Agile crm software for small businesses review

Agile CRM Software For Small Businesses Review: Pricing And Alternatives

Agile CRM is cloud-based CRM software that is designed for SMEs. It offers various advanced features, including telephony tools, project management, contact management, appointment scheduling, knowledge base functionalities, and landing page builder. This CRM software also provides sales tracking, a two-way email helpdesk, web analytics, and a new interface. If you are a small business or medium-sized business and require marketing and sales automation, then this can be helpful software for you.

Its contact management module allows the customer to access and record contact information, social media accounts, interaction records, lead scores, and other customer data. Moreover, it offers email integration, which allows you to sync data with Gmail, office365, IMAP services, and Microsoft Exchange.

Users can track their website visitors to analyze their customer behavior. They can also create a marketing workflow using its marketing automation tools. It also allows the users to send automatic reminders that are based on contact and time options. 

You can also use the task management feature using this software. It includes drag and drops functionality, and you can add notes, update your task status and add notes. Its social media integration feature allows you to publish and respond to social media posts such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Here you will learn everything you need to know about this cloud-based CRM software.

Agile CRM review 

It is an all-in-one customer relationship management tool where users can get services, marketing, and sales automation under one roof. Agile CRM is a CRM platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. This software focuses on social media, integrating sales, service, marketing, and other engagement ways to create a centralized hub for marketing, customer reports, and analytics. It offers various price levels, such as free software and enterprise level. The free software supports up to ten users that are useful for small businesses, and enterprise-level supports more than 50 plug-ins and third-party integrations with app and websites.

An overview: Agile CRM

Agile CRM offers a free version that is suitable for small businesses. If you like this software, you can get a massive discount in advance for purchasing two years of Agile CRM. At the starter level, you can get $8.99 per month for two years. If you compare it with other customer relationship management software, Agile CRM is quite affordable.

However, it has not been around decades like its competitors, i.e., Zoho and Hubspot. Both software were started back in 2006. However, it knows how modern companies do business in this digital world. That’s why it has a lot of potentials that will maximize the ways businesses relate to their buyers. 

It also comprehends the way your team works efficiently and maximizes their productivity. Gamification is also included in this software, which helps in workflow management and imitates the compulsive elements in gaming to motivate, reward, and improve the productivity of your employees.

Manohar Chapalamadugu, who is the founder of Agile, started this company with the name ‘clickdesk.’ But he found that customer’s needs grew over time that they were unable to keep up with organizing information and automating the tasks. His team failed to provide the features that every business need, so they launched Agile CRM, which is typically designed for the ways businesses operate these days.

The SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises) and freelancers can do best with this CRM software. Its free version is really helpful for startups and small businesses. However, it might not be the best software for large enterprises because it lacks some necessary features that large size businesses need. But, it works best for small size businesses.

If you are a medium-sized company and you are not satisfied with other CRM software, then you may find it a great player in the CRM arena. Its enterprise-level version can be sync with prominent e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Stripe. Small businesses can take advantage of its free version ad engage with their customers using canned responses and helpdesk. It is an ideal solution for those companies which have not good customer support.

Agile CRM login

Agile is easy, affordable, and powerful CRM software with service, marketing, and sales automation. If you are a small business, you can register your free account. All you need to head to and put your email address and password. Once you click the sign-up button and agree on the terms and conditions, you will log in to Agile CRM.

A screenshot of agile login page

HubSpot CRM vs. Agile CRM

This is a big question that what better CRM software Hubspot CRM or Agile CRM is. HubSpot CRM was awarded the 2019 Best CRM Award. It offers free CRM software where businesses can manage CRM activities with the help of a set of powerful tools. It takes care of the customer engagement channels such as website traffic, telephony, and others. It is user-friendly and can be integrated with other apps and business systems. However, Agile CRM is CRM software that is specially designed for small businesses. 

If you want to grow the productivity of your company, you must get effective CRM software. You can easily evaluate the solutions to see which software is best for you. You can match both CRM platforms and check the users’ reviews. However, the overall rating of HubSpot is 9.8 with 99% of user satisfaction, while Agile CRM has a 9.1 rating with 99% of user satisfaction.

People can also analyze their features, pricing plans, terms, and tools to decide which one is the best and cater to their needs. The rule of thumb is that choose the one that allows you to customize features and subscription plans and complement the growth of your sales.



Agile CRM vs. HubSpot Sales Hub

According to reviewers, both CRM software are user-friendly and easier to set up. However, they preferred Hubspot sales hub over Agile CRM. They felt that Hubspot meets your business’s needs better than Agile. If you compare the quality of product support, then HubSpot sales are the best option. The direction of Hubspot sales hub is preferred when it comes to feature updates and roadmaps.

Agile CRM support

It is the best and super helpful customer service chat software that offers the best support. Once the customer lands on your site, a live chat window will pop up, and they can ask what they want to know about your service or product in no time.

Agile CRM pricing

Agile CRM is a little expensive than other CRM software, but it offers a free version and discount if you pay for 12 or 24 months in advance. Up to 10 users can use their free version, which is great for entrepreneurs and startups. However, it offers a free account but not a free trial for the enterprise tier. It has three tiers, i.e., starter, regular and enterprise tier.

A model of agile pricing

Starter tier

It costs $14.99/month per user that helps you boost your marketing capabilities. If you pay yearly upfront, then the cost is reduced to $9.99/month. If you pay for 24 months, this cost is reduced to $8.99.

Regular tier

The regular tier comes in with service-oriented options. It is available at $49.99/month for one user. If billed yearly, then this cost is reduced to $39.99/month for one user or $29.99 for two years.

Enterprise tier 

Enterprise tier offers some additional features at $79.99/month for one user. It can be reduced to $64.99/month if billed annually and $47.99 for two years.


It offers back-end and front-end tools in PHP, Java, .NET, and Javascript that allow the users to manage several functions easily. Agile CRM API helps you improve marketing campaigns, synchronize customer data, integrate with other tools, and extend workflow capabilities.

How to produce forecast reports in excel from agile CRM?

The purpose of the forecast report is to provide deep insight into support contracts of your customers that are near to expire. This way, employees can manage the renewal process more easily. In SharePoint, you can customize the front end. So, you can generate reports dynamically using CRM queries. It is basically written in ASP.NET and uses jQuery datepicker. The report is generated using the ExcelWriter template. Here’s how to produce forecast reports in excel from agile CRM:

  • First off, use Excel and make an ExcelWriter template.
  • Now, write a query to pull the data into a data table
  • With C#, link this data table into ExcelWriter.
  • Connect the back-end code with the interface of the front-end.
  • Rinse and replicate these steps (1 to 3) until the forecast report is generated.

How do you implement Salesforce CRM in Agile?

You can implement Salesforce CRM in agile by leverage the Scrum and Kanban process. There are different Trailhead modules that give you in-depth details that how you can implement Salesforce CRM in agile. There are some basic principles that are used for the Salesforce implementation. It includes continuous interactions between developers and businesses, quick modification, immediate delivery, and a functioning model. There are some steps that are involved in the implementation of Salesforce in Agile, such as discovery sessions, define stories in tools like Jira, point sizing, backlog grooming, sprint planning, and retrospective.

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