Solvvy artificial intelligence customer support software review

Solvvy Artificial Intelligence Customer Support Software Review

Solvy is an Artificial Intelligence conversational platform designed to help businesses deliver automated and personalized answers, workflow, analytics, and intelligent channel routing. Artificial Intelligence powers its customer support as it’s a next-generation chatbot platform. The software allows customers to self-service their questions so that the organization can focus on scaling its growth.

Justin Betteridge developed this software in 2015. He leveraged his Ph.D. in AI and used ML and NLP’s power to create a powerful self-service solution for businesses that would offer 24/7 support. Now, Solvvy is a celebrated next-generation chatbot helping businesses thrive with its state-of-the-art solutions.

Solvvy Overview

This software gives you full control over the customer support automation strategy. It allows you to create personalized on-brand experiences for your customers across multiple channels. The best quality of this self-service software is that a powerful AI platform backs it. Let’s see how this next-generation chatbot can offer!

Solvvy benefits

Answer customer queries instantly

It’s not just the customers, the sales agent also with the customer’s issue is resolved before they create a ticket. Solvvy’s next-generation chatbot understands the customer’s intent when they type in a query, ensuring they receive an accurate answer to their question.

With Solvvy, you get to leverage your content using advanced AI and NLP technology, pulling the right snippet of info from your how-to articles to resolve the question of the customer. No need to rebuild content or upload anything. Your customers will always receive the best support 24/7.

Custom no-code automations

Using Solvvy workflow, you can create a customized solution for complex customer queries. This is possible with the help of the workflow builder that lets you build multi-step workflows within minutes to resolve your customers’ issues. Issues like these normally require an agent’s support, but when you are using workflows, no need to contact the agents.

The good news is these workflows don’t need engineering resources to be built. In fact, anyone can build them within a few minutes. This means your customers will be able to resolve issues on their own without contacting the agents. Similarly, your agents will have more time to focus on the tasks that really matter.

Show your customers the right way

Offering the right type of support to your customers is highly important. Solvvy journeys let you ensure that. It offers your customers the right support at the right time by routing to the right support channel intelligently.

Customers always get to experience consistency in the support services regardless of when they need help. You can always provide unique experiences to your people based on the issue, customer persona, or user tier. Hence, each customer gets the support they need to enjoy a smooth sailing experience.

Identify new areas of opportunities

With the feature called Solvvy insights, you get to have a bird’s eye view of the support operation to make informed decisions by using performance reports generated by the software. These insights let you identify new areas of opportunities and level up the support at the same time.

Your team gets actionable analytics to boost customer experience. They can also categorize the tickets to get a deeper understanding of the common issues customers are struggling with consistently.

Pros and cons

Are you thinking about giving Solvvy a try to improve your customer experience and support services? The decision is great. Don’t mind checking these pros and cons to determine if it’s the right solution for your business:

The Pros

  • Easy to use software
  • Advanced insights to improve customer experience
  • Quick answers to customer queries
  • Offers self-service solutions
  • Smooth implementation

The Cons

  • A bit of a learning curve
  • Limited customization

Cost of Solvvy

Let’s have a look at what this artificial intelligence customer support software costs. It’s available in three tiers –standard, pro, and enterprise.

  Standard Pro Enterprise
Recommended For For businesses with fewer than 50k customer service requests For businesses with fewer than 500k customer service requests For businesses with more than 500k customer service requests
Features Self-service Q&A Includes all features of the standard plan Includes all features of standard and pro plan
  Coach app Multiple support channels CSAT survey
  CRM integration The dedicated customer success manager Persona-based routing
  UI configuration manager On-boarding guidance Custom integration
  Email support Integrations available Quarterly business reviews
  Add-ons available Features of Add-ons are included Features of Add-ons are included

The company doesn’t display the prices of its plans. They offer custom pricing for their software based on the individual needs of a business. They don’t have a free version, you can also request a demo version for any tier you plan to settle for.

Solvvy customers

Solvvy has been designed to deliver brilliant customer solutions through its next-generation chatbot platform. It is powered by advanced AI and natural language processing to deliver fast and accurate self-service. It has over 550 million users, including top brands such as Upwork, Calm, Twilio, HelloFresh, Ring, GoFundMe, Under Armour, and Vimeo.



A screenshot of solvvy customer list

This artificial intelligence customer support software is ideal for small, medium, and large enterprises. It’s ideal for financial companies, health and wellness organizations, retail clients, and companies that sell software.

Solvvy is also available in various languages other than English, including Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, and Russian.

Solvvy integrations

When it comes to integrations, Solvvy does not disappoint. Feel free to integrate it with your existing ticketing system without putting in much effort. It allows you to use the existing knowledge base and ticket history for building customer answer graphics for your company.

The popular CRMs that seamlessly integrate with this customer support software include oracle, Help Scout, Salesforce, Zendesk, Kustomer, Freshdesk, and Genesys. Other than this, it integrates well with chat providers such as Snap engage, Live chat, Intercom, Live Person, and a few others. It can also be integrated with Shopify.

A screenshot of solvvy integrations

Why choose a next-gen chatbot like Solvvy

Now that you know much about Solvvy, why not have a look at some compelling reasons to why invest in an Artificial Intelligence customer support software like this:

Offers 24/7 support

You never know what time of the day your customers would be hitting you up. Most large organizations have a 24/7 operational contact center, but small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford it. With Solvvy, your agents won’t have to tackle the common questions of customers. This advanced software will pull out the right information from your FAQ page and other resources to answer the queries of customers as and when they need help.

They won’t have to send emails, call or generate tickets to have their issues resolved. This will reduce customer frustration and free up your agents to focus on other important tasks.

Better support than traditional bots

The kind of support experiences customer experience has a direct link to the revenue of a company. In fact, if a customer receives a positive support experience, they are more likely to make a purchase. Great support services are all about personalized, fast, accurate, and friendly services. A traditional chatbot is likely to miss most of these.

A next-generation chatbot like Solvvy works by understanding the customer’s persona and determines the intent behind the question asked so that it can offer a more personalized and accurate solution. It not just delivers the response immediately but ensures that it’s the right answer to the customer’s question. This saves everyone’s time and helps you retain the customer as well.

It’s more efficient

For years, automated customer support has been discouraged because it fails to meet customer expectations. Also, it never provides accurate answers. Well, it’s the company’s fault. Traditional bots were that efficient. A lot of manual work had to be done to maintain needs.

Next-gen bots like Solvvy have successfully addressed this challenge. Using ML, AI, and NLP, this software lets your address customer concerns accurately without having to code. A customer could continue to ask countless questions, and the bot will never be frustrated (like humans do). And they will always get an accurate answer.

You can say that automated support services are back and they are better than ever.

A wonderful investment

Solvvy is much easier to set up than traditional chatbots. This means your maintenance cost will be low, and your ROI would be faster.

The number of tickets received will be reduced, and your agents will have more time to handle challenging cases. In the long run, your business will be saving a lot of costs.

Robust customer support and analytics

Last but not least, Solvvy’s analytics are amazing. They help you improve your support operations. You can keep an eye on the performance of your agents and identify opportunities to improve your services. This tool also guides addressing gaps and addressing the needs of your customers more accurately.




Solvvy, the next-gen chatbot, is for any business that wants to improve its support services, generate more leads, improve its agents’ performance, and increase the bottom line.

Try out their demo version to see if it’s the right fit for your business. You will have to contact the company to get a quote based on the number of customer service requests.

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