SoftActivity employee monitoring software review

SoftActivity Employee Monitoring Software Review

SoftActivity is a monitoring software that allows the users to track any device on LAN and provide detailed information about the user activity. It offers you efficient control, whether it is a commercial organization or a public network. The employee monitor of this tool comes with client and server parts. You can install a monitor server on any computer of the LAN. The user can spy on any computer in the entire network remotely. The activity can be recorded on all LAN computers using this employee monitoring software. Users can use this information for advanced report generation and deeper analysis. Let’s learn more about this employee monitoring software. 

What is SoftActivity monitor

SoftActivity Monitor is an employee monitoring software that allows the users to monitor remote computers and record in real-time. You can record the communication of your employees like Skype chat, emails, and instant messaging. The managers and supervisors can view used apps, social networking website usage, internet history, deleted documents, browsing history, and files copied to USB. It acts as a video surveillance camera of your employees’’ computers and records screenshots of their actions. User can view the activity of their employees in real-time or record into a database for review. 

Admins can use this tool to view remote screens of all computers in LAN that ensure compliance with governmental regulations. This allows the large enterprises to display visited websites by the employees, browsing history even in incognito window mode, and how much a user spent time on each page. Furthermore, its keylogger module allows you to record keystrokes and program usage to view the activities of your employees. 

SoftActivity keylogger

A keylogger is a software app or hardware device that you can install on the computer silently. When a user types the keystrokes on the keyboard, it records these typed keystrokes. When we talk about hardware keyloggers, they are small USB dongles that you need to plug into that PC that you want to be recorded. The hardware keyloggers are operating system independent. Once the computer is turned on, you can view what the user is typing. Moreover, you can capture keystrokes and computer sign-in passwords as well, no matter what security software the user has installed. Hardware keyloggers work with external keyboards only, but they don’t record the keyboards of laptops. And when a user types any non-Latin alphabet, it will not record it. People can easily use it for malicious purposes. 

SoftActivity vs. Currentware


Soft activity software helps businesses to improve their staff productivity. It helps to protect organizations against employee fraud and internal threats. For companies that want to monitor their employees’ activity, then Softactivity is a great choice to go. It comes with powerful features that include:

  • Time Tracking
  • Keystroke Recording
  • Email Monitoring
  • Screen Activity Recording
  • Time & Attendance
  • Remote Control
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Browsing History


CurrentWare provides solutions for data loss prevention, internet monitoring, endpoint security, and web filtering. Private organizations like hospitals, schools, for-profit organizations, and governmental institutions use this software. Customers can improve their business intelligence, data security, the productivity of their employees by using Currentware. Moreover, it provides awareness of how technology is used in your company. It offers a variety of great features, including:

  • Web filteringInternet monitoring
  • USB device blocker
  • Employee monitoring
  • File operations history
  • Central console
  • Productivity Management
  • Remote client install

How to uninstall SoftActivity keylogger trial

You can uninstall the soft activity keylogger with three different methods:

Method 1: To uninstall the soft activity keylogger, open the keylogger by pressing these keys: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+O. Now go to the left side and click the uninstall button.

Method 2: You can remove it from Window’s remove programs. First off, open the control panel and then open add or remove the program and uninstall the keylogger trial of soft activity. If these methods can’t help to uninstall it completely, try the following method.

Method 3: In this method, you can uninstall the soft activity keylogger trial with an uninstall tool. All you need to download Uninstall Tool and then run this tool. You can highlight the keylogger trial to uninstall and then hit the uninstall button.

SoftActivity monitor pricing

You can buy SoftActivity monitor at $189.99 per feature. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any free version. However, they offer a trial. Three persons can access this Softactivity monitor at $189.99. Its license never expires. You also get free support and free updates for a year with this Softactivity monitor pricing.

SoftActivity process name

Enable the communications option through TCP ports if you have installed a firewall. For firewall rule, Softactvity process name is C:\Program Files\SoftActivity\Activity Monitor\swatcher.exe. However, the process name for an agent is amsvc.exe. When you installed this software on the support agent’s computer, a firewall rule is created spontaneously. If you are not using any custom firewalls, you have no need to be done anything else.

Avast setting for SoftActivity, soft activity process name

On the admin’s PC, Avast Antivirus can detect this employee monitoring software, and this tool is installed on the monitored PC of the agent as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). This software contains no virus. Rather, it has only those features that are mentioned on their official websites, such as monitoring and recording the computer activity of your employees. If you want to prevent Avast from detecting the threat, simply exclude these folders from Avast. All you need to go server or admin’s PC where you have installed the admin console:

C:\Program Files\SoftActivity\Activity Monitor

Before installing on the manager’s PC, you can disable the antivirus protection temporarily. In the TEMP folder, it may find threats. Add the folder exclusion and enable the Avast antivirus settings for protection.



SoftActivity features

Website tracking

With Softactivity, you can track what website your team members are visiting and how much time they spent on each website. If you want to limit your employees’ distractions and increase productivity, this tool can help. 

Email recording

With SoftActivity Monitor, it records the emails that your employees send or receive. This way, admins can keep the history of their email communications.

A screenshot of softactivity email recording feature.

Silent monitoring

This employee monitoring software runs in the background. This way, managers or supervisors can monitor your staff without interrupting their work.

Monitor application usage

Managers can keep track of the apps that their employees use and how long they use these apps and when they use them. When you are finding ways to boost the productivity of your employees, then this information can help you a lot.

A screenshot of softactivity monitor application usage feature

Track keystrokes

This monitoring tool comes with a built-in keylogger that helps the admins to keep a record of what of your team members type during working hours. 

A screenshot of softactivity track keystrokes feature

Set up alerts

You can set up alerts in this software so that admins can receive notifications when their employees break the company policies or anything that they want to be alert for. So you can say that this is a great software that keeps your data secure from any threats.

User attendance tracking

With SoftActivity, you can keep track of the session lengths of your employees when they login to their accounts. It is very useful for keeping track of your employees’ attendance. 

A screenshot of softactivity user attendance tracking feature.

Web Console for admins

Admins can keep track of all kinds of data using the admin web console. After setting up the admin accounts, you can access your records and track all the data in one place.

SoftActivity alternatives


It is an employee monitoring and time tracking software that provides you insights into your employees’ activities and projects. This tool helps the managers to know whether their staff members are idling or not. Furthermore, it also tells you how much time your employees are spending on each task. Work plus can be installed easily, and it is user-friendly. You can see the productivity level of each employee and how their levels are progressed over time with its intuitive dashboard.


It is a very user-friendly and secure time tracking software. It comes with powerful features that help the users to boost productivity, work smartly and minimize the losses in your business. When it comes to manage remote work and maintain a good life-work balance, this is probably the best tool. Its features include integration with various project management apps, time tracking either online or offline, invoicing, custom reports, shift, and absence scheduling, and others.


It provides the security approach to monitor the digital behavior of your employees. Teramind streamlines the data collection of your workers to identify any suspicious activity, detect potential threats, improve productivity, ensure compliance with industry regulations and monitor the efficiency of your employees. It provides businesses access to user activities in real-time that reduce security incidents by offering warnings, alerts, and redirects. If you are on the go, its Android app helps you keep track of your employees. 


If you want to monitor your employees in an effort to boost productivity, you can’t go wrong with it. SoftActivity offers powerful features that you can use to keep track of the activity of your staff. Even you can keep track of the behavior of your employees to tackle issues, increase productivity, reduce distractions, and beef up security. In short, it is a great tool for employee monitoring, and SoftActivity does its job well.

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