Paco app for Slack review

Paco Beta App For Your Slack Workplace Review

Slack is a business messaging app and a collaboration tool with multiple integrations such as Paco Beta. Paco is a new app featured as a New & Noteworthy App by the directory team of Slack because it gives remote teams a deeper concentration in their workspace and increases productivity.

What is Paco?

There are varieties of apps and productivity tools making waves, but Paco stands out from the rest. It is a hot Slack app that sniffs out daily tasks and reminds you about them. Paco allows users to focus on their work. When you are knee-deep in the conversation with your colleagues, it reminds you to tackle the things that need your attention. As you are overloaded with plenty of messages on Slack and forget to take action on tasks, Paco allows you to improve your productivity.

Productivity assistant for makers

You can supercharge your productivity using this Slack productivity app. It is an ideal app for product managers, data scientists, company managers, CEOs, developers, remote workers, and anyone who wants to do deep work. It is suited for remote distributed and in-house teams.

How to set up Paco in your Slack workspace?

You can set up Paco in less than 15 seconds. Follow the below steps to set up Paco in your slack workplace.

  1. First off, you need to sign in to your Slack in your browser.
  2. Now, allow the requested permissions to Paco
  3. Now you can launch slack and start using this useful slack productivity app, pace.

If you experience any issue, contact the support team of Paco.

How to add Paco to a team Slack channel

We are going to show you how to add Paco to your team Slack channel so you and your team can start using it right away.

Use command: /invite@paco

This is the first method to add Paco to a channel. All you need to use is the command, “/invite@paco”. Use this command without any quote. 

Mention “@Paco” in the Slack channel

When you mention “@paco” in a channel and send a message, Slack will prompt you to add it to your channel and you will receive a confirmation message.


This Slack productivity app comes with great features that help you improve your productivity and focus more on your tasks. You can add this app to your Slack workplace for deep concentration and avoid task slippages. That’s why product managers, remote workers, and leaders are using this Slack productivity app.

Delegate follow-ups

You can send occasional nudges, daily follow-ups, and pull request reminders automatically. 

Daily reminders

It consolidates all your messages or anything where you are tagged and sends you a daily reminder. This tracks messages that are added to the daily summary.

A screenshot of Paco setting a reminder
A screenshot of Paco setting a reminder


This is a great feature that Paco offers to its users to track each message. When it comes to tracking messages, you have an option to set a daily reminder with a daily summary. All you need to do is hit the ‘set reminder’ option to send a nudge.

Protect your DND mode with Paco

You can protect your DND mode with this slack productivity application as it responds and captures important requests of Slack when you want to focus on your work.

Paco responds on your behalf
Paco responds on your behalf

Paco builds a bridge with GitHub and JIRA

It receives reminders about the pull requests of GitHub and issues related to JIRA. It helps to shift product ideas to the developmental pipeline from the business communication platform Slack.

Synchronizing JIRA and GitHub
Synchronizing JIRA and GitHub with Paco

How Paco works

Paco comes with three modes, i.e., single-player mode, team mode, and deep work mode. Here’s how it works:



Single-player mode

Head to the action menu and click on the option ‘add to Paco’ to track your message. Paco will consolidate your message into a queue, and you can process it whenever you want. Moreover, you will receive a daily reminder when you use the single-player mode.

Team mode

It may be added to any team channel in team mode, allowing you to detect messages to follow up. You can also mention Paco in your message, which will start a thread. You can take advantage of the Paco queue while working on your vital tasks in this mode. Users can access the Paco queue within the Slack workspace by using the track command, access it on the web application, and even get a daily reminder.

Deep work mode

This mode saves the users from all kinds of quick questions. It comes with pending Jira tickers and a dedicated pull reminders queue, and a lot more. 


Paco offers three plans, and each plan comes with a variety of features. It also offers free plan and 30 days trial for its paid plan.

A screenshot of  pricing
A screenshot of Paco pricing

Free plan

It comes with generous free plans to get started. 

  • Users can track twenty messages each month
  • Unlimited number of channels and free users
  • It comes with magic mode and a web inbox
  • This plan provides chat and email support
  • 90-day history

Zen plan

This plan is very cost-effective that is priced at $5 per user per month and $20 per workspace per month. You can cancel your order anytime, and no credit card is needed for this plan. 

  • It comes with magic mode, web inbox, and Github and Jira integration
  • Unlimited users can use this plan
  • Active users can track more than 20 messages per month.
  • Deep work mode (coming soon)
  • Unlimited history and chat and email support


The price of this plan is not mentioned on their website. You need to reach out to their team to get the quote. 

  • It offers all the Zen plan exclusive features.
  • The enterprise plan comes with a single sign-on, unlimited history, premium support & training, and reporting and analysis.
  • Users can install it in Slack enterprise grid workspaces. 

Paco alternatives


It is a task management tool that caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Its main features include reporting, time tracking, and file management. This could-based tool offers a dashboard to its users that help them view the active project and current activities. Moreover, it provides a mind-mapping app that enables you to create plans and collaborate with your teammates. You can also discuss project details with your team members, upload files, set due dates for your project, and checklist items. Users can even assign tasks to their team members, modify task status and move tasks to other channels. The best part of MeisterTask is that it comes with plenty of integration like GitHub, Bitbucket, DropBox, and Zendesk. 


It’s a robust project management application with customizable issue tracking in delivering great products. It’s a feature-rich tool that lets you utilize an agile project management board, schedule sprints, track tasks and projects, establish workflows, maintain a knowledge base, and work with dashboards. This fits the needs of each team member. Either it is a personal task or a company project; this tool can handle it all with elegance. 


It is an online team collaboration and task management tool that helps you improve your productivity with file sharing, business chat, and other project management tools.


This is the best database tool that allows you to collect any data from streamlining all your business operations. You can create your business app, this tool that matches your workflow. It also offers a lot of integration such as ERP, HR, and CRM.


ClickUp helps you do more projects with an intuitive platform. It is a powerful tool that can replace all other similar apps. It is more than task management software with great features like offers docs, goals, calendars scheduling, and reminders. It is a fully customizable app that works for all teams. You can use it to plan, organize and even collaborate with your team.


To wrap up, Paco is a great productivity app for Slack workspace that reminds you of important tasks that need your undivided attention. With Paco, you can increase your productivity which leads to increased competitiveness. 

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