Whatfix digital adoption platform review

Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform Review: Pricing And Alternatives

The digital adoption platforms are specifically designed to unlock the significance of enterprise applications. Whatfix is such a platform that is customer experience management software that helps businesses of all sizes. It comes with an EPS system (Electronic Performance Support System) which allows the users to perform essential tasks and reduce the issue resolution time as well. It can be integrated with various web apps just by adding a single line of code. Its integration with LMS (Learning Management Systems) allows the users to access the shareable content object reference model compliant courses with the application. In this article, we will talk about Whatfix. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

What is Whatfix?

Whatfix is an online solution to create interactive guides on their business websites. This is a feature-rich solution for businesses to convert their visitors by engaging them through several activity tools and attracting them through attractive designs. Moreover, it makes your customers better understand your work. It offers exciting features like change management, personalization, analytics, in-app knowledge management, alerts, and data validation. It allows small to medium-size businesses to create customer segments automatically and enhance the targeting and personalization on the basis of their user presence in the application. Plus, it provides various tools that help you auto-generate content in different formats like PDFs, videos, slideshows, and others that customers require.

You can create the guide in multiple formats with this software, including charts, videos, slideshows, infographics, and articles. So, businesses can make their customers better understand their work more easily and allow them to provide the changing preferences of their customers. Its pricing is based on what kind of requirement and support (help desk or over the phone) your business need. 

This is the best solution for those enterprises and SMBs who have more support queries. Plus, if you spend more time training your customer, this software can be your thing.

Why Whatfix?

The design, engage and analysis are the three-step processes that Whatfix uses. This is used to attract, engage and retain your visitors on any platform related to business. The first step is designed that allows the users to create walkthroughs and guides that are engaging. The best thing about its first step is that you don’t require coding to create walkthroughs and guides. In short, creating engaging guides is a few clicks away. 

The second step is engaging the audience. With appealing touch points and features in your guides, you can engage your audience more easily. 

The compelling CTAs that lead to knowledge base and chat help the SMBs turn their visitors into loyal customers apart from the appealing designs and informative guides. The last step is to analyze the interactive guide’s performance. It can be done by analyzing the statistics of your customer engagement. With advanced and sophisticated analytics features, users can track and monitor the performance of their customer engagement efforts. These performance reports help the users to bring essential changes to their guides.

Whatfix features

Intelligent content creation

Whatfix comes with a context-aware algorithm that helps the creator to create groups automatically. Moreover, content creators can assign flow across pages and can save a lot of time in creating it manually.

Goal-centered learning

A representation of whatfix user enablement feature

With Whatfix, you can create a goal-based group of relevant flows. The task list and task completion status can be shown as alerts that you can prod the users to complete the given tasks.

Articles, slides, and auto-generated videos

This digital adoption platform creates articles, videos, and slides automatically from the flow you create. You can create content in engaging formats that can multiply the content’s value you create.

Interactive walk-through for help

Whatfix provides a personalized and contextual walk-through. This step-by-step guide helps the users to help in completing activities with the app. The interactive contextual walk-through offers an innovative way to onboard new users and helps them as it provides the right information when the users need it.

A representation of whatfix in-app guidance feature

What are some alternatives to Whatfix?


It allows the app developers and website owners to create several on-screen interactive walkthroughs that help them easily and swiftly complete the most complicated tasks. In this digital world, WalkMe is the first digital adoption platform that transforms the user experience. They use analytics, Ai, automation, and engagement to assist the users in completing tasks within any mobile app, enterprise software, or website.


This tool is the best alternative to Whatfix that helps to create in-app experiences for on-boarding and feature activation. It is the oldest coding-free onboarding tool that comes with several great features to improve, personalize and richen the user experience.


Pendo is another Whatfix alternative to create engaging products. It comes with no coding, and you can easily understand what your users do with your product. Your product teams can use in-app messages to boost engagement. Pendo is the best tool for creating an engaging product because it captures the feedback of the users and product usage patterns. It allows you to guide or educate your users and talk in-app to onboard.

Inline manual

An inline manual is an online tool that helps you create and reuse documentation, tutorials, and even walkthroughs. You can also update them using this tool. Moreover, it also allows you to create and edit documentation.




This software act as an advisor and show them step-by-step processes in real-time and guide them where to click within the software, similarly GPS navigation system in cars in which it advises the drivers to turn by turn to reach the destination. It is the most intuitive DA (Digital Adoption) platform for large enterprises. This software is famous for providing a consumer-grade user experience with enterprise-grade quality. Sounds fab, right? Their product comes with a guidance layer that goes on the top when you use a browser-based software app. They guide the users about all digital processes within the app in real-time.

Whatfix vs. WalkMe


It is the pioneer digital adaptation platform and SaaS Company that help you navigate the web-based services’ features. If you have a large budget for a great onboarding process, you might consider WalkMe for a change for your enterprise. This is a cloud-based onboarding platform that most large enterprises use to solve their customer success which is your company’s approach to ensure that each customer is connected to their desired results successfully. However, if you are a startup, using WalkMe will not be a good option for you because it is expensive and needs a little bit of technical knowledge. Its pricing is custom, like the customized pricing plans. They provide you with customized pricing according to your product. That’s why it can be pricey than the industry on average.


The best thing about WalkMe is that it is easy to understand. That ‘why it is considered the best tool for the new users 


Sometimes, it randomly stops working with built-in things. However, you can find this error in most software, but it is annoying.


Whatfix is touted as the number one alternative to WalkMe, which is all about creating an interactive guide. This is a digital adoption platform that helps businesses to improve the on-boarding of users that leads to reduce support queries. In addition, it helps the enterprises to deliver effective trainings, easy user onboarding, and provide user support through contextual content. Many Fortune 500 enterprises trust this platform to ensure a quick return on investment and improve user performance and productivity. There are some categories of Whatfix that are common with WalkMe, such as digital adoption platforms and customer self-service.


It is very user-friendly software because of its capability to export scenarios into articles and PPT. Moreover, it provides step by step guide to the customers to resolve their issues.


It is an expensive little tool. It doesn’t have some analytical features and setting up analytics need additional step to check that make it a little difficult. 

Whatfix pricing

It doesn’t provide you with a fixed price to the customers. Whatfix offers customized plans to each customer. Their pricing plan can vary and depends on how many monthly users will use it and what the size of your product is, and more. You can contact its team to learn about the pricing plan for your product.

A screenshot of whatfix pricing page

What languages does Whatfix support?

Whatfix supports almost all languages in the world. Even it supports regional languages too like Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujrati, and more. However, Its default language is English.

Whatfix mobile apps

WhatFix mobile apps are available on Android on iOs that help businesses drive the adoption of mobile apps. The large enterprises that use a combo of mobile, web, and desktop apps can deploy their mobile apps. They can improve the productivity of their employees and maximize their ROI by leveraging this digital adoption platform. Whatfix mobile application gives the unified digital experience and features other capabilities like automation, self-customer service, knowledge base links, step-by-step guidance, and media elements, including images and text. All these features are present in its web app too.

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