Best free keylogger pc monitoring tool review

Best Free Keylogger PC Monitoring Tool Review: Features And Pricing

Best Free Keylogger is an excellent choice for monitoring, recording, and reporting activities.

You call it desktop, PC, or anything; a computer is now a primary tool you have on your workstation. With this atomization for processing work comes the challenge of supervising employees for their activities. It even increased the responsibilities of parents for watching their child’s activities, i.e., allowing them with age-appropriate content on a computer without them feeling restricted. All these concerns were recognized, and then IT personnel and developer came up with the solution by introducing a keylogger.


It’s a helpful tool to monitor activities on the computer, especially for your employees at the workplace. With its benefits for domestic and professional reasons, the keylogger is now getting common and offered by many companies and varying features to serve the purpose.

Let us understand the keylogger through the call logger. We all have a green icon in our mobile phones with a telephone receiver drawn on it, used to make calls and record every related detail, including the time, duration, etc. It even records missed calls, mistakenly dialed numbers with more information. Many mobile phones offer to record your conversation as well. The same goes with a keylogger; the difference is that of a gadget, i.e., a keylogger is designed to record every stroke you made on your PC.

What is Best Free Keylogger

Please don’t confuse it, because I did. We are NOT providing you with the list of best free Keylogger programs here, but it is the name of a Keylogger itself. Best Free Keylogger is a well-equipped program with features that allow PC monitoring to employers, school administration, internet cafes, personal usage, and parents.

Best Free Keylogger pricing

The program is used on desktops, and its free trial version is also available if you want to use it before investing in its full version. Its free version does not require any license key but has some limitations on premium support, options for delivery, invisible mode, and it allows only ten screenshots per day.

Its pro version is now offered at reduces price of $39 instead of $69. The pro version permits you unlimited technical support for a lifetime, free upgrades, and licenses without any expiry. As to make your online purchase of this software safe, it is powered by MyCommerce.

Once you have purchased the best free keylogger, you will directly receive registration keys at your e-mail address. By chance you happen to lose these keys, the new one will be provided to you without charging any fee.

A screenshot of best free keylogger pricing


It’s also worth mentioning here that the best free keylogger is an entirely legal program for your desktop, i.e., the owner of the computer and those you have permitted to access it. This software works without being invisible to control any wastage of time by an employee at the workplace and stop children from viewing content that is not good for them. 

A person who can access this software or know its invisibility can misuse and delete data; this is why its control is password protect only to allow an authorized person to view, customize and control activities on it.

Best Keylogger features

Best Free Keylogger contained an easy-to-use interface with some great features, which are discussed below.


These features include recording and monitoring keystrokes, activities on the clipboard, screen activity recording, chats, password logins, browsing history, etc. 

A screenshot of best free keylogger keystroke records feature
A screenshot of best free keylogger screenshots feature
A screenshot of best free keylogger internet activity feature


Managers use the best free keylogger for keeping a check on their employees by monitoring all activities they perform on PC. The activities can also be scheduled to watch, and a manager can restrict certain websites to avoid wastage of the company’s valuable time and keeping employees from distraction.

Parents can use this software by only permitting them with relevant educational and informative applications and websites for their children. This control allows proper and healthy use of the internet by children.

A screenshot of best free keylogger parental control feature


The monitored and recorded data is then presented through reports and those reports are user-friendly. This keylogger allows you to control log manually and automatically, whatever suits you best, and it is equipped with enhanced options for filtering, i.e., smart read filter. These reports can be load and viewed through e-mails or can be uploaded to the FTP server. You can share these reports on the same internet network and get them copied automatically on your USB drive.



A screenshot of best free keylogger reporting feature

This feature assists managers by allowing remote access. Managers can then use these reports and share them with upper management when there is a need to change work strategy. These reports help HR managers to evaluate employee performance and reward them accordingly.

Safety and ease of use

The best free keylogger is designed to clear logs and uninstall itself automatically. However, it depends on the user’s need to operate it manually or automatically.

All these monitoring and recording activities are done in silent and invisible mode, i.e., this Keylogger program runs in the background. It is protected through a password for increased security. So, in case, someone spots this software or gets to know that he is being monitored through the software and then tries to touch or stop it, the password will play its part. Its security is ensured in such a way that even an anti-virus program cannot spot it.

A screenshot of best free keylogger password protection feature

How to use Best Free Keylogger

Install the best free keylogger on your desktop and start keeping track of your activities on your desktop. Clicking on the link will take you to a page where you be given the option to choose from its Lite or Pro version. Select the version of your choice and hit the download button. When the download is complete, you will have a zipped folder on your computer, which you need to unzip to extract all files. It will ask for a password, as mentioned earlier, that it is pass protected, and then it’s available to use.

You will be provided with a calendar and monitoring options on the left-hand side window of this program. From the calendar, you can choose to review the report for a particular day. Select a date and load the report. For your ease, you can sort these reports by user, application, or in sequential order. The digits in front of keystrokes, clipboard, screenshot, applications, and internet show the available number of records.

How to open Best Free Keylogger

Consider that you have installed the best free keylogger in your system for the first time, used it for a while for its functionality, and then switched off your computer, but when you open your laptop next time, it is gone. You now intend to open keylogger, but you can find it; that’s exactly how it works. Now, you will have an idea that when we say that it works in the background without being visible means, it will be invisible for you. Don’t worry! You should know how to open it, and here we are at your service.

The answer is to use Hotkey or keyword. Hotkey is the combination of four keys that you need to press together, i.e., Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K. If you wish to open the best free keylogger by using keyword, use Run dialogue from the window settings and type unhide keyword. No need to press enter button at this point. 

If both of the options mentioned above do not work for you, take help from this link. Note that you can customize your keyword or Hotkey from the setting for your convenience.

How to remove Best Free Keylogger

You can get rid of this software whenever you wish. You may decide to discontinue using this software, or maybe you are replacing your desktop with a new one that requires you to remove it from the current computer. The best free keylogger allows you to set a future date for uninstalling and removing it, and it will remove itself automatically on that specific date for you.

Follow the instruction to unhide the software and click on the General tab, which will provide you with four options, i.e., security, remove tags, uninstall and advance. Needless to say, you have to select uninstall option where you be provided with two options to choose from. You can either set a date for its uninstallation or use uninstall now tab to remove it instantly. By removing this software, you will get rid of all related files on your computer.


Best Free Keylogger’s interface is user-friendly and does not require any extra effort by managers to keep a watch on their employee activities on their computer. This software is well equipped with features to address every need for PC monitoring, provided through easy reporting, enabled with smart filter read.

You can use its trial version before investing in the software, allowing you to have a firsthand experience of this great software before putting your money into it. Your online purchase is also made secure through my commerce and entitles you to enjoy a lifetime subscription and free updates.

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