360 is one of those SaaS platforms that will make your life easy. Let’s have a look at the benefits to appreciate it more:

Easy editing

Editing is insanely easy thanks to the HTML and markdown editors. You don’t need technical skills to edit documents. Use the built-in snippets to transform your documents. Your life will become easy.

Multiple knowledge bases

Combine different knowledge bases from this single platform. It supports multiple projects and websites so that you don’t have to look else as your product list expands. It is not just a flexible platform but highly scalable.



Your authors don’t have to switch between solutions. This ensures the efficiency of your team.

Version control and history

The built-in version control features allow you to keep track of the changes made to the article. You can easily roll back to the updates whenever you need them.

You can also make your writers and editors accountable. You can also compare two different versions by checking the preview.

Seamless category management

You can create a hierarchy outlining the structure of the knowledge base. With the grad and drop function, integrating the content won’t be a problem. You can also hide certain categories as mentioned. You can also restrict access to a different section.

Quick resolution

If the user has a query, all they have to do is type in the search box and the answer all appear right in front of them. This means no matter what your query is, if the answer is available in the knowledge base, then the resolution will appear immediately. This platform can also help find paths to articles.


When it comes to customization, Document360 does not disappoint.  It offers you a range of customization options for changing the interface, layout, colors, and fonts to make everything consistent with the brand. You can also tweak the landing pages and domain maps.

Organize your assets

You can also organize the knowledge base by adding videos, images, and even links. Keep your assets organized so they can be extracted as and when needed. While doing so, you can manage files and ensure that no duplicate files are created.


When it comes to buying a SaaS platform and a knowledge base solution, it is important to see how experts evaluate it. So what do experts have to say about Document360?

They say it’s a must-have software. It has a very simple user interface and everything seems very refreshing. It will only take a few minutes to have a look at the knowledge base and understand the ropes.

The only thing this software is missing is the mobile app. you can use it from your mobile browser but the interface for mobile is not as great. When it comes to supporting, Document360 puts its own software in work to help customers navigate through the product. Step-by-step instructions are available to help you out as and when needed. Overall, it’s a great product to create a knowledge base and customize it according to your brand. Your customers will love the support and consistency of the services.

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